The Best Oil Filter Wrench In 2021

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Removing your oil filter is not always an easy task. When the oil filter is tight or corroded  and oil filter is an essential tool. 

But how do you choose the best oil filter wrench? There are different types, sizes, and styles to choose from that make finding the best wrench difficult. 

Don’t worry, In this post, I will review the 10 best oil filter wrenches for every occasion. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. TEKTON 12 Inch Oil Filter Pliers


✅Available in a larger 16-inch handle option

✅Good for light cars and trucks

✅Bright red handle for easy spotting

✅Perfect for small oil filters

✅Rubber-coated handles


🚫Challenging to use in tight spaces.

🚫It uses the pliers’ principle to operate.

🚫Tends to distort, puncture, or crush filter housings slightly.

🚫The wrench works over metal filters only.



  • Fits filters up to 4-1/2″ in diameter
  • 3-position slip joint
  • Right angle teeth grip 
  • Long 12-inch handles 
  • Soft, comfortable grips 

What I Like

Comfortable to use

Tekton ensures that it will not slip out of position in your hands. It gives a soft and comfortable grip preventing you from not losing its connection to the filter.


Easy to adjust

It has a three-position slip joint design to make you adjust to the filter’s size. It also has a pair of 12-inch handles, making it possible for you to reach deep, tight spaces.


Good filter bite

Its teeth are right-angled to tightly grip in any direction giving it a firm grasp on the greasiest surfaces. 


Wide bite reach

It’s useful to use in passenger vehicles, military trucks, boats, and tractors. Its four-and-a-half inch diameter bite can remove and install filters with big caps. 


Strong and durable

Its commercial steel construction will make you handle filters with high pressure allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

What I Dislike

It can damage the canister

It can be disappointing to use these pliers on plastic made filters because it can puncture and distort it. It’s hard to turn the pliers without crimping that can cause leaks. If you’re going to use this, it’s advisable to remove the filter into pieces or handle it with care.

Who Should Buy?

Tekton is ideal for filters with at least four-and-a-half diameter giving you more room to work. It’s a great solution for installing oil filters without tightening it.

2. Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench


✅Non-corrosive black anodized finish

✅The solid surface doesn’t chip or peel.

✅Perfect fit for 64mm Toyota/Lexus/Scion oil filter caps with 2.5 – 5.7L engines

✅Larger area on the filter housing

✅Designed to reduce chances of plastic oil filter cap damage

✅Multiple drive options of 3/8″ ratchet or a 1-1/16″ socket



🚫Driving ratchet not included

🚫Won’t fit disposable spin-on oil filters

🚫Inner socket prone to stripping

🚫It may not fit caps with larger diameters.


  • 64mm 14 flute wrench
  • forged 6061 T5 aluminum construction
  • black anodized finish
  • 2 Drive Options

What I Like

Bigger cap entry

Motivx has a 64mm 14 flute size that can fit all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion, and any vehicle with a 2 to 5.7L engine that uses Toyota’s type of cartridge system.



It has a polished black anodized finish that can repel rust and corrosion. Its high-quality aluminum body can hold immense pressure and does not get damaged easily, making it strong and lasts longer. 


Different drive options

It can serve as a ⅜ ratchet or a 1-1/16-inch socket, making it fit most sizes.


Perfect fit

It can easily grip the ring on top and tabs below the filter to cover a wider housing area and makes it safe for the cap.

What I Dislike

Can get stuck to the filter cap

It may sometimes disappoint when the wrench gets stuck to the cap. So make sure you won’t twist it too tightly. 


Limited size fit

It may have a 64mm 14 flute size, but it doesn’t work on 1.8 liter or traditional-sized canisters. 

Who Should Buy?

This socket-style wrench is ideal for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion, and any vehicle with a 2 to 5.7-liter engine that uses Toyota’s type of cartridge system. 

3. Car Auto Oil Filter Wrench


✅Suitable in 70mm—120mm diameter

✅It works in tightly confined areas and can be work on PVC or metal pipes, fittings, oil filters, and shafts

✅Adjustable strap belt wrench
400mm belt steel plate length

✅The belt is tyre rubber


🚫Tends to rust easily

🚫Slightly heavy


  • High quality forged steel
  • Adjustable strap belt wrench
  • Anti-slip spiral burrs
  • Raised threads

What I Like

Can hold tight to oily situations

Car Auto is a strap wrench forged in durable steel that can stand to arduous usage. Its adjustable head rubber strap belt can freely move up and down to grasp even in oily situations.



Its tyre rubber strap will provide you with a tough grip that does not easily break, letting you use it for a long time.


Convenient to use

Its spiral burrs make it anti-slip, allowing you comfort when using it.

What I Dislike

Prone to rusting

This tool’s setback is that even though it has some protective rubbers, it doesn’t cover it entirely. Exposed metal can be prone to rust when not stored properly. Make sure you keep it in dry storage always. 

Who Should Buy?

This tool is ideal for industrial or personal use. It can work not just for replacing or installing vehicle filters but can also work for glue joints, showerheads, jar openers, PVC junctions, faucets, and more.  

4. Channellock 9 Inch Oil Filter


✅Right-angled teeth offer better and accurate gripping.

✅Comfortable blue handles with padding are easy to spot.

✅1.75” up to 3.5” wide range jaw capacity

✅The electronic coating prevents rusting

✅9-inch plier wrench

✅Fits PVC, conduit, and fittings

✅Best for small oil filters or in tight spaces

✅Nut and bolt failure-free

✅Works with electrical wiring and plumbing problems


🚫Not suitable for heavy vehicles with its small size

🚫Only has four adjustment fittings.

🚫Not suitable for hard-to-reach areas

🚫The handle is short, thin, and small.


  • 9-inch oil filter
  • Patented safe-t-stop®
  • Permalock fastener
  • Forged high carbon us steel
  • Channellock blue® grips

What I Like

Removes stubborn oil filters

Channellock has an excellent Tongue and Groove, right-angle teeth grip that can tightly clasp and remove even the rustiest, over-used filters from vehicles.  


Safe and injury-free

Its patented Safe-T-Stop feature will prevent your hands and fingers from getting pinched.


Delivers greater durability

Its high-carbon steel construction and electronic coating will deliver a rust-free and long-lasting performance.


Versatile tool

With its 1.75″ to 3.5″ jaw capacity, it can fit most cars with small engines. You can also use it for ATVs, motorbikes, and as a garden and lawn maintenance tool.  


No nut and bolt failures

It has a PermaLock feature that lets you lock in bolts and nuts, preventing them from slipping and falling.


Easy to identify

You can easily find it in your toolbox with its blue rubber handle. It can also give you a firm and stable grip.


Tight teeth grab

It makes sure you won’t slip the tool while using it. It bites in the direction you’re twisting it without crushing or damaging the filter.

What I Dislike

Small handle

This tool’s snag is that even if it’s nine inches long, the handle is still too short and thin, making it hard to grip, especially if you have a big hand. It will also be difficult to use on newer and European cars with filters located in hard-to-reach spots with its size. 

Who Should Buy?

Channellock works well with smaller car owners because of its unique multi-purpose, all-in-one design that can fit engines with small filter caps.

5. Motivx Tools Small Adjustable Wrench


✅Prevents slippage

✅Adjustable 2.5 – 3.25-inch filter size range

✅Best oil filter wrench for stuck filter


🚫Not suitable for cartridge-style oil filters or chrome-plated oil filters

🚫Sub-par grip

🚫Limited applications


  • Universal fitting design
  • 4130 Chromoly steel
  • Patented jaw design
  • The extra heavy-duty design includes .050″ captured springs
  • Solid 3/8-inch thick steel top plate

What I Like

It fits all sizes

It has a universally fitting design. You can adjust it to 2.5 to 3.25-inch to fit any socket-style size canister.   


Corrosion-free and durable

It’s made entirely of nickel-plated Chromoly steel that can withstand rust, making it tough and last longer. Its solid ⅜-inch thick steel top plate can hold everything together without bending or breaking.


Grips tight

It has a patented jaw with teeth to give a superior grasp on the filter.


Oil spills won’t mess with your hands

By using a long extension, you won’t get your hand near the oil filter.

What I Dislike

Limited function

The drawback of this tool is you can’t use it for installation. Its design is for filter removal only. It can’t also work for cartridge-style or chrome-plated filters. You need to remove the cap to open the filter.

Who Should Buy?

It is ideal for novice users and every car owner. It’s a useful tool to remove vehicle filters of all sizes.

6. Lisle 57010 Import Oil Filter Swivel Wrench


✅For all diesel, oil filters spin


✅Ergonomic handle


🚫Sharp edges

🚫Difficult to lock


  • Tough, stainless steel band with a permanently bonded textured coating 
  • Has a 2.375 to 2.625 (60.3 to 66.7 mm) range
  • Special narrow 1/2 inch band fits in tight spots
  • Handle swivels more than 180 degrees with adjustable tension
  • Package dimension is 5.75 inches width by 10.5 inches height by 1.5 inches depth
  • Tension adjusting nut
  • Patent pending coating process

What I Like

Saves time and effort

This swivel wrench allows you to change the oil on your own. You do not need to hassle yourself going to a car shop or hire a mechanic. That is why it saves money and time.


Quality materials

This tool is proven to be of excellent quality because of its stainless steel components. It has a coating that ensures secure grip and durability to avoid sliding on our hands. Also, it comes with a narrow band and a handle that swivels 180 degrees. At the same time, you can reach tight spaces and adjust according to your needs. Overall, It is incredibly efficient and easy to use.


Tension nut

You can modify the swivel pressure by adjusting the tension nut to avoid floppy filter wrenches. Besides, the coating quality helps a lot in handling the tool to prevent slipping.

What I Dislike

Unique design

The design is quite different from most wrenches. Thus, it might be challenging to turn the twist in the right direction at first. However, it takes some to get used to it.



The size of the handle is significant, which makes it difficult and uncomfortable to use.

Who Should Buy?

This tool is useful to car owners who have small oil and fuel filters. It also works on Ford trucks, Chevy, Dodge, Audi, even on small motorcycle filters.

7. Motivx Tools 74mm 14 Flute Oil Filter Wrench


✅Great fitting


✅Excellent finish




🚫Sometimes it gets stuck on the oil filter.


  • High quality 6061 T5 aluminum
  • Cast aluminum design doesn’t flex like stamped steel
  • Used with either a 3/8″ drive ratchet, 27mm or 1-1/16″ socket
  • These 74mm oil filter wrenches are finished with a matte chrome finish

What I Like

Excellent finish

This tool is made of high-grade quality. Besides, other surfaces are treated with a matte chrome finish to prevent corrosion. Likewise, you can see an engraved Motivx tools logo on the tool.


Quality tool

It is made of high quality 6061 T5 aluminum to handle too tight oil filter caps. Unlike local brands, it does not crack, so it does not damage the plastic caps like other brands.



This tool is well-designed and handy, connecting on top of the oil filter and the tabs below. Likewise, it can contact the larger area of the filter housing, so it safe for the cap.


Unique design

The specifications of this tool conform to the standards of Taiwan. That is why you cannot compare the fit and finish in other places. Besides, it comes with a one year warranty, so most customers trust this brand.

What I Dislike

Might loose

It needs careful handling because sometimes it loses while removing the top filter cap. Sometimes, it does not fit with large-cap diameters. Moreover, it does not give the best finish quality and peel-off quickly.



The price of the tool is pricey, yet it does not include a driving ratchet. Thus, you need to buy one, which is an added cost.

Who Should Buy?

It works well on limited brands of vehicles. Thus, if you own Mercedes, Porsche, VW, and some Ford, Mercury, and Mazda, this is the right choice for you. Just ensure that their oil filter cap has a 74mm 14 flute. It also fits on Ford FL-2069-ST (2015 – 2017 Ford GT350), FL-910, and Toyota 90915-YZZG2 oil filters.

8. Assenmacher Specialty Tools V 410 Oil Filter Housing Wrench


✅Convenient to adjust

✅Easy to grip

✅With easy to follow instructions

✅Fits the cap well


🚫No corrosion protective layer

🚫No anodized layer

🚫Does not fit some specific models


  • Has a solid cast aluminum construction
  • Provides the perfect fit over oil filters
  • High quality die casting and good finish

What I Like


The components of this tool are highly durable and can even handle tough jobs. It also comes with an infused cast aluminum structure to ensure a more robust build.


Clear instruction

Using the tool is easy because it includes clear and simple instructions. It guides you step by step to avoid mistakes. Besides, it fits precisely on the cap making it one of the best oil filter wrench.



You can easily adjust this tool based on your needs with a non-slip feature. Thus, it helps to have a secure grip making it safe to use.


Reliable performance

It comes with a high-grade die-cast and good finish that offers an excellent level of reliability and performance. Besides, the quality of this tool can last for years, so it is a good investment.

What I Dislike

No anodized coating

It does not have an anodized coating, so the tool can easily rust. That is why always keep this tool in dry areas to avoid moisture or corrosive materials.·          

Specialty tools

It affects the durability of Assenmacher specialty tools, but it still gives the best performance.

Who Should Buy?

This tool is best for removing and reinstalling oil filter housing in Volvo and new 6-cylinder BMW engines. Also, it fits tightly to prevent sliding when in use.

9. Neiko Two Way Auto-Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench


✅Fits low-clearance spaces

✅Applies force without crushing

✅Loosen over-tightened units

✅Compact enough to crawl in tight areas


✅Smart two-way structure

✅With adapter


🚫Might not be able to grip the oil filter fully

🚫Difficulty in accessing recessed units

🚫For removal only

🚫Lack of driver ratchets

🚫Needs specific size


  • Adjustable oil filter wrench with patented 3-jaw design
  • Has a universal design 
  • Includes adaptors in the package
  • Spider (claw)
  • Compatible with 3/8 or half-inch ratchet drivers or breaker bars, and 13/16 inch wrenches

What I Like

Easy to use

It comes in a simple design that can fit low clearance areas, making it easy to use. Likewise, it works well with other tools like 3/8-inch or ½ -inch drive ratchet. Also, it fits with any 13/16-inch wrench, and it includes a 3/8 to ½-inch conversion socket.


Easy to remove the oil filter

This brand includes an adjustable oil filter wrench with a patented 3-jaw design. Thus, you can remove the oil filters conveniently. Likewise, it works with most passenger and SUV oil filters. However, a wide range of oil filter sizes could be removed from 1 and ½-inch to 4-inch filters.


No crushing

This unit provides a firm bite without crushing. There may be a time the oil filter cap is super tight, making it difficult to remove. However, the three curved claws help hold the cap properly without distortion.



The adjustable claws help for a firmer grip. Besides, you can place a rubber band around them for more convenience. This method allows when working with one-hand making it easy to handle.


With conversion socket

Applying torque is easy and fast because it includes a conversion socket. Besides, it prevents unexpected snapping or breaking. Also, assembling and disassembling the oil filter wrench will find this product useful.

What I Dislike

Not for hard to reach

This unit does not work well on an overly tightened oil filter that is hard to reach.

Who Should Buy?

This tool is an ideal tool for those who are looking for an adjustable and low-profile wrench. It comes in a compact size so that it can reach most surfaces.

It is also useful for almost all passenger and SUV oil filter because it has a universal design.

10. GEARWRENCH Heavy-Duty Oil Filter Wrench



✅Easy process application

✅Grip tightly on most oil filters

✅Can reach hard to see corners


🚫Not suitable for active items

🚫Wide collar


  • Has heavy-duty construction
  • Strap design
  • Compatible for high torque 
  • Wider band for a better grip of filters
  • Stronger anchor plate for removal of excessively tight filters

What I Like

Good fitting

You can easily remove the oil filter by exerting much effort or pounding the cap. Besides, it fits nicely around the oil cap, so the application’s torque is smooth and easy.



It comes with an adjustable strap wrench that would fit your oil cap. Besides, the smooth torque helps a lot in adjusting the oil filter wrench without wasting your time.


Good grip

This tool is heavy-duty, so it allows one to get a good grip on the smoother filter. Likewise, it applies a lot of torque for better performance.


High torque

These wrenches are ideal for the high torque requirements of truck filters. It has 1-1/2-inch bands for additional strength and increased grip area.

What I Dislike

Not for power tools

This tool has poor construction that it could not grasp the filter tightly to remove it. Likewise, it does not work well with power tools.

Who Should Buy?

This tool is useful for driving big trucks because it is effective on truck diesel oil filters. However, it is not suitable for smaller vehicles.


Like what I mentioned above, oil filter wrenches come in different sizes, shapes, and functions. 

While an average mechanic can use other tools, it’s useful to own one. It will save you the energy of installing and removing stubborn oil filters in your car engine.

So if you are longing to have one, you have to consider two simple things before buying. 

Measure the size of your filter. Wrenches can be deceiving when it comes to sizes. Make sure the size of its grip can match the fit of your filter canister.

The grip of the wrench. Tightening canisters depend on how you twist it. But the grip depends on the tool you’re using. Just make sure it can hold nicely to your canister without damaging it.  

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