Best Body Armor Bumper For Every Vehicle

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If you are like me your vehicles experience lots of wear and tear.

Whether you’re off-roading, using your truck for work, or just day to day life your bumpers feel the majority of the pain.

But finding a quality body armor bumper that fits your car is not easy. 

Don’t worry, your search is over. 

In this post, I am going to review the best body armor bumpers for every occasion. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Nilight Front Bumper Compatible


✅Two 4.75 ton capacity D-rings

✅No modifications needed

✅Premium two-stage textured black powder coating

✅Has extra off-road lights

✅Standardized bolt pattern

✅360° protection

✅One-piece fully welded design

✅Has OE fog lights housing


✅Comes with a built-in winch plate

✅Comes with rattle-free isolators

✅Long-lasting and durable

✅Steel sheet and seamless tubing

✅Worth the price

✅Two-year warranty


🚫Bolds need extra tightening

🚫Not suitable for long-term use

🚫Brackets may tend to break over time

🚫Doesn’t come with fog lights

🚫Screws are hard to secure


  • Weight: 38.68 kg
  • Dimension: 64 x 18.58 x 13.46 inches
  • Part Warranty: 2 years Warranty
  • Installation time: 1 hour


  • Heavy-duty
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Consists of a durable steel sheet
  • Premium black powder coat finish
  • Rugged, one-piece fully welded
  • Two light tabs
  • 4.75 ton capacity D-rings
  • Comes with rattle-free isolators
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Has pre-drilled mounting points
  • 360° protection

What I Like

D-ring mounts

These allow you to customize your trailer configuration. You may load specific trailer tie-down anchors.

You can find this both on the inside and outside of the bumper. 



This product has a rugged and aggressive design that makes it suitable to use on any terrain.

It also passes a two-stage finish. This includes an epoxy pre-coating and premium textured black powder coat finish. 


Bolt-on installation

You would only need to use basic hand tools for this product. It won’t need cutting or drilling, making it clean and straightforward.


Built-in winch plate

This allows you to install a winch on your vehicle with ease.

What I Dislike

Hard to tighten bolts and screws

The holes on the side of the mount aren’t deep enough at times. Applying torque may help ease the process.

The screws are also hard to secure into the light housing since they’re too small.

Who Should Buy?

This product is suitable for those on a budget but wants a bumper that still has excellent quality.

It would also be perfect for beginners since its bolt-on installation process is easy. You won’t need to drill and cut anything along the way.

2. Nilight - JK-52A Rear Bumper


✅Consists of mild steel plating

✅Suitable for off-road use

✅D-ring mounts

✅Can accommodate a 37-inch tire



✅Has a two-inch Standard

✅Hitch Receiver

✅Comes with 2 18W Nilight upgraded LED lights


✅No drilling needed


🚫Metal brackets are not that strong

🚫Wiring tends to come out from the side of the light

🚫Nuts and bolts aren’t rust-free


  • Weight: 35.0 kg
  • Dimension: 65 x 14.5 x 14 inches
  • Part Warranty: 2 years Warranty
  • Installation time: 1 hour


  • Heavy-duty
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Consists of durable steel sheet
  • Two-stage textured black powder coating
  • Comes with D-rings with black isolators
  • Has a two-inch standard hitch receiver
  • Can accommodate a 37-inch tire
  • Has two 18W Nilight upgraded LED lights

What I Like

Heavy-duty D-rings

This adds protection to your vehicle’s lower rear. It also provides it with excellent towing capabilities.


Perfect for off-road use

Its LED lights, D-ring mounts, and standard receiver hitch make it perfect for off-road use.

It also has two 18W flush mount LED pods that help brighten the road. This would be perfect for a nighttime adventure.


Two-stage finish

This product goes through an epoxy pre-coating and high-grade textured black powder coating. This would help protect your vehicle from corrosion.

What I Dislike

Wiring isn’t great

The wire on the side of the lamp may tend to get in the way of a wrench or socket.  This may cause difficulties in tightening bolts.

Who Should Buy?

This product is suitable for those who own a 2007–2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

It would also be perfect for those who want a heavy-duty rear bumper. It provides functional protection and extreme style at the same time.

3. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Steel Fender Flares Front & Rear Flat Fender Mud Guards


✅Easy mounting



✅Strong and durable steel protection

✅Perfect for off-road use

✅Comes with four pieces of front and rear fender flares

✅E-coat systems

✅Suitable for most Jeep Wrangler JK models

✅Comes with mounting hardware

✅Easy bolt-on installation

✅Two-year manufacturer’s warranty


🚫This may need some drilling skill and experience

🚫May not be a perfect fit on the rear of some vehicles

🚫UV light may break down the coating


  • Weight: 35.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 46.85 x 7.48 x 21.65 inches
  • Part Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Installation time: 1-2 hours


  • Suitable for the Jeep Wrangler JK & Unlimited 2007–2018
  • 100% steel construction
  • Textured black powder-coated
  • Perfect for off-road use
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • E-coat systems

What I Like

Slim design

This provides extra tire coverage for those with larger tires. This also helps maintain their off-road look.


Heavy-duty construction

This consists of heavy-duty steel to help withstand heavy loads. It is designed with textured black powder coating, which prevents it from tarnishing.

Its design also helps protect your wheel wells from mud, sand, debris, and even scratches.


E-coat systems

This provides a wide range of paint and lacquer finishes for your fender flares. They all have revolutionary performances and effects.

It helps in protecting your vehicle’s exterior against corrosion for up to five years.

What I Dislike

UV light

E-coat systems are sensitive to sunlight, so there is a chance that the coating will break down and fail.

Who Should Buy?

This product is suitable for those on a budget but would want fender flares with excellent quality.

It would also be perfect for those who want low-profile fenders since its design is slim.

4. Hooke Road Front Inner Fender Liners


✅Suitable for most Jeep Wrangler JK models

✅High strength steel

✅Comes with the passenger and driver side liners

✅No drilling or cutting needed

✅You can replace the white paint with the color you want

✅Perfect for off-road use

✅Comes with mounting hardware

✅Flexible when it comes to appearance

✅Worth the price

✅Two-year warranty


🚫Only suitable with flat fenders

🚫Color may fade over time


  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Dimension: 49 x 26.9 x 9 inches 
  • Part Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Installation time: 1-2 hours


  • Suitable for the Jeep Wrangler JK & Unlimited  2007–2018
  • High strength steel
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Premium e-coating

What I Like

Great construction

The front flares help improve the airflow while also protecting your engine. 

It consists of high strength steel that helps the fenders withstand extreme conditions.

It also has an easy bolt-on installation, so it won’t need cutting or drilling.



Its black powder coating finish may last up to 15 years without getting tarnished. 



Flexible in appearance

You have the option of removing the white design plates and replacing it with a color of your choosing.

What I Dislike


Once you remove the rivets to replace the white plate, you might need to buy new ones to install another plate. This would also need a rivet gun.

Who Should Buy?

This product is suitable for car enthusiasts who love adventure. It has an aggressive and rugged appearance, making it perfect for off-road use.It would also be perfect for beginners since its bolt-on installation process is easy. You won’t need to drill and cut anything.

5. Hooke Road Cowl Body Armor Outer Cowling Cover Corner Guards


✅Can protect your vehicle from debris, stones, and the like

✅Has a textured black finish

✅Easy installation

✅Lightweight and durable

✅Can withstand extreme force and shock

✅3m adhesive tape provided

✅Rust and corrosion-resistant


✅Two-year manufacturer’s warranty


🚫Provided adhesive tape is not enough

🚫It may fade over time

🚫The tape might damage the paint


  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Dimension: 9.4 x 9.1 x 2.2 inches
  • Part Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Installation time: 5-10 minutes


  • Suitable for the 2007–2018 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Rubicon Sahara X Sport Unlimited
  • ABS construction
  • Textured black finish
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can resist strong impacts

What I Like

ABS construction and black finish

This protects your vehicle from stones, sand, and other trail debris. It also ensures long-lasting protection against corrosion.


Resists impact

This can help withstand the intense shock and force applied to your vehicle. 

What I Dislike

Coating may fade

This textured black powder can’t withstand extreme heat from the sun, so that it may fade over time. 

Who Should Buy?

This product is suitable for those who own a 2007–2018 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Rubicon Sahara X sport Unlimited.

It would also be perfect for beginners since its installation process is easy.

6. EAG Front Bumper with Winch Plate and Fog Light Housing for( 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK )Rock Crawler



✅For all jeep types

✅Easy to install

✅Stylish and durable bumper

✅With OE fog light housing

✅Does not need drilling

✅Attractive design

✅With robust coating

✅Prevents corrosion and improves durability


🚫Causes chipping

🚫Holes and chassis are not on the same level.

🚫Difficult to scale number plate in front


🚫Lower bracket sometimes bend


  • Weight – 78.1 pounds
  • Dimensions – 67.33 x 18.12 x 11.82 inches
  • Part Warranty – N/A
  • Installation time – Easy to install


  • Two-stage textured powder-coated finish.
  • Mounts up to a 12,000lb winch
  • Welded D-ring mounts on all sides
  • 4.75-ton capacity D-rings and rattle-free isolators included.
  • Prerunner hoop includes built-in light tabs.
  • Built-in winch plate.
  • Comes with heavy-duty D-Rings, Isolators, Mounts
  • Robotically Welded
  • Built-In Winch Plate
  • Fog Light Holes Included
  • Made of thick steel
  • All required instructions and hardware included.

What I Like


The manufacturer made sure that the products went through a quality check. It passed through high accuracy laser-cutting, CNC folding, and robotic assembly. 


Easy installation

There are fixed parts that make it easy to install. It comes with fog light ports connected to the bumper. Likewise, there is a winch plate in it. That is why even a beginner can easily install just by simple mounting.


Powerful parts

It comes with a powder coating finish, which prevents corrosion. Likewise, it improves its overall look and lifespan. Moreover, it works best for off-road driving because of its heavyweight. Rated D-rings surround the bumper for more lights.


Interesting features

This bumper comes with exciting features. It has steel sheets with steel tubing to ensure durability. Likewise, it has stylish designs that look great in all types of vehicles. Thus, the combination of superior strength and craftsmanship fits off-road driving.


Winch plate

It has a fitted winch plate that prevents possible interference. Likewise, it can hold 12000 lbs because of the bold uniform pattern. 


D-rings and isolators

This bumper can handle nearly 95000 lbs. It has the durability that holds maximum strength because of the D-rings and isolators. Also, robots weld the interior and exterior shackle mounts. 


High-quality finish

Besides the fine layer, it also has a high-quality black powder coating. It helps prevent corrosion, peel-off, and cracking.


Simple instruction

Anyone who wants to buy this product will find it easy to install. Every step in the instruction is easy to understand. You can even use the most straightforward tools. 


Integrated lights

Driving at night will be hassle-free. It has an integrated fog that can accommodate lights. Also, the grille hoop has enough space in case you want to add more lights.

What I Dislike


The weight of this bumper requires additional fuel usage making it more costly. Also, the fitment design does not match some vehicles. 


Attachment issue

The front plate number is quite tricky to attach after you install the bumper. Also, it’s a bit heavy compared to other brands. But, some find it a minor issue considering it’s cheap.


Fuel usage and coating

The heavyweight of the bumper cost more than regular fuel use. Also, the powder coating fails to prevent corrosion. There are flaws and rust that accumulate prematurely.

Who Should Buy?

This bumper fits well with off-road drivers. Every part and feature work together to give better protection while on the road.

It’s also useful for night travelers. The OE size fog light mounting points allow you to change factory fog lights. Besides, it gives you better visibility and safe night driving.

It can also be the best option for people who are on a tight budget. It is a bit cheaper compared to other bumpers in the market.

7. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Front Bumper + Rear Bumper Combo w/All LED Lights


✅Complete bumper set-up is worth buying

✅Well crafted and robust bumper models

✅Useful manual and easy installation

✅Fits well on all sides


🚫Low light quality



  • Weight – 79 pounds
  • Dimensions –  70.9in length, 19.88 in LEDlight
  • Part Warranty – 
  • Installation time – Easy


  • Equipped with a set of four LED lights
  • Come with reliable welded mounts and D-rings added
  • 4.75-ton capacity D-rings.
  • Twelve thousand pounds capacity of a winch plate
  • 9500 pounds capacity of the hitch receiver
  • Made of high quality 5/32” steel plate.
  • Two stag finishes making the product durable.
  • Comes with bumpers for both the front and rear side
  • Suits any jeep model from 2007 to 2018
  • Quite a comfortable bolt-on installation
  • Corrosion-resistant finish

What I Like

Complete set-up installation

This bumper comes in a complete package. Although it’s a bit pricey, installation is easy. Likewise, the quality and the components included can exceed the performance of its competitors.


No power tools needed

Installing these bumpers on both sides does not require special power tools. Besides, a simple bolt-on is enough, and it will fit on both sides. 


Worn-out free

Durability is no question for this brand of bumpers. It comes with a highly structured built and robust finishing. Bumper issues like cracking or humps are challenging to see. The finishing prevents corrosion, rusting, dirt, dust, and many more in damaging the bumper.


Bolt-on design

The direct bolt-on design of this bumper makes installation convenient. There is no need to drill, cut, or any other mounting. Likewise, essential hand tools are enough.

What I Dislike

On/Off system

It does not come with a plug and play system, which lessens the ease of installing. Thus, you have to connect the light wires manually.


More effort

It can be a bit of a hassle and time consuming because there are two bumpers to install. 



Some may find this product pricey. However, you have to consider that the price pays for two bumpers and a hitch receiver kit. Thus, it’s worth buying.

Who Should Buy?

It is suitable for those who own a 2007 t0 2018 jeep model. It will surely fit their body type, giving a much better look.

8. Tyger Auto TG-BP9D80398 Tyger Fury Rear Bumper Assembly Textured Black Compatible with (2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500)



✅Unique design

✅No drilling required

✅Easy to install


🚫Quite heavy


🚫Lacks cap for the proximity sensor holes


  • Weight – 76.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 81 x 19 x 11 inches
  • Part Warranty – 5-year warranty
  •  Installation time – Easy 


  • Easy Bolt-On installation
  • Made of heavy-duty 5mm carbon steel with a powder-coated black textured finish 
  • Provides removable light covers 
  •  Pre-drilled holes for trailer plug, license plate, and license plate light (With license plate light) 
  • Comes with spots for parking sensors
  •  Fits up to 3″ side light pods
  • Stainless steel finish
  •  Black E-coating finish 

What I Like

Quality components

Each component of the bumper comes with quality and high standard materials.  The built of the bumper is made of 5mm carbon steel. It has a black powder coating that prevents corrosion and rusting. Also, it has removable light covers and pre-drilled holes for the trailer plug and license plate. Besides, it comes with a license plate light that makes the scale more visible at night.

What I Dislike

Fitting issue

It may not be the best bumper for vehicles with a 5th Gen 2019-UP RAM 1500 New Body Style. The specifications of the bumper do not match specific models.

Who Should Buy?

It fits well with those who have a 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 (including 2019-2020). It is also a good match with the 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 (including 2019-2020 Classic).

9. Hooke Road Ram 1500 Steel Bumper Front + Rear Full Width Bumper Combo


✅Prevents corrosion

✅Easy bolt-on installation

✅Style fits off-road driving

✅Fits the body lines

✅Rugged styling and protection


✅Space for more accessories

✅Easy to follow instruction




🚫Does not work with the OE sensor

🚫Does not match factory back-up sensors


  • Weight – 59.48 Kilograms
  • Dimensions – 109 x 70 x 33 cm  
  • Part Warranty – N/A
  • Installation time – About 2 hours (Easy)


  • Heavy-duty 9 gauge(5/32 inch) steel construction
  •  It has a winch plate that is capable of supporting a 12,000-pound winch
  •  Include an integrated grille guard hoop, four LED spotlights, and two high strength D-Ring mounts 
  • Bumper weight: about 70 lbs
  • Textured black powder coat finish
  •  Premium E-coating process for 5-year corrosion protection under everyday use
  • 9500 lbs rated,3/4” D-rings included
  •  120W high power LED light bar(spot flood combo beam) included
  •  D-rings w/ rubber rings to provide extra protection against abrasion
  •  It has front and rear bumpers

What I Like

Aggressive styling

The components of the bumpers are suitable for rugged driving that fits the 2013-2018 RAM. It comes with a Hooke road front bumper. Also, its winch plate can hold a 12,000-pound winch that fits your trip on a bumpy road. 


Abrasion protection

The additional feature of this bumper prevents future scrapes. Also, it comes with an integrated grille guard hoop, four LED spotlights, and D-ring mounts. All of these give extra protection from abrasion. 


Flexible road use

The quality Hooke road front bumper features road use flexibility. It is useful whether you are on highways or off-road.


Heavy-duty materials

The materials of each component are heavy duty. The 5/32 steel makes the plating robust. The Hooke road bumpers are cold-formed into shape and passed through two stages of finishing. These are epoxy pre-coating and high grade textured black coating. In this case, it gives long-lasting protection against damages.·          


Test result

This modernized e-coat system gives a wide range of paint finishes and stylish effects. Also, during the salt spray test, the bumper was able to last for 100 hours. It means the bumper can handle a five-year corrosion capacity. Moreover, It is 100% efficient after the salt spray test. Thus, the result shows the efficiency and quality that you get from this bumper. 


Fast installation

It has a direct bolt-on replacement for the original bumper stock and can reuse old hardware and mounting points. Also, you can assemble the parts directly on the car frame. It does not need cutting or any modifications. Thus, you can install the bumper in as fast as two hours or less.

What I Dislike

Lacks license plate space

The product does not have holes for the license plate. You need to drill holes for the license plate to fit.


Extremely bright

The built-in lights are incredibly bright, which is a bit distracting. But it is useful when driving at night.

Who Should Buy?

It is ideal for those who are always on the road. It is useful for on-roads and trail driving. Likewise, it is compatible with the 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 1500. 

10. Tyger Auto TG-BP6F80268 Tyger Fury Front Bumper Kit Compatible with (2015-2017 Ford F150)


✅Protects effectively

✅Rust resistant. Prevents rust

✅With good fitting



✅Easy installation


✅With five-year warranty



🚫Needs mounting brackets modification

🚫No lights included

🚫Does not fit models with Adaptive Cruise Control

🚫Needs cutting on some models.

🚫Customized Skid Plate sold separately


  • Weight – 86.2 pounds
  • Dimensions – 79 x 22 x 10 inches
  •  Part Warranty – Five year warranty
  •  Installation time – N/A


  • Made of heavy-duty 5mm carbon steel 
  • With a powder-coated black textured finish 
  • Patent-pending unique design
  • Removable light covers for aftermarket lights
  •  Pre-drilled license plate holes 
  •  LED light bar mounting brackets included
  • Optional customized Skid Plate sold separately.

What I Like

Good fitting

The mounting brackets are adjustable, so it’s more comfortable to fit with the same level as the factory hitch left on. 


Good quality

The black powder coating holds well that keeps the bumper protected from rusting. Also, installing the bumper is convenient and hassle-free 



The body built of the bumper is made of heavy-duty 5mm carbon steel. It also has a powder coating black texture finish for rigid protection against corrosion and rusting. 


Unique design

Your vehicle will catch the attention of other motorists on the road because of its unique style. Also, it comes with removable light covers for aftermarket light. You can also place your license plate at any angle, depending on your choice. The pre-drilled license plate holes make license plate mounting easy.

What I Dislike

Bolt-on bar

One downside of this brand is the bolt-on bull bar. It could have been better if welded for superior strength. 


Mounting brackets

You need to adjust the mounting bracket to fit the level with the factory hitch left. Likewise, it requires cutting.

Who Should Buy?

It is useful for those who have vehicles released between 2015 and 2017 and the Ford F150.

11. Body Armor 4X4 Fits 2016-2019 Tacoma HiLine Series Front Bumper - Best For Toyota Tacoma


✅Exciting off-road styling

✅Over rider grille guard hoop

✅High strength D-ring mounts

✅Black powder-coated finish

✅Bolt installation

✅Allows for 20-inch Dual Row LED lightbar

✅Vehicle specific mounting hardware included

✅License plate relocation bracket included

✅Three-year finish warranty


🚫Lights not included

🚫Winch not included

🚫Shackles sold separately

🚫Fairlead mount not included (sold separately)

🚫Installation requires cutting (Trimming of factory bumper required)


    • Weight – 34.9 pounds
    • Dimensions – 54.5x22x12.5 inches
    • Part Warranty –  Three years from the date of purchase
    • Installation time – About two hours


    • Fits 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma
    • Requires trimming of the factory bumper
    • High clearance design that accommodated factory TRD skid plate
    • 3/16″ Plate bumper and 1/4″ winch mount
    • 10,000 lbs winch capacity

What I Like

Makes your truck stand out 

It enhances your truck’s build giving it a strong and hefty appearance, making you stand out from the rest.


Outstanding leverage

It can get you out in tough situations. It has a built-in winch plate that can support a 10,000-pound weight. 


Helps illuminate the night sky

It’s built-in LED light bar will give you better visibility during night-time trail runs. 


Superior strength 

Its thick mild steel plating and powder coating finish give your armor bumper the power to repel harsh elements and robustness that will surely protect your truck from high impacts.


Direct bolt-on replacement

You can easily replace your original stock bumper with Body Armor. It will fit snugly on your bumper frame.

What I Dislike

Factory bumper needs trimming

It will be a bit difficult to install the armor bumper without doing so. It will just take two hours with basic hand tools and a friend’s help. 


Need to cut plastic stock bumper

It’s one of the hardest parts of the installation, so make sure you measure correctly. Take your time, measure twice, and cut conservatively.


Lightbar issues

It will create a problem if you install the bumpers before the light bar. Be sure to mount the light bar before you put the bumper on the truck.


You need little help from a friend

It is heavy, especially after bolting the winch to the bumper. It would make mounting easier with extra hands to help.

Who Should Buy?

This body armor bumper is ideal for Tacoma truck owners looking for a sleek bumper that provides protection. Its winch, light bar, and D-rings will surely add excellent leverage for your truck.

12. Fab Fours TT16B36501 Bumper



✅Easy to install

✅Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

✅The ultimate combination of front-end protection and a knife-edge design

✅Winch-capable design

✅Provides far more tire clearance

✅7/8″ D-Ring mounts

✅2-piece mounting system with adjustability to allowing a “custom” fit


🚫Winch sold separately

🚫It will rattle off-road if not installed correctly


    • Weight – 250 pounds
    • Dimensions – 90 x 42 x 36 inches
    • Part Warranty – 
    • Installation time – Easy to install 


    • Heavy-duty Bumper type
    • Full Width
    • Full Grille Guard included
    • 90mm Fog light and 60mm Turn Indicator Lights included
    • Available Winches Up to 10,000 lbs
    • 3/16″ US Steel material
    • 2 Stage Black Powder Coat

What I Like

Easy to mount

This piece of armor can easily slip into the factory tow hooks directly to the frame. 


Front-end protection and knife-edge design

Its solid armor design will provide your truck ultimate front-end protection, at the same time giving more tire clearance eliminating rubbing. 



It will increase your rig capabilities with its winch-ready bumper. It will provide you to attach a winch to give your vehicle the edge to pull yourself, or someone else, out of any tough trail situations.

What I Dislike

Can slow you down

The trouble with this armor bumper is it’s heavy. Its weight can affect the handling, slightly decreasing your vehicle’s mileage.


May cause rattling

If it’s not correctly mounted, it will rattle off-road. Make sure you give a minimum gap between the frame and bumper to avoid this.  

Who Should Buy?

This heavy armor bumper is ideal for off-road riders who are not just looking for style but also for its function. This iron piece is from premium quality materials that can surely safeguard your vehicle’s front end from stones, mud, dirt, and other off-road obstacles.  

13. Hooke Road Tacoma Rear Step Bumper


✅Heavy-duty construction

✅Textured black powder coat finish

✅Two 4.75 ton D-rings included

✅Certified member of SEMA


🚫If you have an aftermarket trailer hitch as there will be no way to bolt it to the truck

🚫The reverse lights were tricky to install

🚫Some bolts were not long enough.


    • Weight – 65 pounds
    • Dimensions – 69.29×12.99×14.57 inches
    • Part Warranty – 
    • Installation time – Up to one hour


    • Tacoma Rear Step Bumper Compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015
    • Bumper Weight about 65 lbs. 9500 lbs Rated
    • 3/4” D-Rings Included
    • Bolt-on Installation with Clear and Detailed Instructions
    • Premium E-Coating Process for 5-Year Corrosion Protection
    • 2×18w High Power LED Floodlights Licence Plate Mounting Plane Rear Bumper & 2 X D-rings

What I Like

Added rear leverage

This rear step bumper will add extra anchorage to your vehicle with its 4.75 Ton D-rings welded on both inside and out. Each has a rubber covering to add extra protection from abrasion. 


Highly resistant to rust and corrosion

Its E-coat system, a combination of paint and lacquer, makes it tough against corrosion.


LED Back-lighting

Its backlighting is built-in with an 18 watts LED illumination power, giving your rear end an impressive styling. 


One-piece welded design

It makes the installation more convenient and easy. Its heavy-duty design will provide your rear-end optimum safety.

What I Dislike

It doesn’t bolt in certain truck models

It installs on a Toyota OEM trailer hitch. So if you have an aftermarket trailer hitch, it will disappoint because there will be no way to bolt this bumper.


Bolts and connectors issues

Make sure you check bolts and screws before purchasing. Make sure it’s the right size and length. It will frustrate you if all these connectors don’t fit, and you have to buy extras. 

Who Should Buy?

It’s ideal for truck owners looking for an easy-to-install rear-end bumper with tough and durable features. Its direct bolt-on feature makes it easy to mount. All you need are basic hand tools. No drilling and cutting are needed. 

14. Vijay Front Bumper











  • Weight – 145.5 pounds
    • Dimensions – 47.6×22.8×14.6 inches
    • Part Warranty – Three-year warranty


    • Fit 15-17 Chevrolet / Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD, Chevrolet 2500:丨2015丨2016丨2017丨, Chevrolet 3500:丨2015丨2016丨2017丨
    • Texture Black
    • Manufactured from 5/32 “steel plate and 2” X0.120 “steel pipe
    • Volume is 47.6X22.8X14.6 (inches)
    • Weight is145.5 pounds
    • Front bumper (with winch seat) +1X144W and 2X20W 
    • 2X18W aluminum alloy light + 2X4.75T D-rings
    • Shackle isolator + a set of screws + Installation instructions

What I Like

Built to last

This front-end armor is a thick low carbon steel and precision tolerance steel pipe with black powder coating. It means it can endure tough roads and resist corrosion.  


Trouble-free installation

It’s easy to mount. With its DIY installation, you can directly fix it with screws. You don’t have to cut or drill. It comes with a three-year warranty too.


Built-in LED lights

It’s aluminum alloy LED lights provide you with extra lighting. It will allow you to have better vision during night driving or in bad weather.


Provides extra traction

It has additional D-rings and washers with a maximum bearing capacity of 9,000 pounds to give you supplementary leverage. 

What I Dislike

Limited to certain truck models

It may disappoint you, but this front bumper only fits 2015 to 2019 Chevrolet Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 models.

Who Should Buy?

If your vehicle is a 2015 to 2019 Chevy Silverado, this easy to mount front-end bumper is ideal for you. It can install directly without drilling and cutting. Its durability is suitable for off-road and rough road driving.  

15. Barricade HD Off-Road Rear Bumper


✅Simple installation

✅Resistant to rust and corrosion

✅Tubular off-road front bumpers

✅Compatible with factory backup sensors

✅Fits all 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models


🚫Tow hook extension bolts are not long enough for bracket

🚫No instructions on how exactly the sensors and the license plate light install


  • Weight – 
  • Dimensions – 208.28×45.72×43.18 cm
  • Part Warranty – 
  • Installation time – Two hours


    • Rear bumper
    • Heavy-duty steel plate and tube construction with high-grade, textured black, powder-coated finish
    • Aggressive tubular styling
    • Matches red rock 4×4’s tubular off-road front bumpers
    • Easy bolt-on installation

What I Like

Strong and commanding appearance

Its aggressive tubular styling has a full-width rear bumper that will give your vehicle a clear-cut, rugged look.  


Heavy-duty craftsmanship

Its plate and tubings are of solid steel construction. Its surface is a textured black powder-coated finish. It means you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. These ensure long-lasting performance. 


Installation is a breeze

It only requires basic garage tools and bumper hardware inclusions.

What I Dislike


You might get disappointed because this rear bumper is tailor-made to fit all 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models. You might need to alter to make this front bumper fit. The good news is, its design to work with models equipped with or without rear-mounted backup sensors.

Who Should Buy?

If you own any 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, you’re in luck because this front bumper is custom-made to fit these models. It’ll be easy and convenient for you to mount this. All you need are a few garage tools. It only takes two hours to mount the bumper and its light wirings.  


Now I have listed the various body armors that you can place on your vehicle.

They all have different purposes, but one thing’s for sure. You’ll be able to provide your vehicle with the protection it deserves.

This not only applies to physical appearance but its performance as well. 

What are you waiting for? You’re already one step closer to achieving a better and safer ride.

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