10 Best 6.5 Inch speakers In 2021

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Choosing the right speaker is the crucial to the sound system in your car. 

Unfortunately, choosing the best speaker is not easy.

There are countless brands, sizes, and types of speakers to choose from. 

Don’t worry, I’m here to eliminate some of that confusion. 

In this post, I’ll review the 10 best 6.5 inch speakers for your car. 

Let’t get started. 

1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5" - Best overall


✅Crisp mid and high

✅Rubber surrounded crossovers

✅Very easy installation

✅Durable components


✅Has a beautiful, attractive look


🚫Slightly distorted sound in high volumes

🚫Not cold weather speakers

🚫Unable to produce very deep bass

🚫Had to modify mounting brackets

🚫Carbon can be flimsy.

🚫Inaccurate diameter

🚫Blow out easily

🚫Some vibrations


    • Has fantastic crossovers
    • 3-way speakers
    • Built-in super tweeter
    • Silk dome tweeter
    • Polypropylene cone
    • Low impedance
    • Frequency response and sensitivity
    • Grilled guard and power capacity
    • Comes with grills and mounting hardware

What I Like

Lightweight and compact

Rockford Fosgate’s compact size can make it easy to install in all types of vehicles. You can switch this for your old stock for a better sound experience.  


Good audio quality

It has impressive crossover frequencies without making any distortions. Sounds are crisp and clear even when you turn the volume high.


Modern and stylish

Its flat-black glossy dome tweeters will give an edge to your car’s interior look.


Durable design

Its solid steel frame and rubber enclosure protect it from hard blows, improving its long-lasting sound usage.    


Handles the highest frequencies

It has a super-tweeter that displays sharper separation of contrasting frequencies to give you crystal clear music.


Versatile to use

This speaker can also work on other audio uses. It can be a good addition to your indoor sound system and deliver clear and distinct sound projections. 


Perceptive sound quality

It will let you play decent highs, lows, and mid sounds that can let you enjoy the sounds of almost any music genre.

What I Dislike

Might produce distorted sounds

It can be irritating to hear your music sounds distorted. Turning up your audio to high volumes can make the speaker deliver warping sounds. 


It lacks bass sound

It may deliver good highs and mids, but it would require woofers to add more punch to your music.

Who Should Buy?

Rockford Fosgate is a perfect substitute door speaker for your old or faulty car speakers. They may not be one of the powerful in the market, but it can manage to accomplish your sound preferences.  

2. Infinity REF3022CFX 3.5" 75W - Runner up


✅The package includes bass blockers

✅Well-balanced, clean sound throughout

✅The design is very aesthetically pleasing.

✅Massive bass and well-rounded highs


🚫Construction is sensitive to physical shocks

🚫An amp is needed to release its full potential.

🚫Included mounting hardware doesn’t work on every vehicle.

🚫Not safe to pair up with high powered speakers


    • Plus One Polypropylene Woofer Cone
    • High roll rubber surround
    • 1/2” edge-driven, balanced textile tweeters
    • Customized frame size
    • With a power-handling rating of 25 watts, RMS
    • Uses True Four Ohm Impedance technology

What I Like

Delivers strong performance

For a  small speaker, it carries a large cone. Infinity can pack plenty of punch. It can give you smooth and accurate highs and lows. 


Outstanding clarity

Combine it with an external amplifier, and it will deliver clear and precise impedance, letting you hear lucid notes bringing out every detail your music makes. 


Customizable sounds

It lets you adjust its output level depending on where you mount the speakers. It allows you to balance the sound you want to hear.


Convenient size

Its compact size and design allow you to choose where you want to mount it. It includes adhesive gasket strips to hold firm and to make it remain in place.

What I Dislike

Not a DIY speaker

If you want this speaker to deliver great sounds, make sure that a professional handles the installation.



Needs an amplifier

It will not supply enough power for you to experience the speaker’s full potential. This means you will need to spend additional money on an amplifier. 

Who Should Buy?

Infinity can fit perfectly in any car, and it will elevate your audio system to a higher level. It can deliver good sound quality and powerful highs, lows, and mids, making music an enjoyable driving company.

3. Kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5" 4-Ohm Coaxial Speakers



✅A great substitute for factory speakers

✅Deep bass and sound stability

✅Awesome motor structure

✅Great lows and decent highs


🚫Don’t expect plenty of definition in sound quality.

🚫Doesn’t cover background noise

🚫The bolt design may not line up in your vehicle.

🚫There are no mounting brackets.


    • Polyethylene-naphthalate domed tweeters
    • The power rating of 240 watts
    • The impedance of 4 ohms
    • Heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds
    • UV-treated surroundings

What I Like

Satisfying performance

Kicker can be an excellent addition to your car audio system. It can deliver clear sounds with an outstanding midrange, treble, and an at par bass punch.  


Sound quality

Its built-in tweeter increases the sound to escalate, complementing the low bass punch improving the sound quality it produces. On the other hand, its bass has a low impedance that boosts the speaker’s efficiency.   


Portable and durable

It has a compact, durable frame that can fit well in your car’s enclosure. You can mount it yourself without a mechanic’s help.

What I Dislike

Midrange sound issues

Its tweeter and bass may satisfy you in its highs and lows, but it can disappoint in the mid sounds. 



Lacks instruction manual

Get your YouTube ready for instructions. It doesn’t come with any directions on installing it if you don’t know how to.



You will need a separate subwoofer

It has an average bass punch, but a good woofer will make your sound system complete. Be prepare to spend additional money to truly complete your sound system with these speakers. 

Who Should Buy?

Kicker can be a fantastic replacement for a factory-installed stereo system. It can provide incredible highs and lows and makes a good pair with a subwoofer to improve your music enjoyment.

4. JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker


✅Delivers a rich and powerful bass

✅Rotating tweeters give directional sound to produce a higher soundstage.

✅Specific to particular car models for trouble-free mounting

✅Clear sound

✅High sensitivity rating



🚫You must first check the size of your installation area before purchasing it.

🚫Can’t handle too much wattage

🚫The tweeter won’t fit into a one-inch factory hold. Hence, the need for superglue.


    • Hard carbon-composite frame
    • Carbon-injected Plus One cones
    • Uses a patented UniPivot tweeter
    • Comes with a dedicated 12dB/octave, and high-quality crossover components
    • Tweeter has almost 360 degrees swivel freedom.
    • Dual-level tweeter volume adjustment
    • Low-impedance, three-ohm speakers

What I Like

Durable and easy to mount

JBL features a compact cone design that you can easily install anywhere in your car. It has a hard carbon framing that makes it robust. It also includes a non-magnetic tweeter preventing it from interference and unwanted damage.


Balanced sound levels

Its tweeter separates from the speaker that will help balance the sound to your eardrum. It has a dual-level volume change allowing you to control sound output on both sides of your car.


Clear, accurate sound quality

With a cone size larger than the usual, you’ll get much better bass and treble response. Its sound can produce a stand-in for amplifiers and subwoofers.  


360° swivel freedom

It will allow you to choose its sound direction so you can adjust according to your height or preference.

What I Dislike

Fitting problems

Its cone size can disappoint because it might not fit in smaller car doors. It will take a few modifications for it to fit. Even the connections might cause problems when you mount. You may have to cut holes on your car doors and use tapping screws to install properly.


Measure your enclosure

It is advisable to measure the correct size of your speaker enclosures to avoid additional installation modifications. 


Woofer issues

You should have a clear ear to balance the bass sound your system makes. The speaker can make high treble sounds, and your woofer might not handle too much wattage that may cause it to get damaged.

Who Should Buy?

JBL is an ideal car speaker for audio enthusiasts who want an upgrade and improve their sound system. It will provide top-quality sounds balancing and enhancing music of compressed files coming from USBs or mp3s.

5. KICKER CS Series CSC65 6.5 Inch Car Audio Speaker with Woofers


✅High sensitivity rating

✅Shallow mounting design


✅Strong base


🚫High-frequency quality could be better


    • Low ohm impedance
    • Heat-resistant multi-layer cones
    • It includes all mounting hardware
    • Wide frequency response (up to 20k Hz)
    • Patented Neodymium Magnet tweeters
    • RMS power pick-up of each speaker is 150 watts per speaker, totaling 300 watts peak power
    • Durable, Ribbed UV-Treated Polyester Foam speaker surround 
    • Includes speaker grilles and mounting hardware
    • Extended voice coil technology
    • Polypropylene cone material

What I Like

Increased durability

Kicker CS Series has a robust, water-resistant framing surrounded by an elastic material that can withhold moisture.


Stylish design

It has a yellow accent and grille at the center, giving the speakers a stylish look. It provides aesthetics as well as better sound performance.    


Excellent sound mixing

It will provide you with clear sounds in a broad range of levels. It can produce crystal clear tweeter frequencies and solid, punchy bass. Its cones are surrounded by foam that lets the sound breathe better, giving you more surround audio.


Handles high power

It can draw out high power withstanding high power surge to let you experience different sound levels. Combined with its low impedance, it can withdraw high currents to generate different and accurate pitch sounds without delay.

What I Dislike

Warranty issues

It’s not much of a disappointment, but it will be a big plus if you can get a longer warranty period. One year seems a bit short.


Blowing speakers

If it’s possible, testing the speakers is advisable to check for safety measures. There were complaints that it blew up when installed. 

Who Should Buy?

Kicker CS Series is a reliable choice for anyone who upgrades their car sound system. It can deliver excellent sound quality without sacrificing modifications to your car’s speaker enclosures. It can easily fit snugly and perfectly anywhere in your car.

6. Alpine S-S65 S-Series 6.5-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speakers




✅Smooth response

✅handles up to 80 watts RMS (240 watts peak power)

✅frequency response: 70-22,000 Hz

✅Two adapter rings included
sensitivity: 88 dB

✅Eight speed clips


🚫Crunching sound after long usage

🚫Sharp sound at higher volume

🚫Needs mounting modification

🚫Needs an extra hole to fit in

🚫Requires amp

🚫Plastic bracket

🚫No screws


  • 1-inch silk dome tweeters
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic cones
  • Specialized rubber surround
  • Larger voice coils
  • patented H.A.M.R. (High Amplitude Multi-Roll)

What I Like

Power handling capacity

These speakers can handle a high power capacity that delivers accurate and robust sound. Besides, it has a frequency response of 70Hz to 22 kHz. Also, it can take 80 watts of RMS and 240 watts maximum energy.


Silk dome design

It comes with a silk dome for precise instrument and vocal performance. Likewise, it is possible to modify the angle of this unit for improved stereo imaging.



The package has an affordable price but with excellent quality.



It has a patented high amplitude multi-roll that makes it an S-series speaker. The multi-roll design enhances the surround sound. In this case, you can maintain the linearity and accuracy of the sound. Likewise, the HAMR prevents distortion for a clean, crisp, and bright performance.


Easy to install

This product is lightweight and portable. Moreover, it has all the necessary elements and accessories. Thus, you can easily install and carry anywhere you want.


Clear bass

The woofer’s cone has carbon fiber making it durable and provides clear and excellent bass. Likewise, the

What I Dislike

Needs some elements

These speakers lack screws and holes needed for mounting. Thus, you have to provide it yourself. Likewise, you need to purchase an amplifier and subwoofer for better resonance and boom effect.



This unit delivers sharp sound at a higher volume, so it is better to pair with a subwoofer. Also, the sensitivity rating of 88dB is below average.

Who Should Buy?

It’s a good deal for those looking for a high-end speaker at an affordable price.

It fits car owners who prefer stylish and good looking speakers. This brand might be the best pair for your car’s design. 

Also, it is useful for drivers. It has an OEM upgrade that is available in different sizes suitable for almost all kinds of vehicles.

7. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 6.5" 400 Watt 4-Ohm Midrange Car Audio Speaker.


✅Strong mid-bass and low midrange

✅With grilles and mounting equipment

✅For high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) conditions

✅power range: 25-100 watts RMS (200 watts peak power)

✅frequency response: 85-5000 Hz


✅Sensitivity: 92.5 dB

✅Mounting depth: 2-5/16″

✅Corrugated treated cloth surround

✅4 Ohm 6.5” midrange speaker

✅Safe from breaking or getting loose

✅Clear at any volume.

✅Reduce distortion


🚫Needs amp

🚫Big magnet may cause installation issues

🚫Easily consume the power from your car


  • Stamp-cast aluminum frame
  • All Metal Input Spring Terminal Connection
  • Billet stock machined aluminum phase plug
  • Corrugated treated cloth surround
  • Fatigue and tear-resistant poly-cotton spider
  • Fiber-reinforced high strength paper cone with treated “W” style surround
  • High temp aluminum voice coil

What I Like

Highly efficient

The speaker’s design conforms with the arena and stadium system, making it highly efficient. Also, it is a fiber reinforced paper cone with a treated ‘W” style surround. It protects and improves the speakers’ lifespan.


Compact design

The design comes in compact and lightweight. Thus, it allows you to install all kinds of cars in any dimension. Besides, it can generate quality midrange sound if paired with a subwoofer for a better driving experience.


Made with aluminum materials

Most of the components have aluminum materials. The billet machine phase plug makes the speaker highly sensitive. Also, the voice coil prevents the speaker from overheating, cracking, or blowing out. Thus, you can put the volume at the maximum level. Likewise, the stamp-cast frame around the speaker gives protection against hard hits.


Prevent distortion

It comes with a corrugated treated cloth surround to prevent distortion. In this case, you will have a more precise sound.



The metal input spring connector prevents breaking or getting loose while connecting.

What I Dislike

Battery consumption

Being a powerful speaker means consuming much battery in your car. Likewise, when you pair it with an amplifier, your battery will drain quickly.


Big magnetic

The size of the magnet affects the installation. Thus, you have to handle it with care during installation.

Who Should Buy?

It’s suitable for car owners. The midrange car loudspeaker provides superior sound quality for everyday driving.

Also, it works best for long-distance travelers. The speakers create a perfect soundtrack so that you can enjoy a long drive.

8. Kenwood KFC-1695PS 6.5 Inch 2 Way Car Speakers with 320 Watts Peak Power


✅320 Watts Peak Power

✅With grilles

✅Sensitivity: 88 dB

✅Better power handling capacity

✅Startling highs

✅Delivers smooth, crisp, and crystal clear sound

✅Improves response in the 3,000 to

✅4,000-hertz range

✅With sound field enhancer

✅Improve channel imaging


🚫Needs careful installation

🚫Needs an amp

🚫The Woofer cone and Tweeter cone are made of paper


  • The water-resistant diamond array pattern
  • Injected polypropylene cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • Kenwood’s Counter Drive Magnetic Circuit 
  • Image Enhancer 4 technology
  • Water-resistant paper cone with a new radial rib pattern
  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer

What I Like


It comes with a water-resistant paper cone with a radial rib design and injected polypropylene. These features make the speaker stronger with a more responsive bass. Likewise, the diamond array is waterproof. Thus, it ensures no spillage and does not compromise sound performance.


Frequency response

The balanced cone midrange and ceramic tweeters allow the frequency response to go as high as 20 kHz. In this case, you’ll experience a crystal clear and fantastic response.


Surrounds and driver

It has butyl rubber surrounds that improve the speaker’s lifespan. Likewise, it comes with a magnetic circuit and image enhancer technology. These features minimize distortion and channel imaging for better resonance and sonic bang.


Acoustic sound harmonizer

Having a smoother listening experience can be achieved through an acoustic sound harmonizer. Thus, the tweeter enhances the progression to higher frequencies.

What I Dislike


The dimension requires DIY modification for the speakers to fit perfectly in the desired space.


Paper materials

The materials used in the speaker’s cone are paper.  Thus, it may have difficulty handling the high volume. However, it still performs as an excellent tweeter.


Needs amplifier

Using the speaker for a long time affects the quality of the lows. That is why it is better to add an amplifier to achieve maximum performance.

Who Should Buy?

These speakers fit music lovers because they blend with all music genres. It even works better if paired with an amplifier. 

It is also useful for someone who is looking for a replacement for their old speakers. Besides, it provides excellent music performance at a cheaper cost.

9. JVC CS-DR621 6-1/2" 2-Way Speakers


✅Two-way car speakers

✅Handles up to 50 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)

✅Works in extreme weather temperatures

✅Frequency response: 85-23,800 Hz

✅Sensitivity: 89 dB

✅Grill’s opening ratio is 30% wide

✅Minimize distortion

✅Great Factory Replacement

✅Multiple mounting holes


🚫Lacks bass

🚫Too much vibration


  • 1″ polymer film balanced dome tweeter
  • Carbon mica woofer cone
  • Wide Opening Grill
  • Rubber Coated Cloth
  • Small Design Tweeter Cover

What I Like

Cone quality

The speaker comes with a lightweight yet durable carbon mica woofer cone. This feature allows you to have smooth, consistent mids and lows. Likewise, it has a 1” polymer film balance dome that makes the sound clear even if powered by factory radio.



Having a short height makes installation easy and fits in all types of vehicles. Likewise, the grill’s opening ratio is 30% wider that provides increased durability and lucid sound.



These speakers can stand extreme temperatures in your car doors. Likewise, their low profile offers strong performance with good power handling.


Rubber coated cloth

This feature enables high efficiency and enhances audio signals for flexibility and durability. Likewise, it increases the mobility of the tweeter, even in extreme environmental conditions.


Mounting holes

The multiple mounting holes make it flexible to mount in any applications. It is available in different sizes, so you can easily fit in any angle.


High-quality sound

The newly developed cover minimizes interference for better sound output. Likewise, each speaker has Poly-ether-imide (PEI). This feature produces polymer film for an expansive soundstage for superior imaging.

What I Dislike


You may experience too much vibration when you adjust the sound to high volume.

Who Should Buy?

It is suitable for people who are on a tight budget. It has a lower price compared to other speakers. However, it still provides excellent sound performance.

Car owners who often travel may find these speakers a good option. The built can handle the extreme temperature in your car door. Thus, it has an extended lifespan.

10. Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers, 6.5"


✅Built from non-resonant materials

✅Top-mount Depth: 1.77″

✅Cut-out Dimensions: 5″

✅4 ohms impedance

✅Frequency Response: 40-22,000 Hz

✅High sensitivity at 92 dB

✅With non-Corrosive speaker grilles

✅Can stand heat and moisture


🚫Slightly harsh highs

🚫Inconsistent mid and low bass

🚫Non-swivelling tweeter

🚫Head unit lacks much power

🚫Needs amplifier for enhancement

🚫Need a lot of tuning

🚫Unbalanced audio performance


  • Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology
  • Polypropylene UV tolerant cone
  • rubber surround
  • Neodymium magnets
  • 3/4″ silk dome tweeter

What I Like

Quality built

The cone of these tweeters comes with polypropylene UV tolerant with durable rubber around it. These features can handle heat, moisture, and other environmental stress. Likewise, this brand has a ¾” silk dome for smoother highs with precision. Also, it includes neodymium magnets that provide a crisp and high-frequency sound reproduction. Overall, they work together for quality sound performance.


Power handling

These tweeters can handle power up to 100 watts RMS. It means it can reach peak performance, especially if paired with a superior amplifier. Also, the mica composite mineral-filled cone provides a strong and transparent sound at any volume.


Mounting hardware

Custom installation becomes simple because it includes a complete set of mounting hardware. It even has designed grilles that add style to your vehicle’s interior. Moreover, these tweeters have dynamic balance technology. This feature delivers a smooth and detailed sound for lesser distortion. Likewise, it comes with a stylish exterior. It looks neat in a jet black color that fits well in your car.

What I Dislike

Lacks adapter

It does not include aftermarket adapter rings needed for factory grills. Thus, you have to purchase separately.


Not enough bass sound

The bass sound may not deliver the loudest. Besides, when compared with other speakers, the loudness test result is underwhelming. Likewise, the ratings reflect a less balanced audio performance. The DB+ 652 received a B- for the midrange and B for the lows. 

Who Should Buy?

It is suitable for people who love listening to music while driving. It delivers fantastic sound.

Likewise, boat owners who are looking for great speakers may find this very useful. This tweeter is water-resistant and marine rated, so it perfectly works at sea.


Now that you have your choices, there are things to consider first before buying one.

You should know the power rating of your old factory speaker. It matches low power ratings. You have to have an external amplifier if you want it to be high-powered.

Measure the size of your enclosure before you buy one. Make sure it will be suitable in your section to avoid modifications.

Speakers vary when it comes to delivering sound performance. Choose the one that will give you superb sound quality that will fit your audio preferences.

And lastly, find the durable one. Exposure to changing temperatures and weather conditions can easily damage it. Find the one that is weather-resistant and durable enough to withstand shocks and impacts.   

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