9 best Car Battery Chargers in 2021

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Having a battery charger is a crucial tool to have. It can mean the difference between being stranded with a dead battery and getting home. 

Choosing the best battery charger is overwhelming with all the different models and brands on the market. 

You can spend all day comparing models and still not be sure which battery charger you’re going to use. 

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. I’ve done the research and want to share what I learned. 

In this post, I will review the 9 best car battery chargers on the market. 

Let’s get started. 

1. NOCO GENIUS10 6V And 12V Battery Charger - Best Overall


✅ Can recharge or maintain some lithium-ion batteries

✅ Can recharge flat batteries down to 1V

✅ Includes supply and repair modes
with charging status indicator

✅ Can maximize energy density

✅ 99% power factor correction for maximum AC power

✅ Dynamic battery tracking
universal 100-240VAC input
includes small cables and battery clamps

✅ 10-amp battery charger
Prevents over and undercharging

✅ Auto memory feature


🚫 Only show non-digital charge status

🚫 Complex instructions

🚫 Charge slowly on some batteries


  • Force Mode
  • 6V And 12V Battery Charger
  • Integrated thermal sensor
  • Built-in desulfation mode
  • Smart diagnostic indicators
  • Auto-repair
  • Provides all-season, all-weather charging for a healthy battery
  • Leave plugged in 24/7 

What I Like

Force mode

This feature allows your battery to charge in a five-minute cycle to bring back battery life quickly. Also, it can charge batteries even at low voltages. Moreover, an improved start-voltage sensor detects drained batteries. It even allows manual charging in as short as 1-volt.


Mounting tools

You can easily mount your charger anywhere. It could be on the garage, workbench, or anywhere using the mounting devices. In this case, you can connect the batteries anytime for easy access and convenience.



Any output voltage from 6 to 12V works well with this battery charger because of its flexibility. That is why it is useful in all kinds of vehicles without considering the model or size. It works with motorcycles, scooters, marine vessel batteries, SUVs, RVs, and trucks.


Smart indicator

This feature can quickly detect the charger’s status. It indicates if it is in reverse polarity, incompatible, or not charging. Thus, it gives you a chance to fix the problem.


Prevents overcharging

It has an integrated thermal sensor that provides more power and better performance. Besides, it contains over or undercharging in specific weather conditions.


Converts energy

This product can convert energy 30,000 times faster than traditional automotive battery chargers. Besides, it has a high-frequency and high-efficiency platform. These help minimize energy consumption. Moreover, it complies with California Energy Commission regulations.

Likewise, this charger can convert DC voltage power supply. It can power up other 12 VDC devices like tire inflators, seat heaters, and many more. Also, you can maintain the vehicle’s on-board computer and electronic settings during battery repair.

What I Dislike

Complex manual

The instruction is quite confusing and difficult to understand. That is why you need to read it several times. Besides, you can watch online videos to understand the process quickly.



You should only use the charger in dry areas because it’s not waterproof. Likewise, the indicator is non-digital. So, you may not see accurate numbers about the charging status.

Who Should Buy?

This charger is useful for people whose battery quickly drains. Besides, it is powerful enough to handle recharging. It also works for the maintenance of any type of battery.

It works for someone who prefers a simple device in the car. Also, it has several materials that are easy to use.

2. Schumacher Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger - Runner Up


✅ Automatically swaps between 6V and 12V as detected

✅ Can charge even while driving
Suction cups included

✅ One button operation

✅ Works with AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries

✅ LED indicators


🚫 Loud cooling fan

🚫 Solar-powered charger

🚫 Not for 24-volt batteries

🚫 Requires access to an electrical outlet for power

🚫 Complex control function


  • Fully automatic
  • With a 15 Amp output
  • Auto-voltage detection
  • Float-mode monitoring
  • Reverse hook-up protection
  • Charges compatible battery types

What I Like

Long-lasting service

This charger can switch battery chargers. It comes with a 15 Amp output and an automated voltage. In this case, it can prolong the battery’s energy for a long time. Besides, it works well with several types of batteries like gel, AGM, or deep-cycle.



The design of this charger is relatively compact and handy. Thus, it is convenient to carry and store in a place that is easy to reach. Likewise, you can control the charger by pushing a button. 



It operates in an automatic setting. Thus, it allows you to select the charge rate for charging and maintaining the car’s battery. Moreover, it has reverse hook-up protection. It means you can still set it even if the clamps are in reversed mode.

What I Dislike

Inaccurate information

Sometimes the indicator fails to give the right information. Even if the battery is at low voltage, it shows 6V, which seems to be 100%.


Long charging

It takes a lot of time to charge, so it is a hassle for busy people. Likewise, it cannot jumpstart with flat batteries. However, others claim that overnight charging is possible.

Who Should Buy?

It fits well with people who often travel. Besides, this device is compact and lightweight. Thus, you can store it in your car and use it in case of an emergency while on the road.

It is useful for those who like DIY repairs in their garage. Moreover, it works with 6V and 12V batteries and can detect their voltage automatically. Thus, it is safe to use.

3. MOTOPOWER 12V 800mA Automatic Battery Charger - Best Budget Option


✅ With shockproof and long-lasting

✅ Recharge automatically

✅ Stainless steel terminals

✅ Plenty of safety features

✅ Meets ETL Safety standard

✅ Works best for vehicles like motorcycles, boats, RV’s, etc.


🚫 Not easy to maintain

🚫 No coating for the clamps

🚫 Low power of 0.8 Amp

🚫 Poor indicator design


  • MCU Controlled Program
  • Spark proof
  • Float-mode monitoring
  • Multi-level Safety
  • Power Saving
  • SAE Quick Release Adapters
  • Automatically detect and resolve battery issues.
  • Reversed Hook-Up Protection

What I Like


You do not need to monitor the charging process because it has an automatic setting. It works as simple as connect, plug, and charge. Thus, it allows you to work on other things. Besides, it comes with a microprocessor-controlled program, which monitors the charging process. It automatically stops when fully charged, so you do not need to worry about overcharging.


Float mode and sulfation

It allows the battery to stay connected and set in float mode. Moreover, automatic sulfation uses pulse current technology. It means the charger optimizes the car’s battery while charging.


Quick-release adapters

You can connect this charger to any battery easily by using the SAE quick release adapters. Also, these adapters are safe to use because there are no short circuits.


LED indicator

You can check the charging process through the LED indicator. Moreover, it comes in a compact size. Thus, you can put it in the tool kit or backpack.

What I Dislike

Lacks power

It might charge slowly on some batteries like large vehicles. However, it works well on standard size batteries of cars.


Slow charging

It only has 0.8 Amp, so charging a 12V will take a long time. Thus, it makes this brand a little weak against multi-stage chargers.



This charger might be the safest to use, but it does not have significant benefits or perks. 

Who Should Buy?

This works with different types of batteries. You can use it to charge motorcycles and automotive batteries. 

If you are looking for a safe and effective charger, this is the best option. It provides a high level of protection for your batteries. Likewise, it offers a quality charging experience.

4. LST Trickle Battery Charger Automatic Maintainer


✅ Simple connection system

✅ Automatic charge-cycler

✅ Works with most types of batteries(SLA, ATV, AGM, GEL, CELL, Lead Acid Batteries)

✅ With 72Hours Safety Feature

✅ Low power consumption


🚫 Instructions are confusing

🚫 Short cord

🚫 No carry case and storage



  • 6-volt and 12-volt batteries
  • Five-stage automatic charging
  • Intuitive LED Indicator
  • Microprocessor-controlled charger
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Water and dust resistant

What I Like

Easy charging

Charging is convenient because it can handle six and 12-volt batteries. Besides, it has an automatic mode, so frequent monitoring is not needed. Thus, you can quickly charge motorcycles, SUVs, lawnmower, or car batteries.



It comes with an LED indicator that gives signals. It even shows accurate information while in maintenance mode. Likewise, it is a microprocessor-controlled charger. It means your battery performs with quality and long-lasting service. Moreover, it can work as a Harley-Davidson battery tender.


Convenient design

This product is easy to carry and transport because it is small in size and lightweight. You can put it in your toolbox or backpack. Moreover, it has five charging modes. It works as an automatic switch from charging mode to float way.  It also has handy options to connect the charger to your vehicle’s batteries easily. Thus, it helps charge efficiently.

What I Dislike

Charging time and clips

It requires patience because it takes a long time to charge. Also, the quality of the alligator clips is not right. Thus, you have to handle them with care.


Confusing instructions

The given manual is challenging to understand and confusing. The symbols in the charger and the illustrations on the manual do not match. In this case, it is challenging to use the device and can cause problems.


Short cord

It comes with a short cord making it inconvenient to use. This situation usually happens if the outlet is a bit far from your battery.

Who Should Buy?

This device is useful to motorcycle owners who have drained batteries. Also, it is a suitable device for those who just want a charger for maintenance.

It is one of the best options for those who are on a tight budget. It comes at an affordable price. Thus, it could be an added device in your toolbox.

5. NOCO GENIUS5, 5-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger - Best Compact Charger


✅ With 5-amp battery charger and maintainer

✅ Plug and play charger

✅ Protection against short-circuit, over-voltage, and reverse polarity

✅ Adjusts charging rate depending on the temperature

✅ Complete set of accessories

✅Works with all kinds of vehicles

✅ Up to 120Ah can be charged


🚫 Limited indicator display

🚫 Not waterproof

🚫 Difficult to switch mode


  • Six selectable charging modes 
  • Force mode 
  • Advanced Battery Diagnostics
  • Automatic temperature control 
  • Built-in Auto Desulfation
  • Wall Mounting Options
  • Redesigned Battery Clamps

What I Like


This charger gives you six different charging modes, making it a versatile device. It allows you to switch battery types to charging mode. Thus, you can change from lead-acid to ion battery even at different voltages.


Clamps and connectors

It comes with battery clamps and eyelet connectors. Besides, they are useful when you need to hook up your charger temporarily or permanently. Likewise, you can mount the charger on the wall, workbench, or engine compartment. Just use the mounting straps.


Automatic functions

Using the device does not need electrical knowledge or skill. It is fully automatic, so just plug and play. Then it will charge by itself. Moreover, it can automatically detect battery sulfation and acid stratification. After that, it restores lost battery performance. So, you’ll have a more potent engine and extended battery use.


Charging cables

It can charge your battery even if it reaches 1V. Besides, it includes a charging cable, so you can quickly set a drained battery. Likewise, it works with lithium batteries. It means you do not need to spend an extra penny buying or upgrading batteries.


Temperature control

You can charge your cells at any degree of temperature without worrying about setting issues. It comes with automatic temperature control. It modifies the charging rate and enhances the unit’s performance.

What I Dislike

Not waterproof

You should only use the device indoors and in dry areas. This device is not waterproof.


Switching repair mode

Others claim that the charger is challenging to switch to in repair mode. It cannot also fully charge. However, all functions are working well. 

Who Should Buy?

It works best on people looking for compact, powerful, and multifunctional power devices. Besides, it has all the features that are suitable for all types of cars.

Likewise, it is useful for those who want a single, high-quality product that functions automatically. Also, it comes in compact yet powerful compared to other brands.

Car owners who often forget to switch the headlights off will find this device useful. Besides, it helps your battery to get back to work.

6. NOCO Genius G26000 Pro-Series Battery Charger - Best for Professional Results


✅ Very versatile and a perfect trickle

✅ Different amperages for various tasks

✅ Charges small, power sports batteries as well as car and truck batteries

✅ Bus compatible


🚫 Stiff sheathing on wiring may crack over time.

🚫 Cables are not flexible

🚫 Pricey


  • Charges lead-acid and lithium-ion types in up to 500 amp-hours
  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries down to two volts.
  • Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection
  • Built-in battery desulfator 
  • Safely monitors battery activity with zero overcharges.
  • Advanced diagnostics indication
  • Progressive repair mode 
  • Power supply for changing or powering 12-volt devices
  • Jumpcharge engine starting for dead batteries
  • Charge 16V AGM and lithium-ion types

What I Like


It’s easy to use. Just plug, and it powers up promptly, providing a simple and reliable power charge.


Good quality construction

It’s popularly known as an ultra-safe and secure piece of kit that owners use with peace of mind.


No overcharging worries

You don’t have to stand by for it to charge fully. It has an advanced charging technology that automatically monitors and sustains your battery. It can also charge two times as fast as ordinary chargers.

What I Dislike

Limited charging

 It doesn’t power up the conventional type of batteries.


Charges small batteries

It’s best for smaller batteries. It may take longer to charge bigger batteries.


Complicated manual instructions

It will take tedious reading to learn how to use it. Its manual is a bit complicated to understand, and you must read it carefully.

Who Should Buy?

It is a perfect tool any vehicle owners can keep in their compartment. It can be used as an emergency tool when the inevitable loss of battery power happens. It’s also suitable for most 12V and 24V battery capacities so that you can use it for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Cars, RVs, boats, and trucks.

7. BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic Battery Charger/Maintainer - Easiest To Use


✅ Easy connection through battery clips, O-ring terminals, or DC plug

✅ Automatically stops charging when full

✅ Suitable for many vehicle types

✅ Its small, rugged build and compact size make it easy to carry

✅ The maintainer has a wide range of connection options.


🚫 Poor instruction manual

🚫 Short cables make setting up awkward

🚫 Poor quality LED lights

🚫 Only 1.5 Amps of power

🚫 It’s slow if you’re looking for a quick charge


  • Keeps 6V & 12V battery systems at optimal capacity
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 3 Ways to Connect: Batter clips, 12V DC Accessory Plug & Battery Ring Terminal
  • AC Low voltage compensation 
  • Mounting bracket built-in to the battery charger
  • Built-in circuit protection guards
  • It can charge up to 3 varieties of batteries that include the WET, AGM, and GEL variations

What I Like

Easy to use

It can get easily connected to various kinds of ports with your battery that needs charging. Its DC plugs make an easy link function and a feasible option for multiple batteries.  


Automated preset and fast charging ability

While its high frequency features fast charges, it can switch to a float-mode once it’s full and retain power at an optimal level. It has an integrated circuit that prevents short-circuiting, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging it.


Secure design

It comes with a mounting bracket to keep it in a safe position. It is protected by a special seal to keep it from moisture, dirt, and oil.

What I Dislike

Unclear instruction manual

Suppose you’re a novice user of battery chargers. It will disappoint you as it will give you less information about how to set it up.  


Delicate switch

Be careful handling the power select switch because it’s quite sensitive and can be moved easily by accident. 

Who Should Buy?

The Black andDecker charger is the perfect battery charger for beginners or people with little experience. There are not many controls and the controls that are present and the charger are intuitive and easy to understand. 

Not only are the controls easy it comes with presets and a fast charge mode that makes it even easier to use compared to the competition. 


8. Enhanced Edition Car Battery Charger - Easiest To Use


✅ Simple and straightforward

✅ Nice display

✅ Better back-up capacity of the battery

✅ Compact and lightweight for storage

✅ Useful when charging during a cold weather


🚫 The leads are short

🚫 Not waterproof


  • Smart touch buttons
  • Suitable for more environments
  • High-temperature heat dissipation
  • Extra 5M extension cord for more usage scenarios
  • Multi-function intelligent charging
  • Vehicle one-touch switching
  • Compatible charging
  • Safety protectors
  • Has an upgraded top-quality assurance

What I Like

Smart temperature adjustment

It can regulate the charging current by itself, adapting to the environment’s temperature. It has a cooling fan to provide you cool charging in the summer. It also works efficiently during the cold and wet seasons.


Clear LCD screen

You can easily see power status, charge energy and current, temperature, weather mode, and other functions.


You can control charging current

You can switch its charging current from fast, top-off to slow charge. You can likewise repair and extend the life of your lost battery with its pulse repair function.

What I Dislike

Missing instruction manual

The only problem you will experience with this product is that there is no instruction manual. So be ready to browse the internet for usage instructions.

Who Should Buy?

It is ideal for those who are looking for upbeat and more detailed functions. Its LCD screen can show more details when you’re charging your vehicle’s batteries. 


Battery chargers are an important tool but it doesn’t mean you should spend all day trying to decide which one to buy. 

With this post, you have everything you need to buy the best battery charger for you. 

Now, get out there and get protected. Don’t waste any more time vulnerable to dead batteries. 

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