Best leather conditioners in 2021

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If you have leather seats, clothes, or furniture you know that the comfort, appeal, and smell is unmatched.  

To keep your leather looking fresh and new it requires care. Unfortunately, choosing the best leather cleaner is difficult. 

Your search is over. In this post, I will review the best leather conditioners on the market today. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Balm - Best Overall


✅Works best in materials with holes

✅Protected from sun damages such as cracking

✅Made with natural resources

✅Safe in making your things soft and smooth





✅Satisfaction in service

✅Best for car seat covers

✅With soft pad


🚫Has crude oil

🚫Short life span

🚫It’s for mild cleaning only

🚫Balms can make the leather wet

🚫It blocks the perforated leather


  • All-in-one leather balm
  • With jojoba oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • UV sunscreen
  • Foam applicator pad included

What I Like

With natural elements

Caring any leather product is made easy through Meguiar’s Ultimate Balm. Every ingredient is safe in getting rid of dust, soften, and preserve well. 


Cleanse gently

It removes all forms of filth and will give a better look. Even the dust on those areas thought to be unreachable will be cleaned thoroughly. We can easily see the effect after applying the balm. It is well-conditioned. 



It protects the skin material from any sun damage like color lightening or breaking. Likewise, the UV sunscreen will also improve the leather’s life span. 


Soft pad

Applying the balm is effortless. The pad helps achieve even and balanced usage on all sides. Besides, the cleaning time is less because the sponge helps in spreading evenly. 


Cocoa butter and oil

The product’s ingredient comes with rich oil and other elements. They condition the material well, resulting in a more pleasing style. Likewise, cocoa butter and jojoba oil make the surface glossy and new. It has a significant effect that makes the leather subtle and polished.

What I Dislike

Petroleum distillate

The natural oil of the leather dries slowly, making it break because of the petroleum distillate present in the product. Also, it does not smell like the same element.



It often requires wiping. This leather balm was designed for couches, car interiors, and many more; these are things that get used a lot. Thus, the gloss does not last for a long time.  As time goes by, it is not as shiny as you expect.

Who Should Buy?

Loves things made of leather

The components are proven, safe, and useful. Thus, it fits someone who likes products made of skin and wants to preserve its original texture. 


Car Owners 

It is for car owners who want to bring a better look for their car’s leather seats. 

2. Leather Rescue Conditioner and Restorer - Runner Up



✅Has balanced acidity


✅Mild and safe ingredients

✅No visible marks or spots.

✅Smoothens cracks

✅With potent and useful ingredients

✅Conditions every layer

✅Makes glossy and removes dirt easily

✅Easy to use

✅Useful for all leather types in any condition.


✅Extended use of the material


🚫It does not smell good

🚫Causes leather discoloration

🚫Looks greasy in some areas

🚫Impractical bottle design


  • Deeper cleaning actions
  • With two safe pads
  • Natural oils
  • pH-balanced
  • Harmless formula
  • UV-protective coat
  • Works on a variety of leathers

What I Like


The balm is weather-proof. It saves your things from any damage caused by temperature changes and UV radiation. It helps restore the leather’s original style and improves its longevity.



This brand cleans all areas, making it smooth and shiny. Likewise, it serves as protection from any problems like drying or breaking as time goes by. 


Safe elements

The components used are safe on any skin products. It improves the quality of the skin surface and even looks new.



It’s a multi-purpose conditioner. It fits in any skin materials such as fashionable goods, furniture, or car seats. The result is fantastic.



The balm comes with balanced acidity and safe ingredients, leaving your stuff soft, glossy, fragrant, and smooth.


Cleanses thoroughly

It spreads on all sides, cleans deeply, and removes the dirt and dust.

What I Dislike

Not absorbent

Since the product takes time before it gets absorbed, it leaves grease in some areas, making the waiting time longer before we use the leather. Even though it has been applied for a long time, it’s still oily. 



The design of the bottle is difficult to use. The bottle may leak and slide while in use. It’s a waste.

Who Should Buy?

It fits well with people who collect and like to restore leather. It is also useful for those who use skin products for fashion, bruises, home, or car seats. It provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, mold, and weather changes. Besides, it is safe and effective, so you don’t need to worry too much. 

This product is for those looking for a multi-purpose conditioner that would leave a soft, smooth, and shiny surface. It is very convenient for all types of leather in any condition, so this can be the best leather cleaner for you.

3. Lexol 1015N Leather Conditioner, For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors



✅Made in the USA

✅Trusted by professionals

✅Applicable for old and new leather products.

✅Preserves and increases the life of old leather

✅Deeply cleans the leather and gently cleans dirt and oil

✅Maintains the flexibility of the leather

✅Made from natural ingredients making it safe to use

✅Unscented and not oily



🚫Not applicable for suede, leather gloves, and napped leather

🚫Leather can become sticky if misapplied

🚫Not very shiny for old leather


  • Extends the life of the leather
  • Deep action
  • pH-balanced
  • non-toxic
  • 100% free of chemical solvents
  • Non-oily
  • Odorless

What I Like


This leather conditioner is unscented, which is best in preserving the leather’s natural oil. It helps in making the leather look fresh and new. Likewise, it increases the leather’s lifespan.


Harmless ingredients

What makes Lexol 1015 Leather Condition 16.9 oz user-friendly is its ingredients and mixture used. It comes from natural ingredients, so it does not harm the leather materials. It doesn’t leave the leather oily; instead, it will revive the leather’s crude oil, making it more protected and restored.


User-friendly container

The product container of this is easy to use. Just spray in any leather products that you have like car interiors, handbags, shoes, jackets, and many more. In this case, you can stream directly on the part that needs conditioning. 


Conditions well

The conditioning effect of this product keeps the leather’s durability and suppleness. It also maintains the leather material, so your leather looks good as new. It is also perfect for a car’s passenger seat.



It contains a pH-balanced cleaner that deeply cleanses dirt, oil, and dust in all leather areas. Likewise, it is suitable for dash and doors. It is safe and effective because it does not contain harmful chemicals such as alcohol, additives, or waxes.

What I Dislike

Less shine

The only disadvantage of this conditioner is its moisturizing effect. Although it conditions the leather nicely, making it soft and smooth, it does not leave enough glossiness, especially for old leather.

Who Should Buy?

It is best for first-time users looking for conditioners with simple, user-friendly, and convenient use.  

The product works best for those on a low budget and wants a conditioner that works for most products. Likewise, it is for those who are looking for products made from natural ingredients. Thus, it does not harm the leather but preserves and protects.

4. Chamberlains Leather Milk Conditioner and Cleaner


✅Improves the leather’s interior materials

✅Made from natural ingredients and balanced acidity

✅Contains a mixture of a secure and robust formula

✅Not oily

✅Sustains the natural glow of the leather

✅Softness and durability can last for years

✅Tried and tested on all kinds of leather


✅Applied easily

✅Environmental-friendly applicator pad


🚫Leaves visible stains or mark, especially for dark leather


🚫Cleans only mild dirt

🚫Causes discoloration on light-colored leather

🚫Not applicable for leather made of dry skin.

🚫Depletes fast

🚫Unimpressive applicator design


  • Deeply conditions
  •  Includes applicator sponge
  •  Organic and natural ingredients
  •  Nourishing effect
  • User and environment friendly
  • pH-balanced
  • Can be used on various leather types        

What I Like

Great moisturizer

The conditioning formula is perfect for rejuvenating and nourishing leather products. It helps in bringing back the leather’s new look. That is why it is best for furniture, car seats, and many more.



The conditioner does not contain harmful ingredients, so it leaves the leather soft and smooth. It works for most types of leather, so it is easy to use.


Finest ingredients

It deeply moisturizes the leather product and refreshes it because it comes from the best and natural products.


Well-developed formula

It is made and developed in the USA. Also, the product is formulated to protect the leather from fading, breaking, and drying. Besides, the conditioner revitalizes, nourishes, and strengthens the leather’s color and fiber. Likewise, it smells good while applying, but the leather’s natural scent remains.


Restores color

It gently restores the shiny appearance of the leather. Also, it brings back the natural color of the skin elements, leaving it brighter and fresher.



The acidity of the ingredients is well-balanced, so it does not harm the skin’s surface. Thus, it leaves the user worry-free from possible damages.



It’s easy to spread and absorb. Moreover, it has organic oils that make the skin surface absorb the balm quickly.



If you are into animal prints and want to revive its natural beauty and tone, this brand works perfectly for you. It works in any materials made of skin. It is also ideal for treating skin product issues on your leather apparel, car seats, sofa, and many more.

What I Dislike

Only use the right amount

Only apply the right amount of conditioner to avoid discoloration and tone changes. You’ll also need to have some basic knowledge of the material.


Applicator pad’s design

The applicator pad quickly absorbs the dye from the leather, and it turns to dark yellow color. It needs more improvement to make it more convenient to use.



Although it removes stain effectively, light-colored leather may fade but not for dark-colored leather. So this product is used with limitations.

Who Should Buy?

It is best for those who want to hydrate and fix imperfections and other leather issues. Moreover, it works for those who have old leather stuff and love to restore their original style.

Likewise, it is useful for those who are into quality and does not care much about the cost. Besides, it is a two-in-one product because it polishes and cleans thoroughly. Thus, people who own expensive skin products will be satisfied with the outcome after applying it. 

5. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


✅Convenient to use

✅Not greasy


✅No residues

✅Pleasant smell. Fragrant

✅Restores old leather

✅2-in one formula



🚫Not suitable on suede, nubuck, or any unfinished leather

🚫The nozzle sprays widely.

🚫Leaves a white residue on dark colors

🚫Cannot clean heavy stains

🚫Darkens light-colored leather


  • Natural oils
  • Multi-action formula
  • UVX-15 sunscreen 
  • Non-toxic
  • Trigger spray bottle
  • Versatile

What I Like

Multi-action formula

A single spray works in many ways. It cleans, moisturizes, and protects the skin product from damages. Also, it comes with six organic oils that give an extreme conditioning effect. It restores the skin’s natural color, glossiness, and revitalization. Moreover, the oil helps in wiping-off dirt, dust, grime, oil, and other residues on the surface.

Likewise, the UVX-15 element protects the skin material from any sun damages like cracking, fading, drying, and many more. Finally, it can resist water and moisture that also cause damage to the leather’s surface.



This brand works in all kinds of skin products, colors, and texture. You can use it on dyed, pebbled, bonded, distresses, and other fashionable products. Likewise, it cleans and conditions car seats, luggage, briefcase, handbags, and other personal items made of skin materials.


Safe and non-toxic

The components of this product are safe for regular use. It contains organic oils that are safe for humans and the environment. Thus, it is safe to use on leather often used like indoor furniture, car seats, and many more.  Besides, you have to use it at least once or twice a month to maintain the leather’s look and better protection.


Easy to use

The application of this cleaner is relatively easy. You can spray it directly on the surface and wipe it. Others prefer to spray on a towel or any cloth before applying onto the leather. It depends on you.

What I Dislike

Unfinished leather

Using it in unfinished leather may cause more problems like sticking or the surface. Also, it may destroy the skin’s texture, body, and color. 



The bottle’s nozzle has a wide spray pattern, making it challenging to get the right amount. Likewise, the spray may reach other things near the leather. 


White residue

Another downside of this brand is the white residue left after application. It is quite visible on dark-colored surfaces like black or dark cherry. Besides, the residue looks like accumulated dust, which is not acceptable to see.


Not for tough stains

It cleans and moisturizes on regular use, but it is not as useful on tough stains.

Who Should Buy?

It is useful for those who have leather upholstery and apparel at home.

Also, it fits well with people who often use skin materials for outdoor activities. The UV protection is adequate on saddles, work boots, equestrian equipment, belts, and other leather products. It provides excellent protection against sun damage.

6. Meguiar's G18616 Gold Class Leather Conditioner


✅Easy to apply

✅No residues

✅Cleans thoroughly

✅Improves leather quality

✅Works quickly


✅Available in most stores




🚫A bit greasy and sticky

🚫Leaves patina on some types of leather.

🚫Strong smell


  • Aloe and moisturizing oil combination
  • UV protection
  • Trigger spray
  • Premium leather conditioner
  • Moisturizes and protects

What I Like

Cleans, conditions, and protects leather

All the elements found in this conditioner  provide a complete cleaning and moisturizing effect. It has organic oil and aloe that keep the natural texture and style of the skin. Likewise, the oils replenish the oil of the skin material that vanished over time. 


Stronger leather

The aloe makes leather upholstery flexible, glossy, and sturdy. Moreover, it comes with UV protection that helps prevent premature aging, breaking, flaking, and fading. Most importantly, it gently wipes all unwanted grime, dirt, and dust build-up without leaving residues. 


Easy to use

The design of the bottle is used through spraying. You can spray it straight and wipe on the leather’s surface. Some people prefer to spray first on a towel or cloth and clean gently on the surface that needs cleaning. 



This conditioner is safe and non-toxic. The ingredients used in this product are all-natural, so it maintains the leather’s genuine material. Besides, you can even apply on perforated leather seats, making it look much better. Also, it works best in car seats, briefcase, luggage, and many more.

What I Dislike

Oily feel

The drying period is longer than other brands. Thus, after applying the conditioner, you can feel a greasy or sticky surface. As a result, while waiting to dry, dust and dirt may accumulate again. It is visible for dark-colored leather.


Strong smell

You may find the smell irritating because of its strong odor. It may even stay for a long time, mostly when used on furniture indoors. Likewise, the scent affects other clothing when you wear a leather product. In the end, the smell leaves an uncomfortable feeling.

Who Should Buy?

This brand is useful for those who want an affordable cleaner and conditioner. Likewise, it will leave a pleasing effect on the leather surfaces like clean, protect, and restore the leather’s surface. 

It works best on people who own a variety of leather products. It includes leather clothing, belt, saddlebags, and many more. It is also effective on car seats and leather upholstery because it leaves a glossy, smooth, and refreshed.

7. Leather Care, Conditioner, UV Protectant, Aircraft Grade Leather Care


✅High-grade quality conditioner

✅Preserve, protects, and conditions vinyl and leather

✅Easy to apply





🚫Not effective on suede or rough skin materials

🚫Extremely thin and watery

🚫Has vital ingredients that harm some leather materials

🚫Has a slippery and shiny effect


  • Aircraft-grade
  • Non-hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use
  • UV protective coating
  • Available in 16, 32, and a 64-ounce trigger spray bottle 

What I Like

Aircraft-grade leather conditioner 

The quality meets the standard set by Boeing aircraft Specification D6-17487T. It means it can handle all leather issues used for fashion, at home, or automotive interior. Besides, it leaves your leather surface protected from any weather conditions.


Easy to use 

This product comes with a well-designed spray bottle. Just spray on the leather’s surface and gently wipe from side to side. Likewise, you can use it on vinyl, and the result will satisfy you.



The components are safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  Besides, it is friendly to the environment, so it is safe on leather products at home. 


Protects and conditions 

It has UV protection ingredients that help prevent sun damage.  Thus, it protects your leather surface from fading, scrapes, premature aging, and many more. Besides, it leaves the body smooth, clean, and rejuvenated.


Pleasant scent

The best thing about this brand is the smell. It leaves a fragrant odor on the leather’s surface that lasts for a long time. Thus, it is best to use car interiors and other leather products inside the house.

What I Dislike


The leather feels slippery and shiny, which is a bit uncomfortable. 



The composition of the cleaner is thin and watery. After applying, it leaves a white film on the leather’s surface.


Strong elements

Since the product is an aircraft-grade, it requires specific elements. It means it might be too intense for some skin materials. Besides, it may damage the surface. Thus, you need to do spot testing.

Who Should Buy?

It is best for those who want to achieve an extreme cleaning and conditioning effect. But at the same time, it protects the skin’s material.

Also, people who own boats, RVs, and aircraft will find this product useful. Since it is an aircraft-quality, the leather stays protected from any damages caused by weather conditions.

People working outdoors can also like this brand. It can protect their tools and protective gear from humidity, dust, moisture, and dirt.

8. Chemical Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in One


✅For all types of leather

✅Can be used on vinyl

✅Easy to use formula

✅Not greasy and dries quickly

✅Potent protection formula against moisture and dirt

✅UV protection


✅Moisturizes, restores, and rejuvenates


🚫Can’t reach dirt on the deep surface

🚫Leaves a shiny finish if applied too much

🚫Leaves white residue on dark leather

🚫Can’t clean leather stitches


  • Vitamin E and aloe enriched
  • Lanolin-based cream and natural propolis
  • Leather cleaner and conditioner in one
  • pH balanced
  • Maintains natural leather scent
  • Protects against bacteria, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Natural oils
  • Scuff protection

What I Like

Cleaner and conditioner all in one

It is an all in one product. It cleans, restores, and improves the quality of all types of leather and vinyl. Also, the acidity is balanced enough to make the skin surface look fresh and new. Likewise, it protects and preserves perforated leather leaving it refreshed with a natural scent. It will even have a soft and supple texture because of vitamin E and aloe effect.


Long-lasting protection

All components of this product leave long-lasting protection on the skin materials. It has a rich lanolin-based cream with propolis that shields chemicals, molds, and bacteria. Likewise, the propolis works as a water repellent, so the leather remains flexible and strong. It also nourishes and moisturizes to avoid cracking and hardening, especially for aging upholstery.

The sunscreen gives strong protection against harmful UV rays on the leather’s surface. In this case, the leather still feels fresh and looks better.


Maintains deep shine

This brand cleans effectively, but it keeps the leather soft and glossy. It has a balanced formula that deeply penetrates the pores of the leather. As a result, it replenishes the lost oil in the leather making it well conditioned and shiny. Also, it preserves the skin’s natural scent.



The components found in this cleaner are all-natural. That is why it is safe to use on all kinds of skin materials and surfaces. You can use it at home, in the office, car, or any leather products that need maintenance.


Easy to use

It comes in a spray bottle design, which makes it easy to use. Besides, the spray pattern is not messy, so that you can apply it directly on the surface. You can also spray on a cloth before wiping on the skin.

What I Dislike

Not for inserted dirt

This product may have difficulty wiping off inserted dirt and dust on some surface. Likewise, it does not clean leather stitches effectively. 


Shiny finish

Applying the cleaner without control may leave a white streak and shiny finish, especially on dark leather. Thus, only use the right amount. 



The coating may leave a sticky feeling on a more dense surface.

Who Should Buy?

Car owners who want to achieve a unique deep shine on the car’s interior will like this brand.

It is also the best option for homeowners because it is harmless and environmentally friendly. Besides, it protects the leather material from pets and rough leather treatment.

Likewise, it is best for people who want to restore old skin products and have long-lasting protection.

9. Armor All Car Leather Conditioner Gel


✅Simple to apply

✅Restores leather’s texture

✅Prevents spills and stains

✅Cleans dirt and stains


✅Gentle on leather

✅Gel type

✅Trusted and reliable


🚫Does not work on suede, buckskin, unfinished leather, or fabric

🚫Has a strong odor

🚫Thin composition

🚫Not for motorcycle seats


  • Leather conditioner gel
  • Powerful blocking agents
  • Advanced leather formula

What I Like

Cleans, conditions, and protects leather

The formula profoundly penetrates skin surfaces to ensure thorough cleaning. It also restores the leather’s natural appearance leaving it robust and flexible. Moreover, it has UV protection against sun damages, humidity, and other weather conditions.  Likewise, it has a full blocking agent that can resist water, moisture, and challenging stains. It cleans and conditions the skin leaving a revitalized, nourished, glossy, and free from dirt.


Easy to apply and use

It comes in an easy squeeze bottle with an applicator. It is a gel type of conditioner, so just apply directly on the surface and spread using the microfiber pad. A little amount of the gel is enough to cover the whole body.

What I Dislike

Strong odor

This product leaves a strong scent that might cause uncomfortable feelings and irritation. Likewise, it wipes off the natural smell of the skin material.



The composition is thinner than gel. It means you need to be careful when squeezing the bottle. Control the amount you apply to avoid wasting it. 


Not for motorcycle seats

Although the product is non-greasy, it still feels slippery on the seat. Thus, it is not safe for motorcycle riders.

Who Should Buy?

It is the right choice for car owners who are often on a long trip. The powerful blocking agent protects the leather from temperature changes.

It works best for people who want to preserve and protect the quality and appearance of their leather. Besides, it is easy to apply and versatile to use it in most leather materials.

10. Leather Honey Leather Conditione


✅Non-toxic and can work on all types of leather.

✅A single application lasts for six months.

✅Easy to apply

✅A little bit goes a long way

✅High quality

✅Time-tested formula

✅Non-toxic and non-solvent

✅Has no odor or chemical smell

✅Protects old & new leather

✅Strengthens leather for long-lasting smoothness, softness, and flexibility


🚫Leaves a sticky residue

🚫May darken lighter colored leather

🚫It takes a day or two to take effect


  • One treatment lasts six months.
  • Protects new and rejuvenates old leathers
  • Made in the United States
  • Waterproof
  • It can work on many types of leather
  • Non-toxic time-tested formula
  • Protects new leather and rejuvenates old leather
  • Not for use on suede or faux

What I Like

Conditions leather that lasts a long time

Leather Honey is very economical. Just one application can last you up to six months. 


Restores leather to life

It sits deeply into leather and moisturizes it, giving it the best nourishment it needs. It will give any leather surface a fresh, clean new look all the time. 


Conditioning versatility

It works on any leather surfaces—from car seats and interior to leather jackets, boots, to gloves. It’s excellent for conditioning old dried out leather, and new ones too.


A few drops goes a long way

Just a quarter of a drop on a lint-free dry cloth can effectively infuse on leather surfaces giving it enough moisture and a smooth, clean look. Easy to apply and easy to remove excess.


Weather-proof and liquid resistant

It can protect your leather surfaces all year long. It will make leather surfaces resistant to water, snow, and rain. 


Safe to use

It’s practically non-toxic, non-sticky, and odorless. It has no silicone, solvents, or animal products.

What I Dislike

It can darken leather surfaces

The only difficulty you will experience when using Leather Honey is to darken leather surfaces when you use too much. Be cautious with the amount you put on your cleaning cloth. It’s best to follow instructions.

Who Should Buy?

If you’re looking for a leather conditioner for your car seat, sofa, shoes, saddles, or any leather surfaces in your home that you want to restore, Leather Honey can be an excellent choice. It quickly restores and conditions any time of leather surfaces that can effectively last for long periods.

11. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Care Kit


✅It comes in a complete kit of cleaner and conditioner.

✅It has no strong odor

✅Works well on light-color leather

✅Has pH-balanced formula that’s safe for leather

✅Leaves no residue after cleaning

✅Easy to apply and wipe

✅Penetrates deep into the leather pores

✅Two-part system

✅The cleaner and conditioner can come in individual bottles.

✅Fast spray and squeeze application

✅The result glistens but won’t appear artificial


🚫Can damage non-leather car parts

🚫Not specialized for all types of leather

🚫Re-application is likely after one or two weeks; shine doesn’t last long.

🚫Denser surfaces will feel stickier to the touch after application.


  • Complete kit to clean and condition leather
  • Easily wipe away contaminants without harming the leather.
  • pH balanced for the most efficient cleaning.
  • Preserves the leather’s strength, durability, and appearance
  • Penetrates the leather to lift dirt and oils.
  • Leaves no remain like soaps and will not contribute to fiber deterioration.

What I Like

It deeply cleans

Chemical Guy can easily wash out dirt and oils on leather surfaces. It gives a deep cleaning action that restores leather surfaces. 


Easy to use

Just spray the cleaner on leather to clean its surface. Let it dry. Then apply the leather conditioner to moisturize and protect the leather surface. Just a few amounts can go a long way.


No strong odor

It’s colorless and has a pleasant subtle smell. It will leave no pungent or intoxicating odor that makes it favorable to use.


The right amount of pH balance

It delivers the most effective and efficient solution for cleaning leather surfaces. It can work well on light-colored leather, absorbs and dries quickly, leaving you a matte feel onto its surface. It will preserve the original texture and appearance of your leather, making it strong and look good.


No sticky after-feel

It’s made with three natural homemade recipes leaving you with no sticky or gooey after-feel.


It can last a long way

It’s economical to use. A few amounts of these two-bottle sets can clean a wide area of surfaces. You can buy them separately. But for best results, both bottles can better clean and condition leather.

What I Dislike

Re-application needed

You may face a few setbacks when you use Chemical Guy. For one, it doesn’t last long, so you need to re-apply.


Unnatural shine

Using much of the conditioner may leave leather surfaces an unnatural shine. So better be careful to put just the right amount. It may also leave light-color streaks when used in dark leather.

Who Should Buy?

Chemical Guy is an ideal leather conditioner that can be used by those who need to bring back their leather seat’s gloss. This product can treat, moisturize, and spruce up leather surfaces effectively. 

12. Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner


✅Cleans, conditions, and preserves leather items

✅Simple application

✅Made in the USA

✅Gives the original shine to your old leather

✅Works on most of the leather surfaces

✅Tested and approved

✅The one-step application makes it fast and easy to use.

✅It’s wax-free, so it can deep condition.

✅It’s versatile

✅Gives pliant and supple results



🚫The lightweight formula may require an extra coat.

🚫Has a slight chemical smell

🚫Doesn’t remove scuffs

🚫Poor water resistance

🚫Doesn’t go deep into the leather

🚫Material quality could be better.

🚫It gets dirty, very fast.


  • Extends the life of the leather
  • The simple one-step application process
  • Does not leave any traces of sticky residues
  • Its formulation has undergone a rigorous amount of testing.
  • It extends the life of your leather products.
  • Brings out the original shine
  • Works great on the versatile number of leather textures.

What I Like

It will not darken leather 

Bickmore Bick can restore old worn leather into its stunning finish. It will bring back leather surfaces to the same original shade.  



It will keep leather surfaces remain smooth and soft. It assures leather pores will not seal up, keeping it smooth without acting on its breathability.


Easy to use

It’s an all-in-one complete leather care in a bottle. Just put a little amount on a cloth, then apply to any leather surface. It doesn’t leave you with any sticky and gummy feel.


Quality you can trust

Established in 1882, Bickmore Brick is a name that has been producing high-quality leather cleaning products trusted for generations. 


Non-toxic, non-chemical based

It is lanolin, and so it’s safe to use with your bare hands. It will not only leave your leather a nice sheen but can leave your skin feeling smoother as well.

What I Dislike

Use it on approved materials

You should just be careful not to use it on suede, roughout, distressed, napped, or pre-treated leathers. It can ruin all these surfaces. 


No shine

Since it’s lanolin-based and has no wax or whatsoever, it will leave leather surfaces deeply clean. But don’t expect it to shine.


Apply twice for better results

Leather can soak up the conditioner on the first application. The second can give it a better finish.

Who Should Buy?

Bickmore Bick is ideal for leather connoisseurs who make sure their leathers are frequently clean and well-maintained. 

It is also an excellent choice for vehicle owners with leather seat covers. It’s a handy conditioner that can quickly spruce up your car seat and vehicle interior.

13. Chamberlain's Leather Milk


✅Gets rid of stubborn stains

✅Smells great

✅It provides a two-in-one cleaning and conditioning solution.

✅All-natural and chemical-free are making it eco-friendly.

✅Darkens the scratch, allowing it to blend in well

✅A little goes a long way

✅Cosmetic grade

✅Acts as a healing balm


🚫It only gives a temporary shine.

🚫Dries out 24 hrs

🚫Shine/luster doesn’t last

🚫Not recommended for frequent use

🚫Solution revamps the color in some leather types.

🚫Oily consistency

🚫Can leave a sticky after-feel


  • Heals and restores cracked and dry leather.
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a premium Scrubbing absorption sponge
  • Deeply conditions
  • Extraordinary quality made in the USA
  • Cosmetic-grade

What I Like

A non-toxic leather conditioner

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk has all-natural ingredients that include coconut oil, vital oils and waxes, and cosmetic-grade elements. It’s safe to use and nourishes leather surfaces back to a new shine. 



You can use it on any leather surfaces—leather car seats, furniture, leather jackets, shoes, and more. It replenishes your leather, making it look brand new. 


Comes with an applicator sponge

You won’t need a wiping cloth. The sponge can make applications much more manageable and convenient. It’s high-quality so that you can use it until the conditioner’s last drop.

What I Dislike

It will not erase scratches

Don’t get disappointed if Chamberlain won’t remove your leather scratches. It’s a conditioner. It may remove certain blemishes, but it’s not a scratch remover.


It doesn’t work on all types of leather

There are certain leather materials that it cannot penetrate. It isn’t for all types. 

Who Should Buy?

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is excellent for conditioning leather surfaces like car seats, saddlebacks, shoes, furniture, and more. This ultra-moisturizing milk can revive old, dried-out leather making them look brand new. 

14. Lexol Conditioner Cleaner Kit


✅Comes with two applicator sponges

✅Easy to use

✅Easy-application dispensing cap bottles

✅No chemical scent

✅Enhance leather’s longevity

✅Useful for multi-surface


✅Protect seats from extreme heat and cold weather

✅The solution is free from silicone, wax, and oil


🚫Has a strong smell

🚫It’s a simple kit and doesn’t include conditions and clean other leather products.

🚫It can be harmful to suede, napped leather, and glove leather.

🚫Maydiscolor some leather.

🚫The solution can cause foul odors.


  • Quickly cleans and conditions the leather to renew its appearance and prolong softness with its regimen kit.
  • Kit contains 16.9 oz. Bottle of All Leather Deep Cleaner, a 16.9 oz bottle of All Leather Deep Conditioner, and two Premium Applicator Sponges
  • The conditioner contains fine oil droplets that nourish, restore flexibility, and protect leather against cracking without leaving an oily residue.
  • Easy-to-use cap dispenses the exact amount of product for car interior, leather furniture, briefcases, shoes, jackets, baseball gloves, and softball gloves.
  • Non-toxic cleans and conditions trusted since 1933
  • No alcohol, No wax, Balanced pH formulation, and No additives
  • Suitable for vinyl and leather alike

What I Like


Lexol Leather Conditioner works on different kinds of leather. It preserves and protects car seat covers, furniture, bags, shoes, and more.


Powerful formula

It can prevent cracks and premature aging. With just a few applications, it will make leather surfaces soft, flexible, and durable. It can deeply nourish and condition even old, worn-out leather, making it look cured and shiny. 



It can also cover broad areas with a few drops.


Spreads and absorbs easily

It has a thin consistency for easy application. It will leave a nice moisturized matte finish on your leather.

What I Dislike

Drying time

The snag about Lexol is that you need some time to let it dry. It has no silicone component, so that drying may take a while.


Strong odor

Be sure to keep your nose away when you’re using this conditioner because it can be a bit pungent that can linger. However, it wears off over time. 

Who Should Buy?

Lexol Leather Conditioner is a perfect conditioner for many types of leather surfaces. It’s a product that can be a good staple in the house, especially if you have many leather types. It’s a versatile leather conditioner that you can use on your car leather interiors, saddlebacks, furniture, bags, footwear, and other leather goods.


The point is, there are quite several leather conditioner brands out there in the market today.

It can be hard to choose because there are lots to consider.

Some brands may affect the natural color and texture of your leather. Others may have chemicals present in it. And a few will just clean leathers and not conditioning it.

So you must understand each brand. Study, browse and ask around for you to know more about it. Then choosing the brand that will suit your needs will be easier for you.

And lastly, to keep your leather seat well-maintained, a good conditioner won’t be enough. Direct heat and sunlight is a significant factor that causes leather to fade, crack, and dry. So it’s good to keep your car in a well-shaded place. 

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