The 10 Best Tailgate Ladders

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Going up and down your truck bed takes a lot of effort.

If you are constantly loading and unloading your trucks, climbing up your tailgate, or reaching over is tiring and inefficient.

A tailgate ladder is an easy and affordable solution to these problems. 

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 tailgate ladders on the market today. 

There are various types of tailgate ladders, and this list should help you decide which one is best for you. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Beech Lane Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder - Best Tailgate Ladder


✅ Easy fold out

✅ Solid footing

✅ Adjustable leg

✅ Stainless steel bolts

✅ Can carry up to 300 lbs

✅ Can be installed on either the tailgate’s side


🚫 wobbles when on an uneven surface

🚫 Buckle made POM plastic.

🚫 Ladder binding to the tailgate straps during installation


  • Weight: 10.83 LBS
  • Dimensions: 25 x 15.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Part Warranty: Beech Lane Lifetime Warranty


  • Aluminum step grip plates
  • Sturdy rubber ladder feet
  • Reinforced strap and buckle
  • Full welded connection points
  • Self-drilling hex screws
  • 18” grab rail

What I Like

Easily to install, easy to store

The Beech Lane will make it easier to go up and down on your truck bed tailgate. It can easily fold out when needed and can neatly fold in after use.


Keeps its foot on the ground

Its rubber ladder feet have a strong and sturdy footing at the base, keeping it from moving or slipping when you use it.


Reinforced strap and buckle

It will keep folded as it should when it’s not in use. It has big, reinforced straps preventing it from rattling, moving, or unfolding. 


Strong and sturdy

It can carry a load of up to 300 pounds. It’s galvanized steel, and fully welded connection points give it an added strength that can last for a long time.


Tightly latches on your tailgate

It includes a socket and self-drilling hex screws that braces into your truck bed, making sure it stays unmovable and secure. 

What I Dislike

Wobbly on uneven surfaces

Beech Lane tailgate ladder tends to get shaky and unsteady on rocky or uneven grounds making it difficult to step on in the truck bed. Make sure it’s fastened tightly to avoid accidents.


Rigid buckle

It’s made of POM plastics, making it stiff and can be quite difficult to tighten. You need some extra caution when you’re carrying heavy loads. 


Can be an obstacle

It may be easy to store and fold at the tailgate, but it can hinder when you slide payloads across the tailgate, making it difficult to load heavy things.

Who Should Buy?

The Beech Lane tailgate ladder is ideal for high or lifted trucks. It provides an easier, safer, and convenient way to go in and out of the truck bed. So if you have a lifted truck, this is a perfect ladder for you.

2. Great Day Truck N' Buddy Tailgate Step - - Runner Up Best Tailgate Ladder


✅ Easy to fold and unfold

✅ Durable and sturdy

✅ Safe and convenient

✅ Has a grab handle

✅ Easy loading of bulky and heavy loads

✅For trucks and equipment trailers

✅ Powder-coated 


🚫 Mid-grade bolts and fasteners

🚫 Only for trucks without cover


  • Weight: 14.92 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 19.5 x 5 inches
  • Part Warranty: One-year warranty


  • 1700 lb test cable support
  • Built-in traction ridges
  • 300 lb maximum weight capacity
  • 18″ grab rail
  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • Lightweight 
  • Step and seat platform

What I Like

Light but durable

The Great Day Truck ‘N Buddy can be a lightweight champion of about 16 pounds, yet it passes a 1700 pound cable test. It can support a load size of up to 300 lbs., and it has a snap-free step platform support.


Convenient truck bed entry and exit

Going up and down is safe and convenient because the ladder can fold and unfold easily. It won’t block truck bed entry, so your loads can slide conveniently from the tailgate going in or out.


Secure and sturdy

It gives safe entry and footing with its built-in traction. It also prevents you from sliding or falling because of its traction ridges and drainage.


Great fit for pickup trucks and trailers

It has a standard size that can fit any pickup trucks, equipment trailers, and flatbed trucks. Its strong steps won’t weigh down your tailgate rig. 


Handle to hold on

It has an 18-inch handrail to support you. It’s useful and convenient for the elderly to have extra leverage and safety.


What I Dislike

Doesn’t work with truck bed covers

It disappoints when you realize that the ladder will hinder truck covers. You can use both on your truck, but not at the same time.


Weak bolts and fasteners

The bolts and fasteners may not be as sturdy and strong as the material that the ladder is made out of. It easily breaks. You may find replacements for both bolts and fasteners to keep using the ladder. 

Who Should Buy?

This is a great choice for people with mobility issues. Its safety handrail and sturdy features will make it more convenient and easy for them to access their truck beds.

It can also be an excellent ladder for people with active lifestyles. Its versatility works best for camping, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

It is also an ideal truck bed ladder for heavy loading trucks. The product will give them the convenience of loading and unloading heavy equipment without the ladder obstructing them. 

3. Westin Truck-Pal Tailgate Ladder


✅ Durable

✅ Compact

✅ Easy to fold and unfold

✅ Can be used on the truck bed with cover

✅ Can carry up to 300 lbs


🚫 No safety handle

🚫 Can develop rust


  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 17 x 5.75 inches
  • Part Warranty: Three-year warranty


  • 6005A-T6 aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Self-drilling screws
  • 38″ Maximum open tailgate height

What I Like

Lightweight yet strong 

The Westin Truck Pal Tailgate Ladder can carry a load up to 300 pounds. It’s aluminum alloy making it strong and durable.


Maximum tailgate clasp

The ladder can be mounted to the inside of your truck’s tailgate with its self-drilling screws, making it hold strongly and securely. 


The versatile ladder

It can fit four-wheel-drive trucks, trucks with bed covers, tonneau covers, and bed liners. The ladder can also be installed on either side of the tailgate, making it flexible for loading tools and heavy loads.


Convenient and nonobstructive

It can fold and unfold and won’t obstruct when you slide or load heavy equipment. The Westin Truck Pal will not eat up cargo space because you can easily lock the latch at the ladder’s side.

What I Dislike

No handle support

It can be a little difficult to go up and down the truck bed because you don’t have something to hold on to for support. You need to have proper balance and extra caution, especially when you have heavy loads to carry. You can only hold on to its upper part or your truck’s side.


Screws and latches are not rust-proof

Make sure you give its screws and latches some protection. Exposure to rain makes it susceptible to rust. It may affect your ladder’s durability when these corrode.

Who Should Buy?

The Westin Truck Pal Tailgate Ladder can be an excellent choice for trucks with or without a bed or tonneau covers. It can be a useful tool for heavy equipment workers and professionals who frequently load their trucks with heavy tools and equipment. It can also be an indispensable accessory for outdoor activities.

4. Bestop TrekStep Rear-Mount - Best Tailgate Step


✅ Sturdy and durable

✅ Easy to use

✅ No drill installation

✅ Hands-free dropdown

✅ Corrosion-resistant

✅ Works with the tailgate up or down

✅ Long service life


🚫 Can only be used on limited truck models

🚫 Manual stowing


  • Weight: 12.13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 18 x 8.5 inches 
  • Part Warranty: Three years


  • 6″ Drop 
  • 300 lbs Load capacity
  • Spring-loaded mechanism
  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Slip-resistant step pad
  • Sidestep – rear mount
  • Retractable
  • Thermal plastic step plate

What I Like

Easy installation, convenient to use

Stepping up and down to your truck bed will be easier with Bestop TrekStep Rear-Mount Step. You don’t have to drill it to mount because of its step bolts directly to either side of your truck’s bumper. 


Step up safely

Its slip-resistant landing step has a black powder-coat finish providing you with better grip, steadiness, and durability.


Spring-loaded mechanism

As you step, it can tuck under the rear bumper for ground clearance and a hands-free dropdown. It will make the step easier to use. It will also give you easier access to loads and equipment in your truck bed.


Optimum durability

It’s a die-cast aluminum alloy that can resist corrosion that can last a long time.

What I Dislike

Less versatile

The downside of Bestop TrekStep Rear-Mount Step is that you can only use it on limited truck models. Make sure that this will fit your truck before purchasing one.


Don’t forget to stow

It can get easily damaged, especially on rough, bumpy roads, if you forget to stow the steps. 

Who Should Buy?

The Bestop TrekStep Rear-Mount Step is ideal for high or lifted trucks. So if you own one, this can be useful to your truck.

It’s easy to mount and can retract easily when not in use. It can also work best for truck owners who fasten trailers or other accessories. It works up and down with the tailgate.

5. AMP Research BedStep Retractable Bumper Step - Best Tailgate Ladder for Ram Trucks


✅ Retractable

✅ Durable and stable


✅ Easy stowing

✅ Big step pad

✅ Includes hardware and instructions

✅ Hands-free action


🚫 Used for a specific year, make and model of the truck

🚫 Not compatible with dual exhaust or EcoDiesel models

🚫 It will only mount to the rear driver side corner


  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 18 x 8.5 inches
  • Part Warranty: n/a


  • Stainless steel pivot pins
  • Aluminum alloy linkage components
  • Anodized and coated to resist corrosion
  • Non-slip glass-reinforced composite step pad 
  • No-drill bolt-on installation
  • 300 lbs load capacity

What I Like

Built to last
The BedStep Retractable Bumper Step is a solid aluminum alloy bumper step, and hinge-points and bushings are stainless steel.

So it can resist corrosion, providing durability and strength. It can carry a 300-pound load.


Safe and sturdy
Its strong glass-reinforced resin step landing pad is grooved and non-slip and is big enough to hold a pair of feet of any size. It ensures you a stable and safe footing even if it’s wet, mudded, or frozen.


It can stow up or away, providing you with easier and safer steps. You can also use it whether the tailgate is closed or open.

It’s bolted under the bumper frame for extra strength and stability.

What I Dislike

You can forget stowing easily

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, you can forget tiny details like stowing.

So better not forget to stow it in because it can break on rough, bumpy roads.


Can be used in limited truck models

Be sure to know your truck’s model year because this step may not fit. It can only be used on a specific year, model, and make of the truck. 

Who Should Buy?

BedStep Retractable Bumper Step is perfect for truck owners with high or lifted trucks. So if you own one, this can be functional to your truck. It’s easy to mount and can stow easily when not in use.

It can also work best for truck owners who fasten trailers or other accessories. It works up and down with the tailgate.

6. AMP Research BedStep Retractable Bumper Step - Best Tailage Ladder for F150 Trucks


✅ No modifications/drilling required

✅ Powder-coated with

✅ Polytetrafluoroethylene

✅ Perform in any weather conditions

✅ Extended lifespan

✅ Corrosion-resistant

✅ Self-lubricating bushings


🚫 Tricky instruction

🚫 can have misaligned holes to mount the step


  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Dimension: 18 x 8.5 x 8.25 inches
  • Part Warranty: 3-year/ 36,000-mile warranty


  • Frame-Mounted Tailgate Access Step
  • Engineered To Support Loads Up To 300 Lbs
  • High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Components
  • Precision Stainless-Steel Pivot Pins
  • Side-mount design
  • Glass-reinforced non-slip resin
  • Retractable design

What I Like

Wide step

It comes with a complete frame-mounted tailgate access step. This feature allows you to place both feet on it for better performance at work. Also, it conveniently embraces your truck’s bumper. Thus, the nudge of your boot can easily access it to make going up and down safely.


Frame protection

It gives security to the vehicle frame member found underneath or behind the rear bumper. Likewise, it offers back-saving functionality if you don’t have a trailer hitch. However, if you have a trailer hitch, you can use it for other things without removing the bumper step. It is because the retracting design effectively keeps it out of the way.



The whole ladder has anodized black and powder-coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which protects against corrosion. Likewise, it is free of scratches, chipping, and other surface damages. At the same time, it provides durability and an extended lifespan.


Safe to use

The glass-reinforced and non-slip resin step pad offer a safe stepping surface. It even works in the face of mud, rain, and snow. Additionally, it is safe to maintain, considering that it is incredibly robust. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your safety in any weather condition.


Quick installation

It bolts on to your vehicle’s existing mounting holes. Hence, it fits perfectly on your truck’s bumper and frame in under 10 minutes. It does not need drilling and modifications. So, it is suitable for busy people because it won’t bother them a lot.


Less maintenance

It utilizes precision bearing pins. The rigid cast aluminum hinges offer you a smooth operation, firm support, and long life. Also, the side mount design gives you bed access without compromising the hitch. In this case, you will experience a maintenance-free service.


Heavy capacity

This step can support loads up to 300 Lbs. It offers you more carrying support capacity. In this case, you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading your pickup’s cargo. Likewise, this capacity is enough to hold large and small boxes.

What I Dislike

Tricky instruction

The manual only shows pictures without detailed and written instruction. It does not even tell you to remove the bolt where it’s necessary—for example, the bolt on the small bumper bracket near the bumper’s corner. You have to remove it to install the step bracket using the same bolt. However, it is still effortless to install.


Mounting issue

The holes to mount the step are not in line. So, you have to open them up to enlarge one spot to get the two pieces together. It could be an added hassle, especially if you made a mistake on the hole.

Who Should Buy?

It works well for travelers and has a non-slip function. It is suitable in any weather condition.

Car owners of the 2015 – 2019 Ford F-150 models will find this product useful. The design perfectly fits on your truck that mounts directly to your frame. Thus, you do not need to worry about fittings and set-up because it will attach correctly to your car’s frame.

7. Truck N' Buddy Tailgate Folding Step/Seat Platform - Best Full Platform Tailgate Ladder


✅ Built with pride in the USA

✅ Rust-free

✅ Slip-free stepping

✅ Steps won’t weigh your rig down

✅ Provides a comfortable work seat


🚫 Need modification/drilling


  • Weight: 36.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 58 x 20.9 x 4.6 inches
  • Part Warranty: One-year warranty


  • Its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs.
  • Constructed of aircraft aluminum
  • Supported by two industrial cables
  • Features two handy 18” grab-rails
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Integrated traction ridges

What I Like

Has enough space

It runs almost the entire length of your tailgate. These truck tailgate steps give you ample room for climbing and relaxing. Besides, you can charge and discharge more goods without worrying about their sizes.


You can fold

It folds down in a flash. With this, it is perfect for sitting and stepping when you’re out on the Jobsite. You can also use it when camping with the family or tailgating with your buddies. Overall, it makes the product more versatile. It even allows you to maximize its use.


Ensures safety

It attaches quickly and easily with 14 metal screws to ensure a safe entrance and exit. With this, you do not have to worry about tripping or accidents while stepping on it.


Strong attachment

This brand stays in place compactly on the tailgate. It does not interfere with storing and hauling cargo in your truck bed. Also, the integrated traction ridges help ensure you a slip-free stepping. Likewise, slots allow mud, snow, and water to drain through.


Quality components

The cables come from heavy-duty industrial cables. With this, it is durable enough to hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Besides, the built meets aircraft-grade aluminum. It even weighs as light as 29 lbs, so it does not consider your rig down.


Rust resistant

It is available in black or chrome-colored powder coating. Besides, it allows you to choose the finish that would fit your vehicle’s style. This aspect provides you a rust-free stepping for many years. It also ensures health safety if you step on it without foot protection.


Direct attachment

This unit provides a safe and secure way of accessing your truck. It is because it attaches directly to the tailgate. Besides, it comes with its double 18″ handrails and traction ridges.


Added feature

This tailgate ladder not only prevents you from straining your back but also provides a platform. This feature allows you to place your supplies on it when camping at the end of the truck. In this case, you have more space for other stuff to avoid the mess in your car.

What I Dislike

Wide spaces

Since it covers the entire width of your tailgate, trucks with bed covers will not fit. It is not also possible on small/compact pickups. This drawback limits the usability of the step. You may even have to modify the content of the truck for it to work correctly. However, it offers more benefits, so it is still the right choice.

Who Should Buy?

It is ideal for campers. It is convenient to use because you don’t need to sacrifice valuable space with camp chairs. It means just drop the tailgate and have a seat. Squeeze your pickup into a tight spot and get cooking.

It is an excellent product for those who use their trucks for work. It saves time, money, and effort. Likewise, it provides quick and easy access to toolboxes and materials. They can even have a comfortable work seat that prevents accidents. This ladder transforms a truck into a mobile work station.

8. Top Line Silver Bed-Hopper Tailgate Step


✅ Reduce cargo space

✅ No drilling/modification required

✅ Rust and corrosion protection

✅ Stainless steel hardware provided


🚫 No handle

🚫 Not enough screws


  • Weight:  2 pounds
  • Dimension: 13 x 15.5 x 2 inches
  • Part Warranty: One-year warranty


  • Constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Silver anodized
  • Rugged, non-slip step
  • Compact design
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Fits any tailgate, square nose, or round nose
  • Folds and unfolds

What I Like

Rugged surface

This equipment is non-slip with a bumpy surface, providing you a safe stepping. It means there is a lesser chance of incurring accidents even if you are climbing at a fast pace. Also, the built comes with anodized stainless steel hardware. This component ensures a rust-free ladder. Thus, you can use it for a more extended period, saving you time and money from replacement.


Compact and lightweight

The design allows you to save space on your truck. This tailgate step mount is compact and lightweight. In this case, you do not need to compromise valuable things in your car. Likewise, it allows you to transport and carry when needed.


Comfortable set-up

It is easy to set-up. This step mount folds away inside your truck. It virtually disappears when you are not using it. Also, it unfolds quickly to provide effortless climbing on the bed of your car.


Weight capacity

The step supports up to 400 pounds. This weight capacity is impressive, and you don’t need to consider how many shipments you place in the truck. Thus, it is safe to load and unload if you are in a rush.



The anodized finish ensures its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Hence, it gives you the versatility to use it anywhere, anytime. Weather changes do not even affect the ladder’s performance. Likewise, it provides an extended lifespan and usability. This feature saves you time, money, and effort from possible replacement.

What I Dislike

Lacks handle

The only downside of this unit is the absence of its handle. You have to be careful when you step up to your pickup bed. It may swing. Likewise, you have to check on your step if you are carrying bulky goods.

Who Should Buy?

It is suitable for campers because it allows you to camp at the back of the truck. Besides, it has safety features that will enable you to enjoy camping without worries. It is also compact and handy, so you can bring it anywhere without sacrificing other things in your car. Additionally, it can withstand any weather changes. Thus, it guarantees durability and safety. 

It is ideal for those who are on a tight budget. It offers an affordable price compared to other brands. In this case, you can have a tailgate step without spending much money, but you can enjoy its multiple services.

9. Tecoom Tailgate Ladder Aluminium Alloy


✅ Rust and corrosion protection

✅ No drilling

✅ 100% OE compatibility tested

✅ Mounting Kit included


🚫 No warranty

🚫 No handle

🚫 Prone to scratches


  • Weight:  14.42 pounds
  • Dimension: 41.5 x 15.2 x 4.3 inches
  • Part Warranty: n/a


  • Made of aluminum with a powder-coated finish
  • Ground-supported design
  • Custom-fit design
  • TS16949 certified

What I Like

Aluminum built

Unlike other steel tailgate ladders, this one comes with aluminum with a powder-coated finish. With this, it will stand up to a beating over time. Additionally, its lightweight allows you to quickly and safely carry and transport. You can even reduce the load of the tailgate.


Less strain

Its ground-supported design maintains stability and balance. This feature significantly reduces the strain as you get in and out of the truck bed. Likewise, when not in use, it folds and secures neatly against the tailgate. Thus, you can maintain an intact and clean vehicle.



This flexible design allows it to be mounted directly on to your F-150 or Ram 1500. Also, you can choose the right factory mounting points without drilling. In this case, you can install the step without a hassle. It does not even require more tools to use.  In the end, it gives you more convenience and satisfaction.



This universal-fitting ladder provides a sturdy system. You can attach it to your tailgate, and it easily folds out when needed. Besides, the materials used in the whole body are heavy-duty. Thus, these elements guarantee safety and security while you are on the job.


Meets standard

The company manufactured this equipment in TS16949 certified facilities. It means each Tailgate Ladder conforms with a high precision model. Besides, it is 100% OE compatibility-tested for the perfect fit. It means this brand maintains quality and reliability.

What I Dislike

Prone to scratch

One drawback of this step is not-scratch-free. Every time you set a ladder on a gutter and climb it, it would scratch. In this case, its appearance may deteriorate and may look old.


Lacks handle

It does not have a handle to hold onto, so it doesn’t swing. Likewise, it may cause accidents while loading and unloading. This situation may happen if you are in a hurry.

Who Should Buy?

It is an excellent unit for truck owners. It is an essential accessory for your vehicle. It is because it significantly reduces the strain on your back as you get in your truck.

For users of Ford F150 Ram 1500 models, this tailgate step is useful on your truck. The design fits perfectly with your vehicle so that you can arrange your card efficiently.

10. Mytee Products 3 Rung Pull-Out Trailer Step Ladder - Best Tailgate Ladder With Standing Platform


✅ Rust and corrosion-free

✅ Scratch-free

✅ Long lifespan

✅ Mounts on either side of the tailgate

✅ Includes Fasteners for mounting Ladder (Nuts & Bolts)


🚫 No warranty

🚫 Can be noisy

🚫 No handle


  • Weight:  33.8 pounds
  • Dimension: n/a
  • Part Warranty: n/a


  • Retractable Step Ladders
  • Made with Galvanized Steel
  • Non-Slip Treads
  • Easy Bolt-On installation
  • Maximum capacity of 400 lbs.

What I Like


The built came from heavy-duty galvanized steel. It means the item is rust and corrosion-resistant. Hence, it can prolong the lifespan and durability of the side steps.


Simple installation

You can set-up the ladder quickly because it has an easy bolt-on installation. You can even mount on either side of the tailgate for a more comfortable stepping. Besides, it does not take much of your time. Thus, it is suitable for people who are always on the go.



It features a retractable truck step ladder, so it correctly attaches to your truck’s bumper. Likewise, you can easily access with a nudge of your boot to make climbing comfortable.


Non-slip feature

It has non-slip treads that offer you a safe stepping surface. You don’t have to worry about mud, rain, and snow.


Extended capacity

The step can carry a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. You can discharge or charge the cargo safely.



Storing the step is not burdensome because it is foldable. It means you can keep the ladder without compromising your access to other parts of the car. For example, You can reach truck boxes, reservoirs, or other equipment.

What I Dislike


The only noticeable drawback of this equipment is its noise. It moves and produces sounds when traveling on a rough road. That is why it is advisable to secure it tightly before driving to avoid the annoying sound.

Who Should Buy?

It is ideal for those on a tight budget. It offers an affordable price compared to other brands. However, it is an essential accessory for your vehicle. Besides, it is useful, especially if you often loaded your car with heavy cargo.

It works for drivers of trucks, trailers, and RVs. The design and build of this step make it compatible with your vehicle. It even allows you to get in and out of your truck’s bed quickly, whether you’re unloading or loading items.


Selecting the perfect tailgate ladder requires several factors. It is vital to determine each one of them.

Examine the materials. What’s it made from, and is it strong and durable?

Consider its flexibility. Will it fit my truck tailgate? Can I use it with or without my bed cover?

Find out if it’s safe and convenient to use. Will it stand in the way and cause an obstruction? Will I slip or fall when I step on it?

Remember that it’s going to be something staple and useful in your truck. So you should ponder upon all these before buying one.

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