The Best 10 Inch subwoofers In 2021

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Subwoofers help elevate your music experience to the next level in your car. 

Unfortunately, there are countless brands and models to choose from making finding the best subwoofer difficult. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

In this post, I will review the best 10 inch subwoofers on the market today. This will help you find the 10 inch subwoofer that best fits your needs. 

Let’s dive in.

1. JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer


✅Its cooling circuit reduces distortion

✅Better voice coil alignment

✅Provides a high-quality deep, vibrating bass

✅With DMA optimization

✅Sleek and compact design

✅Good transient response

✅Lightweight and durable

✅You can wire it into a system as a two-ohm or eight-ohm driver

✅1,200W peak power handling

✅200-600W power range

✅22-200Hz frequency response

✅Ultra-long voice coil


🚫Doesn’t have an enclosure


🚫Needs a big amp to be able to function at full capacity


  • 10-inch subwoofer with dual four-ohm voice coils
  • With DMA optimization
  • Consists of a mineral-filled polypropylene cone
  • Has a rubber surround
  • Has a satin black cast-alloy basket
  • Comes with a patented cooling technology

What I Like

Frame Cooling figure

This helps deliver cool air, which enhances power handling. It also reduces power compression and dynamic parameter shifts for better quality.


High-quality materials and construction

Its satin black alloy cast gives it a more classy yet stylish look, while the suspension system allows movement in the linear cone for greater accuracy.


Simple terminal jumper wiring system

This allows you to adjust the sub’s impedance to a multi-sub setup or get more power from the amplifier.


DMA optimization

It stays linear, even in extreme conditions. The magnetic field will remain stable and fixed, providing a clean and deep bass sound.


Ultra-Long Voice Coil

This boosts the power handling and extreme linear excursion, which provides high-quality sounds.


Doesn’t overheat

A bullet-shaped structure in the middle of the magnet helps boost the air velocity. It also guides the airflow into the voice coil to reduce the temperature.

What I Dislike

Not suitable for small vehicles

With its mounting depth of 6.89in, it won’t be an ideal sub for smaller vehicles.


Needs a big amp

If you want the sub to reach its full capacity, you would have to buy a more powerful amp, which would cost you more.

Who Should Buy?

This would be perfect for those who are willing to spend more for a high-quality sub.

It’s also suitable for those who want to generate a clear and low bass in a very compact enclosure. 

With its size, it would be more ideal for larger vehicles.

2. Rockford Fosgate P3D2-10 Punch 10" P3 2-Ohm DVC Subwoofer


✅FlexFit basket

✅Comes in two-ohm and four-ohm variants

✅Has a protective PVC textured magnet cover

✅Has a diamond cut cast aluminum trim ring

✅1,000W power handling

✅Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) technology


🚫Needs a high power input

🚫Might be too big for smaller vehicles

🚫May be difficult to adjust

🚫Low sensitivity range


  • Custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals
  • Has a rubberized over-mold
  • Has an extended pole piece and a bumped vented backplate
  • High-temperature voice coil
  • Spun-laced Nomex reinforcement collar
  • Anodized aluminum cone and dust caps
  • StampCast basket with an integrated spider venting

What I Like

Spider venting construction

The dust caps provide great heat dissipation of up to 100°C. It helps keep your motor cool, especially during long hours of use and high sound pressure levels.


VAST technology

This increases the surface area of the cone up to 25%. It also has a FlexFit basket for easier installation.


Great aspects

This has a soft-touch rubber pad, which provides a better grip. It would also work well with either a sealed or ported enclosure.

The anodized aluminum cone and dust caps help hold its shape through heavy use. Together with the hybrid stamp-cast basket, it helps make it stay light and responsive.


Multi-point stitched technique

This helps reduce the mass of each tinsel lead. It distributes the stress and strain for better performance. It also allows the tinsel leads to withstand extreme use and high current.

What I Dislike


A downside of this product is that its sensitivity rating is only 82dB. 


Sound quality

Despite the loud rumble of its bass, it lacks clarity. This is why lower frequencies may tend to sound distorted.  

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who need a sub that can last for a long time without overheating.

It’s suitable for almost all vehicles and easy to install. It also works well with either a sealed or ported enclosure. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality sub that’s also long-lasting, then this is for you.

3. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow-Mount Subwoofer


✅Suitable for both small and large vehicles

✅Slim profile

✅Comes with eight ⅛-inch self-tapping screws

✅Has an adhesive-backed foam gasket

✅Optimal cone excursion control

✅Four-layer long voice coil

✅1,200W maximum power

✅300W RMS power

✅Vented and projected pole yoke design


🚫Heavier than other subs

🚫Has a low power output

🚫Doesn’t fit all 10-inch sub boxes

🚫Cut out size is not accurate at times


  • 10-inch four-ohm shallow subwoofer
  • Mica-injected resin cone
  • Oversized cone surface
  • Reinforced cone structure
  • Shallow compact design
  • Dual spider

What I Like

Easy to install

You can place this sub behind or below the seats of your vehicle. This product comes with a detailed manual that would help ease the installation process.

You would only need to recess it at 3⅛in so you can connect it to your vehicle’s system with ease.


Dual spider

These would need less power to move the cone and generate a detailed bass with low distortion.


Extra-large cone design

The extra surface area ensures greater movement of air. This would result in improved bass output and volume.

What I Dislike

Needs customization

This won’t be a perfect fit for standard 10-inch sub boxes. Most sub holes are 9¼in,  while these measure up to 9¾in.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who want to place subs in tight spaces, such as car trunks. It has a shallow compact design that makes it suitable for both small and large vehicles.

It would also be suitable for those who want a good quality sub that won’t cost too much.

4. Skar Audio SDR-10 D4 10" 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer


✅High temperature protection

✅1,200W peak power

✅600W RMS power

✅82.5dB sensitivity

✅Sleek design

✅Produces low frequency notes

✅Dual four-ohm voice coil configuration


🚫Not as durable as other subs

🚫May distort at certain frequencies

🚫Installation may be difficult


  • 2.5in four-layer high-temperature copper voice coil
  • High roll foam surround
  • Competition grade pressed paper cone
  • Advanced airflow cooling design

What I Like

Shallow mount design

This makes it easier to install in your vehicle since it doesn’t take up much space.


Sound quality

The high roll foam surround and competition grade paper cone allows it to produce a low-end bass.


Advanced airflow cooling design

This helps prevent the sub from overheating, blowing out, or cracking. You won’t have to worry about playing music at high volumes.

What I Dislike

Installation may be difficult

With its low durability, you would need to take extra caution during installation. Its depth is also larger compared to other subs.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who use subs for a long period of time. You won’t have to worry about it overheating during the entire ride.

It would also be suitable for those who are looking for subs that can generate very low notes.

5. Kicker 43CWR104 CompR 10" 4-Ohm Subwoofer


✅Double-stacked magnets

✅400W RMS power

✅800W maximum power

✅Many wiring options

✅Custom designed back and top plate

✅5¼in top mount depth

✅9⅛in cut out diameter

✅84.6dB sensitivity

✅25-500Hz frequency response


🚫May experience distortion at high volumes

🚫Doesn’t come with a grille

🚫RMS power isn’t that high


  • Polypropylene cone
  • Ribbed Santoprene surround
  • Spiralead tinsel-lead technology
  • Stamped steel basket
  • Brass spring-loaded push terminals
  • High-temperature voice coils

What I Like

Great features

This has a good level of air compression and movement, which provides a clear and steady sound. With its extensive venting, you won’t have to worry about it overheating as well.

Its ribbed Santoprene surround provides more strength and excursion compared to other subs.

More wiring options are also available for setting up. This makes it suitable for either sealed or ported enclosures.


Durable cone

The spiralead tinsel-lead technology provides more durability. This allows you to install it in various places without worrying about damage.

Its stitched surround makes sure that it won’t separate from the cone, even under extreme use.

What I Dislike


There may be times when it would experience distortion at high volumes.

Who Should Buy?

This would be perfect for those who are looking for durable subs that can withstand extreme use. This also allows you to install it in various places inside your vehicle without getting damaged.

6. Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)


✅Rigid injection-molded cone with flex-killing

✅360° back bracing

✅Spiraled tinsel-lead technology

✅Nickel-plated push terminals

✅Coil-cooling perimeter venting

✅Suitable for both sealed and ported enclosures

✅Provides tight and rich-sounding low end bass sounds


✅Has a steel basket with cooling system


🚫Power is quite low

🚫Doesn’t have wiring options

🚫Quality isn’t that great

🚫Lacks high frequency sound reproduction


  • Polypropylene cone
  • Ribbed foam surround
  • Suitable for free-air use
  • 150W RMS power
  • 300W peak power
  • 30-500Hz frequency response
  • 86.2 sensitivity
  • One-year warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Great design

This product has a thick, injection-molded cone with a 360° back bracing. It also comes with a coil-cooling perimeter – All these help keep the sub running despite extreme conditions.

The sub can also work in sealed or ported enclosures.



This product has a flex-resistant cone. It helps ensure that the sub can hit the lows without experiencing distortion.

The durable lead tinsel increases the sub’s longevity.


Ribbed foam and speaker

This offers a long excursion, which helps keep the cone on target. 

The double stitching on the speaker ensures that it won’t come apart at the seams. 

With spring-loaded terminals, it makes the wiring of the speaker very easy.


Heat dissipation

This has a steel basket with a coil-cooling perimeter venting and a vented pole piece. It provides heat dissipation, so the high-temp voice coil remains cool.


Black rubber boot

This covers the outside edge of the magnet structure. It also serves as protection during installation.

What I Like

What I Dislike

No wiring options

Since it only has one voice coil, you won’t be able to customize the sub. There is no way to enhance the impedance or how it receives power from the amp.


Low-end features

This would restrict you from producing the kind of sound that you might want. It will be able to provide good bass, but that’s pretty much it.

Who Should Buy?

This would be perfect for those who want an affordable subwoofer that can provide a great bass. With its design and construction, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

7. Kicker 43CWRT102 CompRT 10" 2-Ohm Subwoofer


✅Ribbed surround provides support

✅Has many wiring options

✅Has a four-ohm or one-ohm impedance

✅Slimmer than most shallow mount subs


✅Has modern features and technologies


🚫You shouldn’t play it above its RMS power rating

🚫Doesn’t have an enclosure

🚫May tend to produce a low-powered bass


  • Injection-molded polypropylene cone
  • Rubber surround
  • 100-400W RMS power (200W per coil)
  • 800W peak power
  • 25-500Hz frequency response
  • 84.8dB sensitivity
  • Doesn’t come with a grille
  • One-year warranty

What I Like


It has a shallow depth, which allows you to install it even in tight spaces. It also comes with dual voice coils that  provide many wiring options.


Kicker’s Proprietary Cone Technology

It features a red stitch that connects the cone to the back brace, forming a single unit. This helps create a strong surface that eliminates sound distortion.


Rubber surround

It comes with a specially designed back and top plate that provides more excursion. This makes it stand out from other skinnier subs.

What I Dislike

Frequency response

Its 25-500Hz frequency response would only be suitable for mid-range tones. 


Needs a larger amp

It only has a 500W RMS power, so you should use a larger amp to make up for its power rating.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who are looking for subs that can fit in tight spaces. Its design is suitable for compact cars, pick-up trucks, ATVs, and the like.

Despite its low profile, it still functions as a full-size subwoofer.

8. Alpine Type R 10 Inch 2250-Watt Max 4 Ohm


✅Dual voice coils

✅Can handle high power

✅Little to no distortion

✅Suitable for both sealed and vented enclosures

✅Flexible wiring

✅High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR)

✅Surround Technology

✅Reinforced layer tinsel leads



🚫Needs a powerful amp

🚫Larger than most subs


  • Kevlar reinforced pulp cone with HAMR Santoprene rubber surround
  • 750W RMS power (375W per coil)
  • 2,250W peak power
  • 26-200Hz frequency response
  • Doesn’t come with a grille
  • One-year warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

What I Like

Wiring flexibility

It has dual oversized four-ohm voice coils, which allow you to pull the greatest power from your amp. It is suitable for both sealed and vented enclosures. 

It also allows you to connect more amps and subs if needed.


Kevlar reinforced pulp cone

Kevlar adds strength and tear resistance to the cone of the sub. It does this while still maintaining the features of a pulp cone design.


High Amplitude Multi-Roll Surround technology (HAMR)

This allows a large linear excursion and a greater Sound Pressure Level (SPL). It does this without sacrificing valuable cone area.


Reinforced layer tinsel leads

This product ensures reliable and consistent control of the tinsel leads.

It eliminates any mechanical noise or interference often seen in high excursion cones. 


Alpine’s Patented Compound Radius Curve pole geometry

This ensures a symmetric magnetic field while optimizing flux density. It helps reduce distortion and improve power handling and output.

What I Dislike


Most Alpine subwoofers are very expensive, ranging from $100 to $200 at the least. This won’t be an ideal option if you’re looking for affordable subs.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who love powerful bass sounds. With its Kevlar reinforced pulp cone, you can listen to high levels of volume without worry.

It would also be suitable for those who are willing to spend more for a high-performing sub.

9. Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime 4-Ohm DVC 10” Subwoofer


✅Produces a low, deep bass

✅Excellent construction and durability

✅250W RMS power


🚫Doesn’t come with screws

🚫Tends to make a bit of noise



  • 12 AWG compression terminals
  • Anodized aluminum voice coil
  • Suitable for both sealed and vented enclosures
  • Mica-injected polypropylene cone
  • Linear spider with 16 AWG tinsel leads
  • StampCast basket
  • Spider venting
  • PVC trim ring

What I Like

Great ventilation

With the use of anodized aluminum voice coil formers, it helps dissipate more heat.

Its stamped solid steel frame offers venting, which keeps the subcool even when in use.


Conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards

This ensures that the sub can handle power under continuous demand. It is better than instantaneous power handling, which damages voice coils over time.


Easy to install

The four-ohm dual voice coil design provides various wiring options. It is also able to adapt to most amp setups.

What I Dislike

Quality isn’t that great

Despite its great bass performance, it may not last that long. 

You should always observe the power rating as well, since it may heat up and get damaged.

The magnet in the cone isn’t that sturdy as well.

Who Should Buy?

This product would be perfect for those who are on a budget but would want to have subs with many wiring options.

It would also be suitable for those who go on trips and need to use it for an extended time. It has great ventilation that helps keep the subcool even when in use.

10. Alpine S-W10D4 S-Series 10" Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer


✅Kevlar pulp cone

✅Concealed Mount Gasket System

✅Many enclosure options

✅Has powerful double-stacked magnets


🚫The rubber isn’t able to seal the box

🚫Heavier compared to other subs

🚫Doesn’t come with a grille

🚫Needs a larger amp


  • High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround Technology
  • High-strength steel frame
  • Perimeter venting with airflow management system
  • High-excursion underhung voice coil configuration
  • Compound radius curve extended pole geometry
  • 65mm voice coil with high-temperature five-layer dvc winding on aluminum former
  • High-grade strontium ferrite magnets
  • Has eight AWG terminals with voice coil configuration jumpers
  • Progressive spider with reinforced tinsel lead
  • Reinforced parabolic cone structure 
  • Has a 32-37Hz vented tuning range

What I Like

Enclosure options

It is suitable for both sealed and vented enclosures. It also has a small mounting depth, which provides a lot of space for customization.


Double-stacked magnets

Another component that adds strength to this sub is the Strontium Ferrite magnets. This provides a deeper bass sound as well.


Custom steel framing

The new standard motor for this S-series is more powerful and causes a lot of vibrations. This frame would help in protecting your motor and other parts of the subwoofer from such features.


Dual voice coils

This provides you with many wiring options. You can achieve two-ohm, four-ohm, and eight-ohm setups with this sub.


Power handling

This has a 600W RMS power, which allows continuous use of deep bass. It can even reach up to 1,800W, which is already great considering its size.

What I Dislike

Needs a larger amp

Despite it being a small model, you’re going to need a larger amp if you’d want to use this sub at its fullest.


Doesn’t comes with a grille

You’d have to buy this if you want more protection for your cone against extreme audio conditions.

Who Should Buy?

This would be suitable for those who are on a budget. If you want a sub that has features found in other high-end models but won’t hurt your pocket, then this is for you.

It would also be perfect for those who want to have various wiring options. 


These are the subwoofers that would help enhance the sound quality of your speakers.

Despite having one purpose, they have varying features that make each one of them stand out. 

It’s now up to you to decide which would be a more suitable choice for you and your vehicle.

With one of these, you’ll get to hear that deep bass sound that others only dream of.

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