The Best Tire Shine In 2021

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You want to protect your tires and make them look brand new. Tire shine is the answer. 

Tire shine is not just for cosmetic applications. Its true purpose is to extend your tires’ life by preventing cracking, rotting, and browning. 

To ensure you get the best results from your tire shine, you need to choose the right product. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. There are countless products on the market, and it’s hard to differentiate them. 

Don’t worry; I’m here to clear up some of the confusion. In this post, I will review the best tire shine’s on the market in 2021. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Chemical Guys VRP Lasting Super Shine Dressing - Best overall Tire Shine


✅ Preserves black color

✅ With sunscreen protection

✅ Dries quickly

✅ Flexible

✅ Works on leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, and tires

✅ Water, dirt, and dust resistant


🚫 Slings

🚫 Needs more coating for a long-lasting effect


  • UV protection
  • Water-based formula
  • Exterior and interior use
  • Non-greasy
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Refined cream
  • Dry to touch
  • Tire and trim dressing
  • Fade protection
  • Beginner and professional use

What I Like

Tire and rim protection

This product brings the ultimate shine and protection to most parts of the vehicle. You can use it on tires, rubber tires, sidewalls, trim, and many more. Besides, it preserves and maintains a dark black finish that could last for a long time. As a result, it shines like new after washing. 


UV protection 

This chemical has a sunblock element that protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic parts against sun damages. It prevents drying, fading, peeling, and premature aging. Also, it makes an invisible shield that resists water, dirt, and dust. Thus, it makes the treated surface look better and last longer. 


Restores interiors

It is easy to spread and apply on surfaces. Besides, it profoundly penetrates areas that need treatment. It includes rubber, vinyl, dashboards, steering wheels, leather seats, and many more. As a result, it leaves the surface nourished, glossy, and restored.



You can use the product as many times as you want without worrying about clouding or discoloration. Also, a small amount of coating ensures a long-lasting shine and protection from the causes of damage. 


No residue

It dries fast without leaving residue and fights oxidation.


Environment friendly

It comes with non-toxic and safe elements that you can use as often as possible. Besides, it has a good smell, so it does not irritate while applying.

What I Dislike

Water-based formula

The treatment does not last long when the car is exposed to rain. Besides, it leaves streaks on the plastic surface, making it look unclean. Thus, the coating is not necessary because it is water-based. 

Who Should Buy?

It is suitable for car owners who want to do fast detailing on their car. Also, it helps them maintain their vehicle without spending much money. 

Professional detailers may find this product useful for service maintenance. It is easy to use so that they can apply it in multiple cars. Besides, it is for interior and exterior parts.

It is helpful for car enthusiasts. Since it is versatile, they can use it in different parts of the car, leaving it shiny and better.

2. Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Foam - Runner up


✅ Hands off application

✅ Water-resistant polymers

✅ Lasts for several weeks

✅ No-spill

✅ Has tire conditioners


🚫 Leaves stains

🚫 Not for deep cleaning


  • Spray tire dressing
  • Glossy shine
  • Easy spray foam
  • UV protection
  • Long-lasting

What I Like

Easy application

The formula is easy to apply. Just spray on the rubber, and it dissolves by itself, leaving a glossy black sheen. Besides, it is a hands-off application, so it saves time and effort, and there’s less mess. 


UV protection

It comes with a strong UV shield against harmful UV rays. Moreover, it makes the tire nourished and shiny.


Last long

Having a water-resistant polymer ensures a clean, shiny, and well-maintained tire. Thus, it will last for several weeks.



The product works in many ways. It cleans, protects, and makes the tire shine like brand new.

What I Dislike

Spray function

The provided sprayer sometimes fails to spray in the right direction. 



It leaves an oily and black residue on the tires. Moreover, applying too much foam may drip on the rim and leave streaks. 

Who Should Buy?

It works well for people who are looking for a tire shine that works in many ways. Besides, it’s a hands-off formula, so it is easy to use. Just spray and go.

3. Car Guys Auto Detailing Supplies Tire Shine Spray


✅ No sling

✅ Works on vinyl, plastic, and rubber

✅ Quickly dries

✅ Flexible

✅ Paint-safe


🚫 Easily washes off

🚫 Satin finish

🚫 Solvent-based products


  • UV protection
  • Nano-polymer additive
  • Dry to the touch formula
  • Jet black shine
  • Environment friendly

What I Like

Polymer additive

The newly patented nano polymer additive helps restore, improve, and extend the treated product’s usability. Besides, it has a UV blocker that protects the tire wall from flaking, cracking, and other sun damages. Thus, it is safe to use on wheels bringing wet, black shiny tires.


Applicator pad

Your tires can have a rich black shine or high-gloss glaze. It comes with a microfiber pad that helps spread the coating. Besides, it has a bonding element that prevents sling or run-off during high speeds. Your layer will also define the appearance and how long you want the glossy look to last.



The components of this brand are proven, safe, and harmless. You can wash them on your drainage without worrying about environmental damages. Moreover, you can use it on vinyl and vinyl surfaces and wash them off on different parts of the car.



It works on all types of tires, vinyl, trim, or any other faded surfaces. The result gives a glossy gel shine.

What I Dislike

Not water-resistant

It does not work as a solvent-based protector because it is not water-resistant. It easily washes off when exposed to rain, so you need to apply again after the shower.


More coats

The result does not give a real wet look, but it provides a satin finish. That is why putting on more coats help you get more gloss.

Who Should Buy?

It is best for car owners who prefer DIY because it is easy to use. Besides, it is cheaper than going to a service shop. It will help them save time, money, and effort.

4. Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel


✅ No over sprays, drips, or runs

✅ Maintains shiny black tires

✅ Fine coating

✅ Control the shine


🚫 Slings

🚫 Leaves stain on plastic and painted panels

🚫 Gel can’t be applied using a spray bottle


  • Long-lasting formula
  • Tire gel
  • UV protection
  • Advanced macro- and copolymers
  • High gloss shine

What I Like

Long-lasting shine

It provides a more extended service. It delivers a high gloss shine that does not quickly fade even when exposed to rain or washing. Moreover, the finish can resist temperature changes and dust.

It also comes with high-quality macro polymers and copolymers that can withstand UV damages. As a result, the tires remain to be rich, glossy, and shiny like new. 


No overspray, runs or drips

You do not need to worry about the consistency of the product because it is a gel type. It means you can control the amount you apply. No more runs, over-spraying, and drippings, and your driveway stays mess-free. Also, you can use thin and evenly for a better outcome that lasts for a long time.


Fruity smell

It has a pleasant smell that makes it easier to apply. The grape smell gives a more pleasurable feeling, and a tire shine right for your taste.


Shine control

There several ways of achieving the tire shine. You can choose a moderate shine or matte look just by applying the right amount of coating. Just follow the instructions in the bottle. Besides, it is easy using the included applicator pad. Also, it is waterproof, so you do need to worry about driving in the rain.

What I Dislike


Although the tire gel is waterproof, there are times that heavy rain washes off. Then it leaves streaks all over the alloys. However, this only happens when you do not apply the gel properly and do not allow it to dry and set on the tire.


Sling easily

If you use the gel more often than recommended, it makes your tire sling easily. That is why let the gel have some time to set and dry.


Longer application

It takes more time to apply because it is a gel type. You have to apply it manually using the applicator pad, unlike the spray formula.


Leaves stain

Slings may leave a stain on the panel that is difficult to remove. However, if you apply correctly, it gives a high gloss shine.

Who Should Buy?

Many users recommend this brand to car owners who want a glossy finish on tires that last for weeks. Thus, you do not need to apply the product from time to time.

It is also the right choice for car detailers. It gives a good gloss that their clients might like.

Drag racers may also find the product useful since they do not need to use it often. Thus, it saves time and effort.

5. Black Magic Tire Wet Gel


✅ Dries fast

✅ Weatherproof

✅ Long-lasting shine

✅ No residue

✅ Has applicator pad

✅ Pleasant smell

✅ Prevents scratch


🚫 Takes longer to apply

🚫 May sling


  • Advanced silicone formula
  • Self-healing formula
  • Weather- and rinse-resistant
  • Tire gel

What I Like


This brand can handle changing weather conditions and can repel water. In this case, it leaves your tire looking wet, black, and glossy that lasts for weeks, and enduring strength.


Advanced formula

It comes with self-healing and advanced silicon formulas. These formulas work together to prevent scratches leading to lasting and brighter shine than its competitor. 

Likewise, it has a clinging formula that helps produce minimal sling on the tires. Also, the gel sticks on the tire and forms a shield against possible road damages.  As a result, you can achieve a shiny, glossy, and residue-free tire. 


Shine adjustment

Since it is a gel type, you can control the amount to apply to the tires. Here you can decide the level of sheen. Thus, if you want superior wet, glossy shine, apply more coating on the tire. However, if you wish to have less lucidity, just apply a moderate amount of gel using the applicator pad. In the end, the shine output depends on your style and satisfaction.


Great smell

It comes with a pleasant smell, so you can enjoy applying the gel on your tires without irritation.

What I Dislike

Manual application

The gel-type formula requires time and effort when using the product. You have to spread it manually by using the provided applicator pad. 



If you apply too much gel without allowing setting and drying properly, it causes slings. That is why use it moderately and let it dry for better protection against damages.

Who Should Buy?

Car owners will like this product because they can use it quickly. Besides, they can control the amount of gel to apply depending on the tire shine they want. Thus, it saves time and money.

It is also best for detailers. It helps them restore and protect the tires sheen to improve their appearance.

6. MEGUIAR'S Ultimate Insane Shine Tire Coating


✅ Long-lasting finish

✅ UV protection


🚫 Messy to use

🚫 Not useful on paint surfaces and plastic panels


  • High gloss
  • Synthetic polymer chemistry
  • Advanced resin technology
  • Wet look gloss
  • Aerosol spray

What I Like

Protection and shine

The performance of the product gives quality shine and gloss.  Also, it comes with advanced synthetic polymer chemistry. This formula delivers an eye-catching depth of shine and brilliance for a realistic wet look. 

Likewise, it is water-proof, so you can avoid fading for extended tire use. It also has an enhanced resin technology that makes bonds for a long-lasting finish.  At the same time, the antiozonants act as a preventive measure against sun damages.


Easy to use

It comes in an easy to spray container. Just spray on the surfaces that need to shine and do other things. Thus, it is easier to maintain gloss and shiny tires.

What I Dislike


The spray formula causes over-spraying, runs, and dripping on the working area. It may even leave stains and makes the flooring slippery. Likewise, it is not useful on plastic panels because it may damage the surface.


Drying time

It does not dry quickly, but drying gives the best tire shine. Also, drying helps avoid slings on the car’s paint.

Who Should Buy?

It works well on car enthusiasts who are looking for an easy to use coating. Likewise, it makes the tire extremely shiny and a realistic wet look.

It is also useful for car detailers to give a satisfying tire shine service to its customers.

7. Griot's Garage Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating


✅ Has a great spray coverage for a faster application

✅ Long-lasting

✅ Weatherproof


🚫 May tend to sling

🚫 May cause overspray


  • Has a great scent 
  • No running or streaking
  • Excellent spray control
  • Suitable to use on tires, trim, wheel wells, and more
  • Lays down smooth for maximum gloss and darkness

What I Like


This tire dressing doesn’t emit a strong-smelling fragrance, unlike other products. You won’t have to worry about any foul odor lingering in your work area.


Spray control and coverage

This would allow an even application with minimal overspray. It lays down flat to provide great gloss and darkness.

It also makes the process faster since it spreads over a wider area.



Its water-resistant formula helps provide safety for your tires, especially against rain and UV rays. 

What I Dislike

Tire slings

It doesn’t dry to the touch and tends to leave a silicone coating. This allows your car tires to have more gloss and durability, but this might cause them to sling.



This tends to leave a stain, especially if it gets on concrete, so you should be extra careful when applying this.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those who want lasting protection for their tires. It can help them withstand various weather conditions and outside elements.

It is also ideal to use on other plastic and rubber exteriors. If you’re someone who wants to restore your vehicle for a brand-new look, then this is perfect for you.

8. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine - Best Budget-friendly Tire Shine


✅ Helps prevent cracking and fading

✅ Provides a smooth and even shine

✅ Little to no overspray

✅ Can help prevent tire aging and discoloration


🚫 Trigger isn’t that great


  • Has extra gloss enhancers
  • Gives a rich, black look to your tires
  • Has a precise applicator
  • Provides protection against harmful chemicals
  • Easy to apply, no wiping needed
  • Suitable to use on many surfaces

What I Like

Gloss enhancers

This helps provide that smooth, intense shine to your tires while conditioning them at the same time.

It helps increase the longevity of your tires as well, providing a mirror-like finish.


Easy to apply

This comes with an applicator, which helps to avoid overspray. You won’t need to wipe your tires after spraying, which makes the process faster as well.

What I Dislike

Takes a long time to dry

It would take at least an hour before you can use your car, and even then, there’s still a chance that it would sling.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those on a budget but would want a long-lasting shine for their tires. This no-mess aerosol spray doesn’t leave a sticky gloss, so it won’t attract dirt.

It is also perfect for beginners since it has a precise applicator to help avoid overspray. It also doesn’t need wiping which makes the process easier.

9. Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray


✅ Provides long-term protection

✅ Provides UV protection

✅ Water-based formula

✅ Comes with an applicator

✅ Doesn’t leave grease or sling

✅ Suitable to use on any kind of rubber and rims

✅ No foul odor


🚫 Not as good as solvent-based tire shine products

🚫 It’s not yet an established brand

🚫 Would need more scrubbing


  • Consists of a nano-polymer formula
  • Provides protection against road elements
  • You can control the shine level
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What I Like

Advanced Nano-Polymer Technology

This product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may affect your tires and rims. It’s very powerful yet safe to use.


Control shine level

This can give you a light shine to a deep, wet shine. You can control it by varying its drying time.


Water-based formula

This makes it safe to use on any kind of tire. It helps penetrate and bond them to prevent cracking or fading.


Provides safety and shine

This helps protect your tires from dirt, grime, and harmful UV rays. It prevents the tires from dry rotting and deteriorating as well.

Its non-greasy formula also helps provide a natural shine.

What I Dislike

Needs more scrubbing

It would be easy to remove light dust. Although, when it comes to hardened dirt or grime, this would need more scrubbing.

Even after rinsing, you might need to wipe the surface due to leftover residue.


Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those who want to give their tires a shiny, new look and added durability.

This two-in-one cleaner helps protect your tires against harsh elements, increasing its longevity. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about any damage.

10. Eagle One Interior Detailer


✅ Has an aerosol spray for better coverage

✅ Provides an instant shine

✅ Helps seal scratches


🚫 Not suitable to use on suede


  • Doesn’t leave a greasy residue
  • Quick-drying
  • Can restore luster, interior plastic, and hard surfaces
  • Can be a detailing tool for dash, consoles, vents, cupholders, and more

What I Like

Vapor interior detailing formula

This allows you to reach small crevices in your vehicle’s interior that other sprays can’t. It also helps conceal scratches and scuffs.


Instant high-gloss shine

This helps restore shine to interior plastics and other hard surfaces. Your dash, console, trim, and other surfaces would look as good as new.

What I Dislike

Hard to apply

During application, you would need to be quick yet careful at the same time.

It may tend to dry too fast if you spray it on a cloth. When you spray it directly onto the surface, you might get an overspray.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those who want to provide a brand-new look for their tires. It is ideal to use on other surfaces such as your dash, consoles, and trim.

This is also perfect for those who want to have instant results since this is a quick-drying tire dressing.

11. Adam's Tire Shine


✅ Has a pleasant smell

✅ Allows you to apply multiple layers

✅ Give your tires that rich, wet look

✅ Doesn’t sling

✅ Water-based

✅ Quick-drying


🚫 Doesn’t last long compared to other products

🚫 Doesn’t come with a dressing applicator

🚫 Not UV-resistant

🚫 May leave a cloudy residue


  • Provides a dark gloss
  • Improves your tires’ appearance 
  • SiO2 infused formula
  • Suitable for large tread blocks
  • Has a 110% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What I Like

SiO2 infused formula

This product consists of durable silica polymers. It provides hardened protection against various outside elements, such as dirt and grime.

This helps keep a long-lasting glossy sheen for your tires.



This makes it safe to use on all kinds of tires.

You won’t have to worry about overspray as well. A simple wipe using a damp rag will get it off the unwanted surface.


Easy to apply

This comes with a trigger sprayer, so you can apply it to your target area with ease. You would only need to spread and even it out using the applicator.


Banana smell

You won’t have to worry about any overwhelming scents while using this product.

Its unique smell allows you to enjoy the application process more. It also makes it stand out from others.

What I Dislike

Not long-lasting

The shine it provides may only last up to three weeks, especially with frequent driving. This also applies if you live in areas that always have rain.


Doesn’t provide much protection

Unlike other products, this won’t be ideal if you also want excellent protection. This is not enough to keep your tires safe from harsh weather conditions.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those who have tires with detailed tire threads. It is also ideal for tires that have large tread blocks and bold lettering.

With its SiO2 infused formula, your tires get that much-needed protection from dirt or grime, as well as durability.

It would also be perfect for those who are always on-the-go and need a tire dressing that’s quick drying.

12. Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Finish


✅ Won’t attract dirt or grime

✅ No greasy residue

✅ Provides UV protection

✅ Long-lasting and quick-drying

✅ Waterproof

✅ Will not fade, ‘brown,’ or crack rubber


🚫 Overspray may stain concrete


  • Quick-drying
  • Doesn’t sling
  • Can restore or enhance color and shine
  • Easy to apply
  • Well-known
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What I Like

Easy to apply

This is a long-lasting spray-on product that doesn’t need wiping.

It has a precise spraying pattern that helps provide fast and even coverage.


Provides protection

It doesn’t contain water and other surfactants. You won’t have to worry about it getting affected by UV rays, rain, and other outside elements.

What I Dislike

May sling

The product would still tend to sling even if you let it dry for a long time.

You can avoid this by applying it during hot, sunny days to speed up its drying time.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those looking for tire dressings that can last for a long time.

With Stoner Car Care’s 75 years of excellence, your tires are sure to get the protection they need.

It is also perfect for beginners since it has a spray-on feature for easier application.


Having the right tire shine gives more driving confidence. It allows you to drive carefully and avoid road accidents. Besides, it will provide a pleasant look that matches the exterior part of your car.

That is why only choose the best tire shine that works on your vehicle’s driving routine. In this case, you will achieve a peaceful driving experience while your tires will bring the shine on extra miles.

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