10 Best AGM Batteries In 2021

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You will never realize how vital your car batteries are until your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The battery is so seemingly insignificant; you sometimes forget that it’s under your hood.

But choosing the right battery is no easy task. There are tons of models on the market and they are hard to differentiate. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

In this post, I will review the best AGM batteries on the market, so you can decide which battery works best for you. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Odyssey PC680 Battery


✅Longer voltage stability

✅3 to 10 years of servicing life

✅Lightweight and AGM designed

✅Faster recharging

✅Vibrant resistance

✅Heat resistant

✅Its sealed design makes it easy to place in any direction

✅Non-spill design

✅Ruggedly built product


✅It won’t just suddenly fail without warning

✅Runs great in cold weather

✅Two years replacing warranty

✅Pure lead plates mean more power-twice

✅70% longer cycle life


🚫No returnable policy

🚫Product carries a proposition 65 warning

🚫Average battery life

🚫Cells have tight tolerance

🚫Lower CCA rating than competitors

🚫The DoC is higher at 80 percent.

🚫Only usable for smaller loads.


  • Longer service life
  • Longer cycle life
  • Longer shelf life
  • Faster recharge
  • 2 Batteries in 1
  • Superior cranking
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Vibration resistance
  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Improved safety

What I Like

Made to be tough

No matter how rough the road is, Odyssey Battery can handle it. Its rugged construction makes it resistant to shocks and vibrations and can endure changing temperatures.



You don’t have to stand by for a long time to give it power. It would only take four to six hours to charge. It’s the fastest charging record time in any lead-acid battery.


Warranty guaranteed

You don’t have to spend more on repairs when damage occurs. Its two-year full replacement warranty has you covered.


Easy installation and flexible positioning

You can mount it in any way you want without worrying about electrolyte spillage. Its design solves numerous safety issues offering you flexibility

and less the worries.


No water needed

You don’t have to fuss about adding water when it dries up. It’s maintenance-free. Thanks to its Dry Cell design with a resealable venting system, you don’t need to add water all the time.


Pure lead plates

You can get more power with the Odyssey. It has pure lead plates that are twice the overall power of conventional batteries. It surges the surface area enhancing its performance.  


Long battery life

Frequent battery change can be such a constant bother. But that’s not a problem with the Odyssey. It has a long life that can last long for up to 10 years.


Warning signs

It will not catch you off-guard when it’s ready for a battery change. The battery will give frequent warnings when it reaches the end of its service life. Its gradual loss of power will provide you with adequate time to schedule its replacement.

What I Dislike

It’s not perfect

There are some concerns you will have to face when you get an Odyssey battery. For one, since it only has 170 CCA, you might have some starting power issues. 

Make sure you charge it according to the instructions because it tends to overcharge.

Its size is different from the standard battery size. So fitting it in your vehicle can be a little tricky.

Who Should Buy?

Odyssey Batteries are ideal for those who have any type of vehicle. It is suited for cars, trucks, and even motorbikes. It provides a five-second cracking power and 500 marine cranking amps, making this battery extremely powerful.

2. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI


✅It has an impressive 800 cold cranking amp.

✅It features silver calcium stamped alloys to improve performance and increase cycle life.

✅It features a high-density negative paste to extend battery life.

✅It has a vent cap design to resist acid leakage.

✅The battery has a robust envelope separator.

✅Powerful AGM battery. It’s a heavy-duty battery.

✅Better design and electrical conductivity

✅It provides reliable starting power.


✅Prevents shocks and corrosion

✅Improved acid circulation with the leak-proof chamber

✅Its two handles make it easier to install the battery.

✅Oxygen recombination prevents water loss.

✅Well-proportioned to fit most standard car battery compartments

✅Outstanding reserve capacity of 140 minutes

✅Three-year manufacturer warranty


🚫The price could have been more cost-effective

🚫Acid spillage method may or may not lead to damage

🚫Can be incompatible with older cars that may cause quick loss of capacity

🚫The battery is quite weighty.

🚫It’s an AGM battery that supports AGM vehicles.

🚫AGM batteries cannot be changed when mounted to your car, truck, or other vehicles.

🚫A conventional type of battery

🚫It sometimes doesn’t hold a charge after years of use.

🚫It can’t operate BMW cars.


  • Improved life
  • Higher density negative paste
  • Robust envelope separator
  • Calcium lead positive grid
  • Vent cap design
  • Ribbed case
  • 100 % electrical short tested
  • Maximum performance

What I Like

Increased power

Its studs have high-density grease that improves conductivity, a 140-minute reserved power capacity, and an 80 AH power — a significant boost that can energize the most demanding vehicle.


Can withstand cold weather

It has the industry’s best 800 CCA cranking amps. It makes this AGM battery in the coldest winter.


No leakage

This AGM battery is leak-proof because of its sealed design. So no matter what position you mount it, it will not leak.


Long life

A frequent battery change is not an option. It needs no maintenance and a three-year limited warranty making it a reliable and durable choice.



It can resist vibrations. It protects the AGM battery from enduring damages from shocks and pressures.

What I Dislike

Battery charge

There are issues you might encounter when purchasing this brand. For instance, batteries may arrive with less than 50% charge that doesn’t surpass its benchmark.


Premature death

You should be ready in case it leaves you stranded in the middle of the road. Maybe a spare? 



You might need some assistance when you mount this AGM battery because it can be heavy.

Who Should Buy?

If you’re on the lookout for a long-lasting and reliable battery that can give your car a boost of power, ACDelco can be an option. It’s an excellent car battery that can fit in your vehicle. It offers exceptional performance and a three-year warranty.

3. Optima Batteries 8040 - 218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery


✅Great for non-daily cars

✅Lasts up to two times as the usual lead-acid car batteries on the market

✅High cold crank amps

✅Dual batteries

✅No maintenance

✅No water requirement

✅No spillage

✅Mountable in any position

✅Temperature resistant

✅Superior starting power

✅Long term energy

✅Good choice for off-road

✅Vibration resistant

✅300+ recharge/discharge cycles far enough for an excellent performance

✅Generates a 25-amp current, enough for the largest trolling motors

✅98 minutes of reserve capacity

✅Three-year warranty


🚫It’s not a direct fit for most battery boxes

🚫Needs a trickle charge for cars not in use

🚫AGM technology increases the risk of overcharging

🚫​It cost more than other batteries in the same category.

🚫No provisions for terminal hardware on purchase


  • Deep-cycle
  • cranking power
  • Up to 3X longer life
  • 15 times more vibration-resistant
  • Virtually spill-proof
  • Mountable in virtually any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Faster recharging
  • Optimal starting power
  • 300+ discharge/recharge cycles

What I Like

Value for your money

You don’t have to change your battery all the time. Optima provides a steady source of power for an extended period. That means it’s durable and long-lasting.



This battery features a Valve Regulated Lead Acid. It means it saves you from the trouble of watering it all the time. Yet, a regular inspection is still necessary.


Withstands rough roads

Rugged roads will not worry you because Optima’s spiral winding design makes it vibration-resistant. It gives more efficient output, ensuring its off-road endurance. 



Its sealed design gives it a more excellent life cycle. No leakage or spills means a much higher result in durability.


Excellent technology

Its spiral cell technology exceeds flat-plate batteries. It gives the battery three times longer life; five times cycle energy, 15 times more vibration resistance, faster recharging time, and a maximum starting performance.



Optima is small and light. It only weighs 36 pounds and measures less than ten inches. So carrying and installing it can be fast and easy. 

What I Dislike

Prone to overcharging

What’s unfavorable with AGM battery technology is that it has a high risk of overcharging. You need to be watchful when you charge because it may lead to battery damage when you soak it over time.



When you compare Optima’s price with other brands, this one is quite high-priced. But don’t mind if it’s costly, its features and specs are worth it.


Smaller than the regular

Its small size may cause fitting issues for some vehicles.

Who Should Buy?

Optima batteries are ideal for those who are looking for batteries with excellent performance. Optima has a reliable 770 CA giving it twice cracking amp power to start even a mid-size boat.

4. Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery


✅Resistant to mechanical vibrations

✅Convenient spiral cell design

✅Compatible with most vehicles

✅​It needs very little maintenance or none at all

✅​Fast recharge

✅​ Has spill-proof casing for longevity

✅​Can be mounted in any position

✅Perfect for cold weather with 800 cold-cranking amps

✅No need to trickle charge for non-active vehicles

✅Excellent reserve capacity of 100 minutes

✅180-degree rotation freedom


✅Three-year Warranty


🚫Highly susceptible to slow drain


🚫It doesn’t come with a date of manufacture.

🚫Connecting terminals are small.

🚫Not adjustable with many vehicles, check your car manual first.

🚫The noticeable voltage drop from starting the car to operation


  • Strongest starting burst
  • Up to 3X longer life
  • 15 times more vibration-resistant
  • Virtually spill-proof
  • Mountable in almost any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Faster recharging
  • Optimal starting power

What I Like


Carrying this battery is easy because it’s only 38.8 pounds. It also has a  handle, making it more convenient for you to move and mount in vehicles.


No leakages

You are going to be worry-free from spills and leaks. Its leak-proof design provides the battery sealed and protected. You can put it in any position without leaking, provided that the terminals are secured.


Longer shelf life

Your vehicle can have the power where it needs it and when it needs it. Optima RedTop’s reserve capacity is higher than the normal. It has two times the lifespan of an acid-lead battery. While it gives your vehicle power, it saves you more money.


Quick ignition

Even in the coldest weather or the scorching heat of summer, starting up your engine is not a problem. It’s a reliable battery that can give you an intense burst of ignition at any time of the year.


No vibrations

There’s no trouble when it comes to damages. This battery is vibration proof. It can withstand rough roads with its robust casing design.

What I Dislike


Optima RedTop’s high-power output and SpiralCell design made this battery more expensive than others.


Fitting problem

You may find it hard to mount this battery to your vehicle. It is larger than the normal-sized battery. 

Who Should Buy?

Optima RedTop batteries are ideal for vehicles that are always on the run. It is a reliable battery brand because it will keep you on the road for long hours without experiencing any breakdowns.

It is also suitable for novice drivers because this battery doesn’t require that much maintenance.

5. Delphi BU9034 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery


✅Well vented

✅Improved cycle life

✅775 CCA (cold cranking amps) rate

✅Easy to install

✅No maintenance needed

✅Provides steady current supply and instant cranking of the motor even after long idling periods

✅Battery plates in full-frame securing the power bank from the short circuit

✅Vibration resistant


✅Flexible, durable, and lightweight

✅User friendly

✅120 RC (reverse capacity)

✅Exact OEM AGM fit replacement

✅Designed to perform in extreme temperatures

✅Affordable price


🚫The battery may be too small for some vehicles

🚫Limited space around the battery posts enables only one way of the battery’s placement.

🚫Takes a bit longer to charge


  • Extended cold-cranking amps
  • Group 34 battery with 775 cold-cranking amps120 RC (reverse capacity)
  • 20x the vibration resistance 
  • optimized component compression 
  • fortified posts, straps, and welds
  • Superior corrosion resistance sealed housing with manifold venting system
  • With AGM technology

What I Like

Powerful output

Delphi batteries don’t just power up your vehicle to start-up. Its power will also ripple through the electronics, energizing them with the battery’s 120-minute reserve capacity.


Easy hand carry

Lifting and carrying it is safe, secure, and convenient. It has a handle strategically placed on both ends allowing you to move it around with comfort.


No room for spillage 

This battery will not trouble you with spillage or leaks. Its completely sealed design will not allow any leaks or spills even on the roughest road. It’s also vibration-proof, ensuring its durability.  


Easy replacement

If you encounter any problems, you can easily replace it with a new unit. With Delphi’s 36-month replacement warranty, you can return or exchange your batteries within 36 months without any hassle.


Loaded with smart features

Delphi batteries offer many useful features that you can take advantage of when you choose this one. It has electronic safety, convenience features, fuel-saving stop-start systems, and power outlets for mobile electronic devices. What’s more, it has a technology that eliminates acid flooding.

What I Dislike


You may face a few letdowns with Dephi. It has quite an extensive body compared to other batteries. It might not fit if you have a small to mid-sized battery seat.


It doesn’t take the cold weather well   

Another inconvenience about this brand is that it doesn’t take the cold weather well. According to reviews, it has a low level of cold cranking amps. It may be hard to start up your ignition when it’s freezing.

Who Should Buy?

If you’re looking for a high-performing, high-quality, and premium battery trusted by many motorists, this can be it. Delphi batteries can deliver power and durability for your battery needs. It has superior corrosion-proof housing proving its durability.

It is also ideal for beginners because it’s durability demonstrates that it’s easy to maintain. It’s easy to mount to any vehicle.


Now that you read some of the best performing car battery brands available in the market today, are you ready to bring them into your car?

But before you do, perhaps you should consider some points to ponder. Many lead blocks out there you might think are alright but will leave you stranded in the long run.

So ask yourself these questions, how frequently do you use your car?  What kind of climate do you have in your town? And how do you use your vehicle?

Your answers will lead you to the perfect car battery that your car needs. 

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