The Best Low Profile Floor Jacks

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Lifting your car is a dangerous task. Whether you are on the side of the road repairing a flat tire or in your garage, changing your oil, a high-quality low-profile jack is crucial.

It keeps you safe and your care safe from any harm or damage. 

But, choosing the best low profile jack is no easy task. There are countless brands and models that make choosing difficult and confusing. 

Don’t worry, your search is over. 

In this post, I have reviewed the 10 best low profile jacks on the market today. 

With this information, you should be able to decide which low profile jack is best for you. 

Let’s get started.

1. Daytona 3 ton low profile professional rapid pump

daytona low profile jack


✅Has a low-profile build

✅Relatively fast floor jack

✅Ideal for low-profile vehicles, trucks, and SUVs

✅Adapts quickly to lift accessories

✅Lifts vehicles just about two feet off the ground

✅Lifts most workloads in only 3-1/2 pumps

✅Runs on two pumps

✅Sleek exterior finish

✅Classic look

✅Three-year warranty

✅Reliable pump system

✅Reliable weight lifting range from 3 1/4 inches to 20 inches



🚫Leaking oil from the jack

🚫It makes a squeaky noise

🚫Adjusting the finicky valve is hard.


  • 3-1/4 in. to 20 in. lift height
  • Up to three tons of lift capacity
  • Dual-piston hydraulic system
  • 100% precision-welded steel construction
  • High-strength
  • rust-resistant hardware
  • Ball-bearing premium rear swivel casters 
  • Rotating, removable jack saddle
  • Professional quality modern design
  • Industrial strength powder coat finish

What I Like

It works in small spaces

You don’t need full-length handles to lift your car in the small space of your garage. It has a low profile clearance, making it perfect for any eight-inch clearance vehicles.


It’s heavy-duty

No matter what the size your vehicle is, it can lift a heavy load. Daytona Floor Jack has a built-in hydraulic system that promises weight lifting power and pumps life. It even allows you to lift as high as 12 inches.


Easy maintenance

It’s not hard to maintain a Daytona Floor Jack. Its fittings are accessible for you to grease the lift arm pivots, handle socket, and front wheels to keep it running smoothly.


It looks flashy

You don’t have to be rattled by your car jack’s looks. Daytona Floor Jack exceeds its counterparts when it comes to its finish. Its bright orange powder coat gives a classic sporty look. 

What I Dislike

It’s big and heavy

What might disappoint you with the Daytona Floor Jack is that it’s quite big and bulky. It weighs almost 100lbs. So you got to be brawny to manage to lift it. It also needs a bigger space for storing. 


Adjustment issues

Twisting it open or close is quite an effort. You have to be at a certain point to rotate the valve. You also have to spin the handle long to make it work.

Who Should Buy?

Daytona Floor Jock is ideal for heavy lifting. Its range is precise and sustainable to lift even trucks. So if you need heavy duty jacks with a low-profile design, substantial lifting power, and offer affordable packages, this can be the right choice.

2. Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack


✅Very durable

✅Super slim

✅Industrial grade steel

✅Three-ton weight capacity

✅Suitable for both low-profile and high-rise vehicles

✅Lifts 2.875″ to 19.75″

✅Dual-parallel pump system that lifts with fewer pumps

✅Has jack controls for lowering vehicle/weight

✅Easy to maneuver and transport

✅Rust resistant

✅Offers maximum support in any position

✅Wide casters on the floor for better stability


✅Includes foam bumper pad

✅Budget-friendly price


🚫Lower jack height

🚫May require maintenance


🚫Potential for hydraulic fluid to leak

🚫Has a very noisy operation

🚫Not suitable for beginners


  • Super-tough precision welded construction with an industrial-grade finish
  • Industrial quality
  • Rapid Pump® exclusive dual parallel pump system
  • Universal joint
  • Extra-wide steel casters
  • Low profile
  • Foam bumper pad included

What I Like


You will never doubt how strong Pittsburgh Floor Jack is. It can lift as much as 3 tons. With its lifting ability, it can meet the requirements of most vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and trucks.  Its super-tough extra-wide steel caster makes this floor jack super.


It can reach a tall height

Going under your vehicle will be easier because it lifts heights quickly with a few pumps. It can reach a lift point up to 19.75 inches high, making it perfect for you to slide quicker under large vehicles. It’s useful for other equipment, too.


Stability on any grounds

It can stand firm and secure on any firm surfaces like asphalt, floor tiles, or cement. It’s wide front steel wheels and foam bumper pads can balance on any solid floor surface, making it safe for you to go under lifted vehicles.

What I Dislike

Leaking cylinders

One letdown of the Pittsburgh Floor Jack is its leaking hydraulic cylinders. If this happens, it may cause your vehicle to drop when lifted. These only occur on rare occasions. If it does happen, you can place the jack stands under your vehicle.

Who Should Buy?

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, heavy-lifting floor jack that can lift any type of vehicle, Pittsburgh Floor Jack is the one that might suit you. It’s also ideal for mechanics and automotive workshops as it is for heavy-duty use.

3. Liftmaster 3-Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Quick Lift


✅Quicker lifting action

✅Reasonable price to performance ratio

✅Rub pad reduces frictions and avoids damage to your vehicle

✅Integrated wheels for maneuvering in and around the garage

✅Padded saddle prevents slipping when lifting

✅Comfortable foam coated handle

✅Quality built to last

✅Two-piece steel handle for maximum perfection

✅Low-profile design makes the storage simple

✅Dual pump system lifts the vehicle with less effort

✅Heavy-duty and easy to use

✅Ultra-low profile jack

✅90-day warranty


🚫Cannot be used for heavy-duty lifting

🚫No handles on the side

🚫Relatively heavier model

🚫Few quality control issues

🚫Not hardened steel

🚫Handle must be screwed tight to keep from leaking air.


  • 3″ Ultra Low Profile fits
  • 20″ High Lifts
  • Dual pump system
  • Two-piece knurled steel
  • Strengthened rubber pad

What I Like

More headroom 

Going under your vehicle for repairs will not be a hassle. Liftmaster Floor Jack has a low-entry point and can lift to a maximum of 20 inches to give you more room to slide under vehicles swiftly.


Lightweight and portable

Carrying or moving it is not a heavy burden. It’s light so you can lift it easily. It has two heavy-duty wheels with swiveling casters so you can maneuver it in any directions swiftly and efficiently. 



You may think it’s lightweight, but it’s tough and robust. It’s solid steel making it durable and strong even when used multiple times a day. 


Pumps  well

You won’t exert a lot of effort to pump and lift a vehicle. Liftmaster has a dual pump system that makes you lift fast without causing you too much stress and energy. 

What I Dislike

Too much effort

What makes it hard to use Liftmaster Floor Jack is screwing the handle very tight to keep the air from leaking out. If it does, the lifted vehicle may start to fall slowly. 


It’s just a lightweight champion

Another letdown is that you can use it on light to medium weighed vehicles only. It’s not built for heavy trucks and can’t carry heavy, heavy loads. 

Who Should Buy?

If you need a jack lift that you can bring anywhere when you drive, Liftmaster can be a handy car jack for you. It’s lightweight and portable, but it can lift your car in no time. 

4. Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum 3 Ton Jack Pack


✅ Comes with two high-quality, height-adjustable jack stands

✅Lightweight and portable

✅Rust resistant

✅Provide added strength and chassis torsion control

✅Maximum height of 19.3 inches

✅Does not require batteries

✅Easy to use

✅Requires just seven pumps to reach its full height


✅Provides quick and easy positioning and maneuvering

✅Foam handle for additional grip and vehicle protection


🚫Jack lifts only –use stands for support


🚫Not suited for high profile

🚫The pump handle is a little shaky.


  • Three-ton aluminum jack and pair of three-ton aluminum jack stands
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Rapid rise technology 
  • Side-mounted handles
  • Thick frame side plates
  • reinforced lift arm
  • Wiper seals protect the hydraulic system 
  • Overload and bypass safety valves 
  • Ball-bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide track front wheels 
  • Two-piece handle for storage

What I Like

Dependable durability

You can trust Sunex Floor Jack when it comes to strength. Its aircraft-grade aluminum material can guarantee that it can lift heavy loads and promises a long time of usage.   



Its aluminum steel makes it easy for you to carry anywhere. You can steer and maneuver easily under vehicles without any effort. 


Effortless lift

You will not apply too much effort when pumping it to rise. It features a Rapid rise technology that makes it easier to rise and reach maximum height in just a few pumps. It’s a big help for you to save time and energy.



It’s so functional you can just use it then store it. Its handles separate into pieces, so finding a place to store won’t be a problem.

What I Dislike

Not for uneven surface storage

It can be frustrating to use or store it on gravel or any uneven surfaces. Being a low floor jack will drag and will not hold its balance making it hard to keep it.

Who Should Buy?

Sunex Floor Jack is ideal for those who need a durable and dependable floor jack at home. It’s easy to use, robust, sturdy, and durable. It can last a long time.

5. JEGS 80077 3-ton professional low-profile aluminum floor jack


✅Excellent model for low-profile vehicles

✅Reinforced arm for more durability

✅Can be rotated through a full 360

✅Easy to maneuver

✅Equipped with a 50″ two-piece handle w/ sleeve

✅Has overload and bypass valves to prevent damage

✅Contoured rubber saddle for good grip

✅Easy to work with

✅It’s lightweight aluminum material

✅With a lifting capacity of 6000 pounds


🚫This floor jack is 32 inches long.

🚫Takes lots of work to reach a maximum height.

🚫It squeaks.

🚫Issues with the saddle falling apart

🚫The front-wheel still needs to be calibrated.

🚫Little to no leaking


  • Aluminum construction
  • Lightweight
  • Saddle rotates 360 degrees
  • Minimum Saddle Height: 3 1/2-in. 
  • Maximum Saddle Height: 19 1/4-in.
  • 50 in. two-piece handle with sleeve 
  • Knurled grip reduces slippage.
  • Dual side handles 
  • Hydraulic Lift: 15 3/4-in.
  • Rubber lift pad 
  • Chassis Length: 26 1/2-in.
  • Chassis Width: 13-in.
  • Seals protect the hydraulic system. 
  • Overload & bypass valves 

What I Like

360° rotation

JEGS Floor Jack is very comfortable to use because it can turn around in any directions. It has a 360° angle rotation that hooks to the vehicle. Its paddle saddle has knuckle grips that will prevent you from slipping.


It’s high, and it’s low

It has a low entry point of 2 ½ inches, so pushing it under low clearance vehicles is not a problem. And with a maximum saddle point of 19 ¼ inches, you can have plenty of room to work.

Easy to maintain

Its aluminum steel material makes this floor jack strong. It is rust and waterproof, so it’s far from corrosion. You don’t need to polish to keep it clean.


Can carry a three-ton weight

It’s incredibly heavy-duty. Its wide track wheels and side handles make it easy to maneuver and set in the right position. It can also give a perfect balance to carry weights up to 3 tons.

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What I Dislike

It’s quite long

The downside of JEGS Floor Jack is its length. It measures about 32 inches long and could be an inconvenience you work under small vehicles. It can be useful for larger vehicles, though. 

Who Should Buy?

Suppose you’re looking for a floor jack that’s easy to store. In that case,  this is a reliable option for its portability and mobility. Just simply keep it in your garage or your workshop without being a disturbance.

6. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack - Best 2 ton overall


✅High-quality steel body

✅Provides accurate control


✅Suitable for low clearance vehicles


✅Has a dual pump

✅Comes with an anti-slip saddle pad

✅Long-lasting and durable


🚫May tend to leak oil

🚫Heavier compared to other jacks

🚫Can only lift up to two tons

🚫Others may find the handles oddly placed


  • Compact design
  • Provides easy and rapid lifting of the vehicle
  • Has a U-joint release system
  • Consists of heavy-duty steel
  • Has a safety valve
  • Comes with a two-piece handle with a bumper pad

What I Like

Dual pump

This allows the jack to raise your vehicle faster and with less effort.


Universal joint release mechanism

This provides precise control of the jack. It also ensures that the jack reaches the desired height depending on the vehicle. 

It has a rubber saddle and a foam bumper for your vehicle’s protection.


High-quality construction

This product consists of high-grade steel and aluminum, making it lightweight yet durable. A part of the jack has a hard rubber padding that helps prevent it from scratching your vehicle.

It also has a glossy black shade that is stain- and chip-resistant.


Easy to install

This product is very easy to assemble, and you can finish it in as fast as five minutes. Everything is already provided.


Compact design

This product is very portable, making it easy to store in limited spaces. It also includes a side handle for easy carrying.


Low profile

This provides easy access for low clearance vehicles.


What I Dislike


The cylinder tends to leak over time. Although you can prevent this from happening. You should make sure that you’re taking proper care of it and that you’re using it in the right way.



This jack is heavier compared to others. You can move it around since it has wheels,so that kind of makes up for its weight

Who Should Buy?

Whether you’re a professional or not, this product would be suitable for you. It is very easy to assemble and has all the hardware that you need.

With its dual pump pistons, it would be perfect for those who own low clearance vehicles.

7. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton Capacity (Best 2 ton overall runner up)


✅Made of high quality materials


✅Easy to use and move around

✅Worth its price

✅Overload protection

✅Long-lasting and durable

✅Comes with wheels and swivel casters

✅Can lift up to two tons

✅Adjustable height

✅Lifting arm powered by hydraulics


🚫Not suitable for SUV-s and trucks

🚫Not flexible

🚫Needs assembly

🚫Hydraulic oil tends to leak

🚫Low lifting capacity

🚫Handle comes separate from the jack

🚫Not for heavy-duty use

🚫Wheels are plastic


  • Low profile, with a lifting range of 3½in to 14in
  • Comes fitted
  • Has an easy-to-grip central handle
  • Comes with a built-in safety valve
  • Consists of heavy-duty steel

What I Like


This product only weighs 30lbs, which allows anyone to handle it with ease. With its size, you can store it inside your car without taking up much space.

It would be very handy, especially if you encounter problems while you’re on the road.



This product consists of heavy-duty steel. It’s also rust-resistant, which allows you to use it even when it rains.


Easy to move around

This product has two big wheels at the front and two small ones at the back. It also comes with a handle so you can move it around with ease.


Safety features

It has a bypass device that prevents it from over-pumping. It also comes with a safety valve to provide overload protection.

What I Dislike

Saddle may create dents

The type of saddle that this product has tends to create dents under your vehicle. Although, you can avoid this by buying rubber attachments to cover the saddle.


Not suitable for large vehicles

Since this product has a low lift capacity, it restricts its highest range to only 14in. This won’t be suitable for trucks or off-road vehicles.

Who Should Buy?

With its lifting range, it is suitable for those who own low clearance vehicles.

This product would also be perfect for those who are on a budget. With its features, you would get more than your money’s worth. Compared to a basic jack, which almost costs the same, this would be the better option.

8. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack


✅Lightweight and durable

✅Made of aluminum

✅Has a lifting capacity of up to three tons

✅Dual plunger

✅Ideal for changing tires

✅Rubber-dotted saddle pad

✅Comes with a safety valve

✅Suitable for any vehicle


✅Takes about only 5½ pumps for full extension

✅Comes with rollers

✅Swivel rear casters allow you to position the jack under the vehicle with ease

✅Two-piece ergonomic handle

✅Suitable for professional use


🚫Not low profile


🚫Casters are fragile and may tend to get stuck over time


  • Swivel comes fitted
  • Comes with four steel casters
  • Has a lifting range of 3½in to 19¼in
  • Has a metallic coating

What I Like

Built-in safety valve

This prevents the jack from lifting a vehicle that weighs more than what it’s designed to. In that way, it helps protect the product from breaking or getting damaged.


Dual plunger

This provides an easier and faster lifting,which helps quicken the entire process.


Strong and durable

This product consists of an industrial-grade aluminum alloy, allowing it to endure rough use and still last for a long time. This is despite the item weighing only 57lbs.


Protective rubber

The lower end of the handle has a rubber protector. You won’t have to worry about it leaving scratches or dents along the way.

What I Dislike

May be difficult to move around

The frame of the product isn’t flexible. There is a chance that not all wheels will touch the ground unless the surface is flat. 

This would make it hard to move around, especially if the one not touching the ground is the swivel wheel.


Not that ideal for low clearance cars

With its 3½in to 19¼in lifting range, it would be more ideal for cars such as sedans, SUVs, and the like.


May be heavier than others

This product may be heavier than the others. Part of the reason is that the location of the handle is towards the end of the jack. It would be easier to carry if it is in the middle to balance out the weight.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be more suitable for those who own large vehicles such as SUV-s. 

It would also be ideal for those who want a jack that can come in handy in case of emergencies. Since it’s lightweight, you can bring it anywhere. 

9. Torin TAM815016L Hydraulic Low Profile Aluminum and Steel Racing Floor Jack


✅Lightweight and durable


✅Comes with a two-piece handle

✅Has a safety valve for overload protection

✅Side handle for easy carrying

✅Easy access for low clearance vehicles


🚫Parts are sold in kits

🚫Jack handle tends to make a rapid turn

🚫Ideal to store indoors


  • Made of durable aluminum and steel
  • Has a dual-piston quick lift pump
  • Lifting range from 3½in to 14⅛in
  • Has a foam bumper on the handle
  • Built-in safety overload system
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

What I Like


This product comes with a rubber padded saddle, which helps protect the vehicle frame. The handle also has a foam bumper to prevent the jack from creating dents.

The built-in safety overload system prevents the jack from going over its capacity.


Dual-piston quick lift pump

This allows the jack to raise the vehicle to the desired height with ease.

What I Dislike

Needs lubrication

You should lubricate all its parts before and after use, especially if you use it outdoors. This helps it stay in good condition.


Contains harmful chemicals

This jack contains chemicals that may have the potential to cause cancer. It may also cause reproductive harm and birth defects.


Needs extreme caution

You should take extra caution when lowering the jack. Otherwise, the release valve may fall very fast, which may cause damage to the jack.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for both general and specialty vehicles. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use anywhere.

Those who own low clearance vehicles would find this very helpful.

10. 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump



✅Lightweight and compact

✅Ideal for professional use

✅Two-piece knurled aluminum handle has a no-slip grip

✅Needs about only 3½ pumps to achieve maximum lift capacity

✅Has a sapphire anodized finish

✅Suitable for low clearance vehicles

✅Dual parallel pump system

✅Easy control and transport


🚫Handle is not that great

🚫Parts aren’t sold separately

🚫Only has a 1.5 ton lifting power

🚫Not suitable for all vehicles

🚫The pad isn’t reliable


  • Consists of aircraft aluminum billet
  • Has a U-joint release system
  • Able to control load descent and overload
  • Has a foam bumper

What I Like


This product consists of a high-strength aircraft aluminum billet. This makes it lightweight yet durable and more mobile compared to a standard steel jack.

It’s also treated with a sapphire anodized finish, which makes it corrosion-resistant. All these help increase their longevity and effectiveness.


Universal joint release mechanism

This allows you to position your vehicle according to your desired height.



Since it only measures 23in x 10in x7in, it’s very easy to store anywhere, even inside your vehicle. 

The handles are also detachable, so they won’t be getting in the way when not in use.


Dual parallel pump system

This provides a fast lifting action despite fully loaded conditions. You can reach its highest lifting height of 14¾in in about 3½ pumps.

What I Dislike

Can only lift up to 1.5 tons

This would be more suitable for small, compact cars. Sedans, SUV-s, and the like will most probably exceed its load capacity.


Not sold separately

If any part gets broken or damaged, you would have to repurchase the entire product. This will cost you more, so it would be best to take proper care of this jack to prevent you from facing this problem.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who own small vehicles. It would also be suitable for those who own sports cars and low clearance vehicles.

Those who are on a budget should also consider this. 


So if you are on the lookout for the best floor jack that you can keep in your garage or workshop, don’t just get the first one that comes. 

There are many things you should consider.

What type of vehicle is it going to be used? Because floor jacks are not the same, they have levels of weight capacity they can lift.

Where are you going to use it? Because floor jacks have different shapes and sizes. Some allow you to work in wide areas like workshops. And some can be comfortably used in small spaces, like your garage. 

Looking at their quality and durability is also a good thing to study and think about. 

So once you made up your mind, then you’re ready to get them.

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