Top 10 Windshield repair kits in 2021

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Windshield cracks are not only distracting. They can be dangerous.

Even worse, if left untreated small cracks can lead to huge cracks across your entire windshield. 

Don’t wait until you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new windshield.

Here are the 10 best windshield repair kits on the market. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit - Best Overall


✅ Permanent, lasting results

✅ Budget-friendly

✅ Chemical resistant

✅ Good for multiple repairs


🚫 May need more than one application to get the best results

🚫 Must be done soon after the damage happens to avoid contamination 

🚫 It doesn’t have a pushpin to get rid of some of the center’s crushed glass

🚫 Has a strong odor


  • Easy to use, takes only a few minutes 
  • Fixes all kinds of laminated windshields 
  • Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks, stopping them from spreading 
  • Advanced resin formula

What I Like

Multiple Applications

With this repair kit, less goes a long way. You can use it multiple times on different cracks. 

Clean and Transparent Finish

The resin has a transparent finish that makes it easy to clean your work once you’re done. The transparent finish also helps you determine if you need a second application. 


The repair kit can restore cracks to a nearly-new condition. It can repair one inch to a foot size cracks. 

Targets cracks accurately

The suction cup application method helps you fix cracks easily and accurately.

What I Dislike

Will not repair long cracks

Because of its small plunger tub, this kit is that can’t repair cracks longer than 12 inches.

Strong odor 

You can use a face mask to avoid its strong odor. But make sure to put on gloves when you use the kit. It can cling and stick to your skin. 

Who Should Buy?

Rain-X is the best repair kit on the market. It’s effective, easy-to-use, and inexpensive. If you don’t have massive cracks and don’t want t spend too much time working on a cracked windshield this is the best option. 

Don’t want to spend too much time trying to buy a windshield repair kit, this is the best option.  

2. GLISTON Car Windshield Repair Kit - Runner Up


✅ Transparent superior quality finish

✅ Easy to use

✅ Sleeved razor blades

✅ Five sheets of curing film

✅ Budget-friendly


🚫 The product may crack the glass if too much force is applied

🚫 Plastic tools are flimsy

🚫 Only repairs surface-level cracks 


  • Compatible with laminated windshields.
  • Suitable for breaks up to one inch in diameter or 12 inches long
  • Multi-use
  • Advanced repair fluid formula
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Long-lasting maintenance effect

What I Like

Repairs any crack shape

From bulls-eye to star-shaped, this kit can restore cracks of any shape.   


Stops cracks from spreading

It has an advanced formula that goes deep in cracks and chips and can seal breaks that measure 12 inches long and up to one inch thick, ensuring a permanent repair. 


All-in-one solution

You don’t need to buy additional materials. This kit comes with resin, curing film, pedestal, injector, adhesive seal, and instruction sheet. It saves you money and effort. 


Additional materials included

It also comes with a four suction cup applicator with metal bracket teeth that lets you use it for multiple repairs, plus a razor blade with safety sleeves.

What I Dislike

Extra caution needed

The problem with this kit is that you might create more damage when you apply too much force to the crack. So be gentle when you apply to damaged areas. 


Poorly edited instructions

Its instruction manual can be misleading and may misguide novice users. Better follow the illustrated instructions rather than reading it.

Who Should Buy?

This repair kit is suitable for those who are always in a hurry. It has a quicker curing time, especially when you expose it to sunlight. 

Damage happens unpredictably. So it can also be a useful repair kit to have all the time. It can repair mild to moderate damages of all shapes.

3. Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit - Best Budget


✅ UV light for curing

✅ Extended life-span

✅ Multiple Accessories 

✅ Clear Instructions with Images


🚫 Uncomfortable syringe

🚫 Flimsy accessories 

🚫 slow-acting resin 


  • Repair injector 
  • Adhesive alignment seal 
  • Resin chamber pedestal 
  • Mylar curing film

What I Like

Long lasting

It has a unique deep penetrating resin that fixes and prevents stone damage from  sunlight. It prevents your window from experiencing discoloration even after some years. 


Easy and simple to use 

This product is pre-mixed, so all you have to do is spread the right amount on the surface and you’re done. 

It also comes with an application device to prevent damages during application. 

If you’re not sure what to do, you can watch the instructional video. It is available on YouTube and the product’s website. These steps come in English and Spanish.



Having all the materials needed for repair, you may find this kit cheap. It’s the right package for fixing small or instant windshield damage.

What I Dislike

80% improvement

The damage may only look 80% better. It depends on the size of the damage. 


Resin amount

The instruction sheet does not specify the amount of resin to use. That is why you might use too much polish on the damaged surface. Thus, it leaves resin on the windshield that may look like dirt. However, you can remove it by using a window cleaner. 


Poor packaging

The kit comes in insufficient packaging, not suitable for shipping or transport. The box may get destroyed, including some components in the box.

Who Should Buy?

Blue star is perfect for every vehicle.  You can use it to fix a chip or damaged windshield in a few simple steps, so there’s no need to bring your vehicle to the shop for repair.

This product is also great is you’re a car repair shop owner. Blue star produces professional results for an affordable price. 

4. Clearshield Windshield Repair Kit - Best Professional Windshield Repair Kit


✅ Works with all kinds of cracks

✅ No rough edges after repair

✅ Flexible on all windshields

✅ Large Kit for multiple applications 

✅ Many professional-level accessories 


🚫 Hard syringe

🚫 Advanced tools for a DIY user

🚫 Expensive and bulky 

🚫 Tools are heavy


  • Tool Box Design
  •  Repair Bridge (Injector)
  •  8 Inner O-Rings
  •  4 External End Seals
  •  30ml Thin Resin Bottle
  •  15ml Pit Sealer Bottle
  •  100 Curing Squares
  •  UV Light
  •  Razor Blades
  •  Drill with Battery and Charger
  •  Collet
  •  20 Drill Bits

What I Like

Complete kit

It comes with a complete set of tools and equipment needed for windshield repairs. Besides, you can use them on all types of windshield repair better than other brands. Thus, using the repair saves you from replacement.


Value for money

It is a bit pricey; every component is useful for all your repair needs. By using the suitable tools, you can repair more than 200 windshield damages.



Organizing the components is easy because it comes with a durable toolbox. You do not need to worry about losing some parts or a messy workplace.



It comes with a durable resin for a more significant repair. It leaves a robust, clean, and precise finish with less noticeable marks. Likewise, the waxworks as a preventive measure against cracks to spread. Moreover, it is an affordable way of fixing different cracks and chips for a new windshield’s look.

What I Dislike

No manual

It does not come with an instructional manual, so it is difficult to use the kit. 


Missing materials

Some users complain about missing parts. It could be an inconvenience during repairs. You should always check the kit if it has complete tools and components to avoid additional costs. 


Stiff syringe

It comes with a stiff syringe making it challenging to use. Thus, for convenience, it is better to replace it. However, it is an added expense. 


Hard tools

Some tools are quite complicated to use. It is not useful for beginners doing DIY repair.

Who Should Buy?

It works best for professional mechanics. The kit comes in a complete package for all kinds of windshield issues. 

It’s also great for car enthusiasts. The will allow them to do multiple repairs, saving them time and money looking for the right tool in different stores.

5. American Mini Windshield Repair Kit - Best Compact Repair Kit


✅ Complete professional repair kit

✅ Compact design

✅ Includes suction mounting cup

✅ Includes professional tools


🚫 Versatile and adaptable 

🚫 Expensive for single-use 

🚫 Overly complicated 


  • Windshield Repair Bridge
  • 10 Inner O-Rings
  • 5 External End Seals
  • 1 Repair Resin (15ml)
  • 1 Pit Filler Resin (10ml)
  • 100 Count Curing Film Strips (approximately)
  •  1 Six inch UV Light plus 1 UV Flashlight
  •  5 Razor Blades
  •  1 Variable High-Speed Rotary Tool with Charger 9.6 volt
  •  5 Drill Bits (#701)
  •  1 Single Point Probe
  •  1 Heating Element (Lighter)
  •  1 Nylon Case

What I Like

Complete budget kit

It comes with a complete set of repair kits. It includes professional tools at an affordable price compared to other brands in the market. Likewise, it can fix multiple cracks on the windshield. 


Pit filler resin

It can fill the main point of the chip or crack by using the pit filler resin. Besides, it can fix even the underneath of the impact surface for well-repaired damage. Then it seals it with a hard finish for a more improved and robust outcome. 


Suction cup for multitasking

It comes with a suction mounting cup that allows you to multitask. It holds the UV light, so you can still do other things while repairing it.


Comes with manual and video instruction

You can download the manual and DVD instructions. You can use it as a reference in case you encounter a problem. Likewise, it gives tips and other information about the proper use of the repair kit.


Compact design

The design is in a compact form for organized repair elements. Also, it has a nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport so that you can have your repair anywhere.

What I Dislike

Not for single DIY

The price of the repair kit is suitable for repair shops but not for single DIY. The tools and materials are useful in doing multiple repairs.


Not for complex damages

Although it comes with great tools, it is more effective on minor cracks or chips. Thus, it might not have good results on bigger holes or complicated damages.

Who Should Buy?

This complete set of repair kits is suitable for car shops with windshield repair services. It has all the necessary components needed in fixing repairs at an affordable price.

It is also useful for individuals who prefer DIY in fixing windshield issues. The tools and materials are easy to use. Besides, it has an instructional manual and DVD, so it is convenient. Thus, they don’t need to bring their car to a repair shop, which is an added cost.

6. Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit - Best For Bull Eye Repairs


✅ No mixing required

✅ Air-tight permanent seal

✅ Can repair damaged laminated windshield glass

✅ Professional finish

✅ Must be done in a shaded area

✅ Complete kit repair system

✅ Repair also holds up well under various climates.

✅ Comes with a razor blade

✅ Ships with an adhesive disc


🚫 DIY creates room for error

🚫 Must be 50 to 75 degrees for the repair to work

🚫 Not for long or large cracks

🚫 Repairs limited windshield damage shape


  • Complete repair system
  • Has an advanced spring-lock system
  • Includes easy-to-follow manual guide with photographs
  • Repairs 1 ¼-inch bulls-eye damage 
  • Cures by natural sunlight

What I Like

A total package

This repair kit comes complete with all the materials you will need to repair cracks and chips. It has an easy-to-follow manual to guide you on how to use it.


Makes permanent repair

You can be sure of its bonding strength. It will provide air-tight bonding that is effective to repair a one ¼-inch size bulls-eye damages. 


Clear and transparent 

It contains a high-grade transparent resin that dries up quickly under sunlight. It will not obscure your vision because it will leave a clear, transparent result that will perfectly blend with your windshield.  


Applies in shaded areas

You can easily see cracks in shaded areas. Working with this repair kit can give you the best visibility to see where the filling is needed. 


Good as new

You can get fantastic results because cracks will be unnoticeable. You can only see them at certain angles. 


All-weather repair

It can stand heat, cold, and wet weather conditions. You can use it all year round. 

What I Dislike

Limited damage repair

What makes this repair kit disappointing is that it can mostly repair bulls-eye-shaped damages only. 


Long drying time

It’s best to use it when the sun is up to get the best drying time results. 


Less filled amount

It has little resin in its package compared to other brands. 

Who Should Buy?

With its easy-to-understand instructions, anyone who has windshield crack problems can use this. It features clear and understandable graphic instructions perfect for quick guidance. 

It’s also good for windshields with bulls-eye and star-shaped damages. 

7. BBear 2 PCS Car Windshield Repair Resin - Best For Quick Application


✅ Two bottles of repair resin (3ml)

✅ Five pieces of cured films

✅ Solidify quickly

✅ Withstand severe winter or hot summer

✅ Repair small cracks and chips in 20-30 minutes


🚫 Will not fix larger than or  3/16 inch (5 mm)

🚫 Lacking key accessories

🚫 Resin drops are not consistent


  • Repairs quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Safely and widely used
  • Sleeve razor blade included 
  • Long maintenance effect duration

What I Like

Fast action

This repair kit can bond cracks and dries up in just 20 to 30 minutes, reducing time for damages to spread. It can quickly solidify so that it will give you a long maintenance effect.  


Bonds all damage shapes

Whether it’s a bull’s eye, cobweb, loophole, star-shaped, half-moon, long line, or a combination of shapes, this repair kit can deal with all of them.

What I Dislike

It can’t stand extreme weather conditions

What’s upsetting with this repair kit is that it cannot handle heat or cold weather. It’s best to use it when the temperature is at 15°C to 32°C.


Limited size maintenance

It can only repair cracks not longer than 5mm because of its small plunger top.

Who Should Buy?

This repair kit is ideal for looking for a quick fix on and minimally damaged windshield. It’s easy and quick to use.

8. 3M Windshield Repair Kit - Most Trusted Brand


✅ Does not require mixing or heating

✅ Clear instructions make the process fast and simple

✅ Includes all the necessary components

✅ Saves a lot of time


🚫 Not suitable for fixing bigger chips

🚫 Parts are weak plastic

🚫 Takes several wiping to remove uncured materials


  • Glass resin fills small bull’s eyes and chips. 
  • Preventative damage control 
  • Easy-to-use

What I Like

Versatile bonding

This repair kit can bond cracks making them look invisible. It will surely improve your windshield’s appearance.


Easier to use

It includes detailed instructions that even a novice user can easily follow. Fixing cracks and chips is just in a few minutes. 


Quick results

It will start erasing cracks the moment you apply it, preventing it from spreading.


Complete package

It comes with all the necessary materials you’ll need to repair cracks and chips.

What I Dislike

Repairs small damages

The snag of this repair kit can only repair minimal cracks of minimal size. If the damage reaches more than a foot, you will probably need a professional to fix it. 



Inconvenient to clean

You need a lot of patience when you wipe the excess resin with a clean cloth when cleaning up. It can be hard to remove. 


Tricky plunger

Be sure to be cautious when you insert the plunger. It may break because the part is plastic, and it’s warped.

Who Should Buy?

The 3M Repair Kit is ideal for those who need an easy-to-follow and quick repair solution for cracks. There are no special tools or mixing needed when using this repair kit. It makes repairing cracks as easy as one, two, three.

9. Versachem 90110 Windshield Repair Kit


✅ Repairs the central damage and chips

✅ Sunlight curing

✅ No mixing needed

✅ Works on laminated windshields

✅ Can be used on headlight lenses

✅ Still works even on cloudy days


🚫 For one time use only

🚫 Flimsy applicator pump

🚫 Does not prevent cracks from spreading


  • Syringe and plunger
  • Deep penetrating resin
  • Adhesive disc
  • Pedestal
  • Curing strip
  • Instruction sheet

What I Like

Fast and easy to use

You can use the product immediately to prevent further damage. It is because it has a spring-lock feature that does not require mixing. Likewise, it fixes the most damaged part and chips up to 1.25 inches in diameter.


Dries fast

This repair kit is convenient to use because it dries in as fast as 20 minutes under the sun. That is why you can still use the product on cloudy days, but just a bit longer than 20 minutes for better results. 


Advanced formula

The resin formula profoundly penetrates the cracks for a more durable outcome. You can also use it on glass headlights, so you do not need to find another product for headlights.

What I Dislike

For single cracks

It comes with a limited amount of resin, so the product is suitable for single use. It can just cover small cracks a bit bigger than 1 inch. That is why you need to check if you have enough materials before repairing.


Not for bigger cracks

The resin works only up to 1.25 inches of cracks. If the damage is more significant than 1. 25 inches, it cannot fix the gap effectively.


Applicator pump

Sometimes the applicator pump fails while on use so that some resin might be wasted. In this case, you cannot fix the damage properly.


Needs cleaning

Before applying the resin on the affected surface, it needs a thorough cleaning. It ensures the effectiveness of the repair kit.

Who Should Buy?

It is useful for auto glass technicians. They can use the product on windshields and headlight glasses. Besides, the repair kit works quickly, easy to apply, and affordable.

Drivers may find this product a good option in fixing minor lines. Moreover, it includes a complete set of repair tools with a single-use resin. Thus, it is handy and cheap.

10. J-B Weld 2100 Windshield Saver Repair Kit


✅ Repairs cracks and holes of up to 1.25 in diameter

✅ Use on laminated windshields

✅ Sunlight curingheap


🚫 For small damaged areas

🚫 Three times use only

🚫 Needs longer to cure


  • Patented step-by-step system
  • Advanced repair resin
  • Vacuum syringe
  • Pedestal applicator
  • Instruction sheet

What I Like


It is easy to use and works well on small damages. It can fix breaks, fragments, stars, and bull’s eyes up to 1.25 inches in diameter.



You can use this brand in all kinds of laminated glasses. Besides, it can prevent further damages and protects the window.



The curing does not need UV light; instead, it dries quickly under the sun for at least 15 minutes. It is because the special sun-activated resin sets rapidly quickly.


Instructional sheet

Using the repair kit is accessible through the use of the instructional manual. It comes in a step by step direction so that you can avoid failed application and wasting. Likewise, you can use it as a reference if you encounter problems during the repair.



The repair kit comes in handy, so it is convenient for DIYs. Thus, you can save money instead of bringing your car to a car service shop. 



The resin is naturally robust, so it makes the window stronger after repair. Moreover, you can pull the air from the broken layer of the glass because the pressure locks control has the quality and sturdy materials. 


Dual purpose

The repair kit is applicable both on the windows and front glass. Also, it leaves a long-lasting effect, so it saves time and effort.

What I Dislike

For small damages only

It comes with a small amount of resin, so it can only cover minor damage. It does not work well on large cracks or holes. You need to use extra wax.


Needs cleaning

Before applying the product, you have to read the instructions properly to avoid mistakes. Ensure that the surface is free from dirt or any particles so that the resin can penetrate and have a smoother outcome.


Slow curing

It takes around 12 hours or overnight for proper curing, which is slow.

Who Should Buy?

If you’re a car owner who does repair by yourself, this windshield repair kit is best for you. It comes with an instructional sheet, so you can easily use the product. Besides, it fixes damages like chips and tiny holes on the surface at lower costs.

It is also useful for professional technicians who want a fast and easy way of repairing windshields. They can use this brand on minimal cracks or chips for busy customers.


Before you make your purchase, consider the size and shape of your cracks and chips. The size and shape will determine the size and type of repair kit you will need.

If you’re experiencing windshield damage for the first time, I recommend asking for professional assistance. Doing it yourself might cause further damage. 

Once you learn how to use the repair kit properly, it will be easier for you to use it next time.

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