Best 8-inch subwoofers For Any Car

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Subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the best small subwoofers is challenging. Many compact subwoofers forgo quality to fit in tight spaces.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to compromise quality when buying 8″ subwoofers.

In this post, I’m going to review the best 8″ subwoofers on the market.

Let’s get started.

1.Pioneer TS-SWX2002 - Best Overall


✅ The design fits limited space installation

✅ Easy to install

✅ With dual spider for excursion control

✅ Simple mount sketch

✅ Precise and reliable sound at all levels

✅ Speaker cables are safe and guarded.


🚫 Low power signal

🚫 Requires another mount

🚫 No bass sound

🚫 Generate low energy

🚫 Inadequate response at 86 dB

🚫 Heavy


  • Oversized Cone Surface with Tight Bass
  •  Angled Push Terminals
  •  Non-slip and scratch-resistant enclosure surface
  • Carpeted
  • 150W of RMS power handling and 600W max
  • Frequency ranges 20-250Hz

What I Like

Enclosed Base 

The benefit of this subwoofer is that it comes with an enclosed base. This is great for two reasons because it makes it easy to install. 

With an enclosed base, you don’t need to spend much time with installation. 

The second reason is that it protects the wires to prevent damage and make it more durable. 


Dual spider design

This brand gives a firm and stable sound. It’s all because the dual-spider feature and large resin funnel allow more air. 

What I Dislike

Lacks amplifier

The absence of an amplifier lessens the quality of the sound on a lower volume. It is difficult to hear soft notes because it lacks power.

However, if you want to have a better performance, you need to install a separate mounting structure. It could be a hassle because the modification-free installation will be left out.


Enclosure size

The enclosure on this subwoofer is a downside if you have limited space. With thin spaces, this enclosure might not fit. It’s important that you double-check the dimensions or purchase a subwoofer without an enclosure. 

Who Should Buy?

The Pioneer subwoofer produces extremely high-quality sounds. It comes with a high-quality base and exceptional voice cords. 

The enclosure also makes it easy to install. If you don’t want to spend time installing and are looking to enhance your music right out of the box. 

If you’re looking to install this subwoofer on the door or in any other place then this is not the best choice. An under the seat or in the trunk location is the best option since it comes pre-enclosed.

2. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D2 - Runner Up


✅ Good resonance at enclosed space

✅ Has excellent and intense bass sound

✅ Excellent frequency response at 55 Hz and sensitivity level of 82.3 dB

✅ Affordable


🚫 Low sensitivity subs

🚫 No amplifier and enclosure included


  • Competition grade paper cone
  •  Butyl rubber surround
  •  2″ high-temperature copper voice coil
  • Highly efficient cooling design
  • 400W of RMS power handling and 800W max

What I Like

Compact design

The size fits perfectly in small spaces making it effortless to install while producing excellent sound. 


Bass notes

It comes with low-end frequencies that allow listening to music with a rich bass note. 


Efficient cooling design

This feature prevents overheating, breaking, or cracking. It means you can enjoy listening to music even at the loudest volume.


Shallow mount design

It is easy to install because of its simple design. It does not require much space, so mount it at your convenience.


Unique style

The exterior of the box comes in black color and sleek design. It is a universal color, so it blends with any car color.

What I Dislike

Lacks Amplifier 

The downside of this subwoofer is that it does not have an amplifier. This means you will have to spend extra money to buy a separate one. Compared to other subwoofers on the list that come with a built-in amp. 

Who Should Buy?

You can enjoy a long-playing sound while on the road. So, prepare a list of your favorite songs that keeps your mood driving.

It fits well with drivers who want an affordable box but creates solid and intense sound.

3. CT Sounds Strato Subwoofer - Best Voice Coil


✅ Holds high power and volume

✅ Enclosed with durable ribbed rubber

✅ Poly-Cotton Blend Spider

✅ Makes deep low notes with pinpoint accuracy

✅ Modern airflow cooling design


🚫 High-priced

🚫 Makes the car vibrate


  • Dual 4Ω (ohm) impedance
  • 450W (RMS) power with 900W maximum power
  •  2″ (diameter) voice coil
  • Y35 Graded Double Stacked Ferrite Magnet
  •  Cast Aluminum basket
  • Spring terminals

What I Like

Magnet set

It comes with the best type of magnet sets for high-caliber sound output. This brand produces an uninterrupted sound quality.

This box provides a great magnetic feature. A powerful Y35 double stacked ferrite magnet releases an enormous motor force.


Double-stitched cone

The cone of this box is double-stitched on all sides with polypropylene material. Thus, it lasts long.


2” voice coil

The thickness of the voice coil produces high-quality output. It works well in any type of vehicle and other brands of audio systems.

What I Dislike


This box has a superpower that can make the car vibrate, mostly when you play music at a maximum volume.

Who Should Buy?

This subwoofer is suitable for people who are on a budget while providing massive features. These subwoofers are also great if you’re looking for a compact option. These are small enough to fit on car doors or other areas were it would  otherwise not fit. 

If it is your first time to install a subwoofer in your car, this brand is the right choice. It is easy to install so that you can install it by yourself.

4. Kicker Dual 600 Watt Shallow Slim Car Subwoofer - Best Compact 8" Subwoofer


✅ Has 2 Ohm Dual Voice Coil

✅ Bumped back and top plate

✅ High power handling

✅ SoloKon TM technology

✅ Wiring flexibility

✅ Compact and easy to fit in tight spaces


🚫 Not compatible with small amplifiers

🚫  Breaks at a low level

🚫 Amplifiers cannot resist high electrical friction


  • CompRT 8 inch 600-watt thin subwoofer
  • Rubber surround
  • Weatherproof 
  • Injection-molded polypropylene cone
  • High-temperature dual voice coil

What I Like

Slim model

The size fits mostly in small cars or tight spaces. It means you do not need to compromise your things for it to work correctly. 


Motor structure

The diameter of the motor structure is wide enough for a better dimension. Thus, it produces sound with low distortion.

The injection-molded cone is designed to reduce distortion and improves sound quality. 


More wiring options

The best thing about this brand is its flexibility. You can use different kinds of wires during installation. Besides, the sound performance is excellent either in sealed or ported enclosures.

What I Dislike


The amplifier needs careful use to avoid possible damage. When it exceeds the recommended friction level, you should use a specific amplifier.



The durability of this subwoofer is overall pretty good but the front facing foam is a bit on the less durable side. This is only an issue if you place this subwoofer where it will be touched often such as by door handles or near peoples feet. 

Who Should Buy?

This is a high quality subwoofer that delivers exceptional results. It’s especially ideal for how compact it is. Compared to other 8″ subwoofers the depth is significantly smaller. 

This allows you to place this subwoofer nearly anywhere since it’s can fit on nearly any place on your car.

I recommend this for people who need a compact subwoofer but don’t want to break the bank to purchase a new one. 

5. Rockford Fosgate Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer


✅ Clear and precise bass

✅ Less distortion

✅ Dual 2-ohm voice coils for wiring flexibility

✅ Sensitivity is 82 dB makes it very versatile 

✅ Kevlar paper-pulp cone for durability


🚫 Works best with enclosure for better sound quality

🚫 No protective grin included

🚫 Expensive 


  • M-Roll Santoprene™ surround
  • StampCast basket with integrated spider venting
  • Anodized aluminum cone and dust cap
  • Dual linear spider with embedded 16 AWG tinsel leads
  • Diamond cut cast aluminum trim ring with an optional grille.
  • Shallow Motor Assembly
  • Optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures

What I Like

Mount depth

It is less than 3 inches, so it fits the smallest spaces. This makes it great for doors and other compact spaces. 


Lead voice coils

The 150w RMS allows you to play at a low level. However, lead voice coils produce better bass notes even at rigid cone movements. You can play sound continuously without distortion.


Anodized aluminum cones

The materials of the cone come with anodized aluminum, which makes it strong with high tolerance. It can keep the bass quality of the speaker even at the maximum level.


Spider venting system

This added feature protects the motor from overheating. Thus, it permits continuous playing without possible overheating damages.

What I Dislike

Lacks resonance

If compared to other brands in the market, it does not deliver the same resonance. It does not match the loudness of massive speakers, but it still produces the right sound.



The sound quality may not be the best. That is why it needs a more robust amplifier.

Who Should Buy?

This product is useful to owners who prefer small-sized speakers but long-lasting.

It is a suitable product for people looking for bass and quality sound. The features included providing a solid sound and deep bass that makes your driving enjoyment.

6. Alphasonik AS8DF Shallow Mount Flat Enclosed Sub woofer


✅ Frequency Response: 32Hz – 500Hz

✅ Impressive bass response

✅ Clear sound quality

✅ Can be installed vertically or horizontally

✅ Scratch resistance


🚫 Lacks the power

🚫 The nominal rating is just 200 watts

🚫 Low sensitivity


  • Spun Aluminum Cone
  • High Strength Rubber EPDM 
  • Copper Wound Kapton Voice Coil
  • Push Type Terminal

What I Like

Compact yet sleek design

Alphasonik features an edgy design that will allow you to install it anywhere in your car. It will occupy just a minimal space so that you can have more room in your car’s interior.


Uninterrupted bass sound

It will stay firm on powerful bass notes because of its aluminum-enclosed cone. Its completely airtight seal increases bass reflex and joint strength.


Versatile installation and easy connection

Its size makes it very flexible. Mounting can be either horizontally or vertically. Its push-type terminals can easily connect to your speakers, saving you time and energy. 

What I Dislike

Low sensitivity rating

The setback is that when you lower your volume, you won’t hear softer sounds. For the price this is a downside. Most subwoofers at this price have a much better low sensitivity rating.

Who Should Buy?

Alphasonik is an ideal subwoofer for audiophiles. It will enhance the sound of your music, giving it more punch and thump. It will make road trips a more enjoyable experience.

7. JBL Stage810 Car Audio Subwoofer


✅ Sensitivity: 88 dB

✅ Single voice coil with 4 ohms impedance

✅ No distortion at full volume

✅ HARMAN standard reliability testing


🚫 Requires break-in time to sound good

🚫 No screws to mount speakers, tweeters, or crossover

🚫 No enclosure included


  • Patented UniPivot tweeter
  • 38-200 hertz frequency
  • Polypropylene Cone
  • Rubber Surround

What I Like

Solid cone structure

You can play JBL Stage 810 at medium volumes without worrying about puncturing or damage.

One of the most powerful

Each sub is individually tuned to give you the best sound performance.


Quality bass output

It will deliver crisp, loud, crystal clear bass thumps without distorting in full volume.


Unique tweeter design

It allows the tweeter to aim at your listening location for a better stereo imitation and frequency response. 


High-frequency range

It will give you smooth superior bass notes for your total music enjoyment.


Durable rubber cone enclosure

It controls the cone movement for better frequency responses. It can reproduce high-fidelity low frequencies without sound distortions. 

What I Dislike

It has its limits

Unfortunately, with its size and power handling restrictions, you shouldn’t play bass-heavy music for an extended period at a very high volume. 


Strong magnet

Another snag that can let you down, so you better keep metals away from it. 

Who Should Buy?

JBL Stage810 is a great subwoofer choice for the audiophile who enjoys long drives and road trips. It will deliver good sound quality, adding full-bodied thumps and punch to the sound of your music. It will be a good companion while you’re driving.

8. MB Quart DS1-204 Discus Shallow Mount Subwoofer


✅ Proper bass sound

✅ The sound is clean and solid at all levels.

✅ Above-average power handling

✅ Resists fading and corrosion

✅ Shallow-mount design

✅ The frequency response range is 20 to 250 Hz

✅ High thermal stability


🚫 Risks of running out

🚫 Sound distorts at lower levels

🚫 Minimal vibration


  • Stamp-cast deep drawn steel basket
  • Durable heavy textured powder coat
  • 2” dual voice coil
  • Vented aluminum voice coil former
  • Rubber surround
  • Polypropylene cone and dust cap

What I Like

Installation is a breeze

You don’t need many tools to mount MB Quart. All it requires is a wiring kit and a sealed port box, and you’re ready to install it. 


It can fit anywhere

It mounts in any tight space without sacrificing the interior area of your car.


Durability that lasts

Its UV rubber-surrounded cone will remain flexible even if it’s under hot temperatures. And its push and inserts are nickel-plated so that it won’t rust or corrode. 


Light but strong

Its steel basket is lightweight without trading off its durability. Its cone is a double-stitched and strong material so that it will provide you with clean and clear music output for a long time.


Vented aluminum voice coil 

You can choose whether you want a ported or sealed box. It can accommodate either, depending on your bass choice you want in your car. 

What I Dislike

Life expectancy

Even if it’s a great replacement choice, you’ll still have reservations as it might give you a short life expectancy. 


Low bass output

Another disappointment is that it can only produce minimal vibrations even if your stereo is at high volume.

Who Should Buy?

MB Quart is an inexpensive subwoofer that delivers exceptional results. For a fraction of the price of other subwoofers, you get the same performance. 

Another benefit of this subwoofer is that since it’s a shallow mount, it fits in almost anywhere on your car. This is a great alternative for those with smaller cars with little room to add a subwoofer. 

The shallow mount is a great alternative to the bulky pre-enclosed subwoofer. 


Having the right woofer system establishes the right mood. Besides, it gives a smooth driving experience. What are you waiting for? 

Get in your car, play music, and start driving.

Enjoy your ride, and have a safe journey.

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